Monday, 26 December 2005

An Unreal Chrissy

Boy! where do I start? We had the most amazing chrissy this year. So much happened in such a small space of time.
Yes, I did get all that wrapping finished in time. Then I got my second wind and couldn't sleep, or maybe it was the excitement of Santa coming, lol.
Anthony and I got woken at 6.20am to the sweetest little voice whispering "Daddy, he's been, Santa's been." Our beautiful Shanice was so excited, that she then raced down to wake her brother, who arose quickly to open his pressies, still half asleep mind you. I think they were all unwrapped by 6.35am, which was a record in our house, lol. We then spent the next 2 hours putting all the toys together, which is half the fun.
At 8.30am I snuck back into bed for a quick 90min nap - bonus. It was much needed since we were yet to discover but over bloody neighbours carried of till 4.50am the following morning and neither Ant or I got any sleep. But that's a whole other story.
Pat & Michael came over around 10.30am on their way up to Tricia's for the kids to open their pressies and by the end of it I could not see the lounge room floor. I think this Christmas is going to take a good week and a half to clean up and find spots for all the new stuff.
The in-laws left and I then decided to do a load of washing and wash up - as you do on Christmas Day. But I was just filling in time before we headed up to Tricia's too. Ant was busy playing his new PS2 game (far too loud I might add) and the kids were off discovering all their new toys.
Lunch was yum-o. Trish did a great job on the Turkey - ummmm I should say chicken cause that's what we told all the kids it was so they would eat it, lol. Sometime during the meal, Shanice lost her first tooth. How exciting and how special. My baby lost her very first tooth on Christmas day.

What a huge day for everyone. We headed home about 6ish cause our two were asking to go home and were getting very irritable, which is totally understandable.
They were so over tired and excited that I don't think they ended up getting to sleep till after 10. And of course me and Ant didn't sleep cause of the #@*! Next door. It's ok to have a party and stuff, but when the houses are sooooo close together and the base from their stereo thumps every wall in our house, and the carry on and base is so load that Connor couldn't even hear his tv in his bedroom, it's really inconsiderate. Next time it happens we are calling the cops and we are going to tell the real estate too.
Today - Boxing Day - we went up to my mum & dad's. I had a great day, probably the best Christmas ever. We had seafood while the kids played in the spa and then Ben pushed Mandy in , clothes and all. Mum and Mandy did the full on Christmas Turkey, then we went and watched the kids in the spa again, lol. This time the splashing got just a tad out of hand and every single one of us got drenched to the bone. It was great, THE best fun. I was totally expecting someone to get the shits, but no one did.
W came home and I hoped the kids would sleep, I think they are now finally. I've been ebay surfing and they've been watching tele.
I did get a phone call from Dal tonight, to tell me that they are having another baby. How exciting. I am so happy for them. So Shanice had to speak to Aunty Dal and ask 20 questions, lol.
That being all said, I can't wait till next Christmas.

Saturday, 24 December 2005

XMAS EVE .........

YAY! It's Christmas eve. I love this time of year.
well, I did up until about 11am this morning when I had both Shanice & Connor whining at me to open "just one present" at mum & dad's. We ended up caving in and they got their way, but I did tell them both if they misbehaved even the slightest for the rest of the day Santa will not come. So far, so good and there have been no hissy fits. But I'm yet to put them to bed. Speaking of which I should be doing that right now.
When they finally fall asleep I have to wrap all the presents. Wish me luck, I may be in for a long night. Trust me to leave it to the last minute. I know I've forgotten something as well as all the batteries forgot to go and buy today.
I finally got my Christmas photo of the kids tonight. Which is very exciting. For both of them to sit and smile at the same time is a huge accomplishment. And it turned out really nice. Shame the batteries died before I could upload them to the puter. I'll share later on though.
I decided last night that I'm going to get started on my A-Z album and I will enter it in the ForKeeps Comp. I know it wont compare to all those fabulously talented scrappers out there, but I think that my theme is a little bit different and it could get a look in. I just need to pull something extra special from somewhere for it all to come together. I do still need to do some research for it though.
It's come to that time of night to put the munchkins to bed, so......
Merry Christmas to all and I hope that Santa brings you all something special to remember for Christmas Day 2005.

Tuesday, 20 December 2005

all about today

There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get anything done.
I still have 2 boxes of bills and receipts sitting on my bedroom floor waiting to be filed and put away, and then when I've organised all that junk it then needs to be sorted again to go in the filing cabinet which is just a nightmare in it's self. No wonder I forget to pay the bills lately.
I was working both yesterday and today. Just the normal, mundane video shop stuff. I was supposed to go to my work Christmas party tonight but the thought of driving an hour back to work just wasn't worth the effort when I could be doing nothing with my kids at home.
I did call into our local blockbuster and hire the Ice Princess that came out yesterday. I thought it would be a lovely little movie for me and Shanice to watch together. It has been so long since the two of us has done that, I really enjoyed spending that time with her. A few weeks back I did take her ice skating with guides and she just loved it. No doubt now she'll want to ice skate. God love her.
I was so funny at the end of the film it was a little bit emotional, I knew I'd cry, but when I looked at Shanice her eyes were welled up with tears and she said to me that she doesn't understand why she has tears. Of course that made mine flow like a river. Like mother, like daughter.

Sunday, 18 December 2005

1 week till Santa comes

OMG! Is it really one one week till that jolly fat man comes creeping thru my front door delivery presents only to ME, lol. Well everyone else in this household has been naughty this year, even the dog, lol.
I hope I'm done shopping. I haven't counted all presents in the garage yet. The last thing I'm wanting to do this week is a dash up to Toy R' Us with every man and his dog.
We had another unproductive weekend here at the Sheppard-Morris residents. The kids still don't have their pool up and I hope that its a coolish week this week as I can't stand for the heat and sweaty kids. We did do a dash to Officeworks this afternoon where we managed to spend $180 on business supplies. It is so exciting that Anthony is going to help me with doing the website and other bits n' pieces of starting Scrap Girls. It is starting to become a reality and not just a dream.
Speaking of Scrap Girls, I now have 6 ladies pay their deposits and another 2 are being sent via snail mail this week, so that is very exciting. I can't wait till January when I can start focusing more of my energy into the business.
Well, Ant has just gotten out of the bath and is yelling at me to GO TO BED, IT'S LATE & I'VE BEEN COMPLAINING OF A HEADACHE ALL DAY. Gotta love those men.

Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Hump Day - 1st week of School Hols

Well I've managed to make it to hump day of the first week of the school holidays. And yes they are driving me insane already.
I packed them up early this moring to go and visit Dallas and baby Makayla who live at Belrose and it's over an hours drive to get there. They both decided it would be fun to sit in the back seat. They did not stop jabbering the entire way there. lol.
It was so lovely to catch up with Dal again. And squeeze that bebe. Tanya was also there and it was nice to see her and not be at school. The kids didn't know what to call her, so we made the decision to call her Mrs Rintoul at school and Tanya in the holidays. I thought that was fair and hopefully is shouldn't be too confusing for them.
We had a lovely lunch and there was far to much food as always. Then Dal informed us they were left overs from her chrissy lunch on Sunday, lol. At least we made a whole in it for her so she wouldn't have to chuck too much out.
The kids had heaps of fun in the pool. Trying to get them out to have a sandwich was nearly impossible, lol.
I asked Dal if we pop down to Dee Why to the Scrapbook Shop Forever Always as they are closing down and have 40% off most of their stock. Well, didn't I get a bargain? I got the daisy whale ounch that I've been after for yonk as well asthe book I bought one of my teacher for the retreat that I wanted too, but in my madness only bought one. So I saved myself today over $45. BARGAIN!!!!!!
Oooooohhhh....... here's a pic of those yummy goodies, that will no doubt just sit in my stash because I'm too tight to use them, lol.

Tuesday, 6 December 2005

2 more days to go.......

Oh no! It's only 2 more days till Shanice is on school holidays.
Do you know what I don't get, is that we pay thru the nose to send her to private school and she spends half her time at home.
I reckon by Friday afternoon I'll have had enough and will be pulling the kids off one another, LOL. Great can't wait for that.

Well, speaking of kids, they are both in the Christmas spirit this afternoon and want to colour Christmas pictures. So we sat the computer for a about 30minutes looking for the perfect Christmas colouring in pages. Now they have run off colouring while I get five minutes peace before going to cook dinner.

Me and kids took Indi up to meet George on Sunday. I wasn't sure how they would be and neither was mum. All I could imagine was Indi chasing George and then George getting the shits. But, surprise, surprise, they were the best of friends and played so well together for the whole 5 hours we were at mums.
We went to mums so the kids could do their yearly tradition of decorating Nan & Grandads Christmas tree. What a great job they did. Connor played with Nay, and Shanice got side tracked half way thru then came back to put the tintsle on - right in one spot. Mum loves it and is not going to change a thing, LOL.

The next step is to get our tree out and do our decorations - YUK! Dust. That can be a Friday job I think. It might distract the kids long enough to stop fighting.

Monday, 28 November 2005

My Baby's FIVE.........

Mandy & Connor 19th November 2005

Noooooo........ I can't believe that my baby's five. It was just over a week ago mind you, lol. Now I get, "Mum I'm a big boy now and I can sit in the front of your car." God love him.
He had a great birthday and was totally spoilt rotten as per usual. We gave him a playdoh activity table (which he just loves) as well as a TV and DVD player for his bedroom. There was an alterier motive for that one though, we needed to make room in the longue room so we put his V-Tech console in his room so he can now play the damn machine.

We had his party at mum and dads and phew! It didn't rain or hail or was stinking hot. So he finally had his jumping castle. But, good ol' Connor sat in the house playing with all of his toys. Then said to Grandma "Grandma, I've had enough can you tell everyone to go home now?" LOL.

To make matter worse, so to speak, we went and bought his BIG school uniform last week. He's growing up far to fast. He looks so handsome in his new blue uniform, even though the shorts are a bit big and fall down. Nan can fix those because I'm a terrible sewer.

Well the washing machine has just stopped, so it looks like I'm back to the good ol' housework. YUK! Will have to fill you all in one Santa's Kingdom next time around.


Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Old Friends

I had a great day today.
I raced around this morning like an utter mad woman. I had to pack enough bags for Shanice for school, circle journals to drop back to the scrapbook shop, lunch with friends, and then swimming after school. The front seat of my car looked like a bomb had gone off, you couldn't even see the seat.
On my way to Teresa's house I diverted past Krisy Kreme's. They didn't last till I got there and I ended up having one because "it was such a long drive", lol.
I haven't seen Teresa for......... years, about 4 or 5. It was so great to catch up with her and Dallas for lunch. I can't believe she has 4 kids! They know what causes that, lol. And of course I got clucky, again, as Teresa has a baby girl, Stephanie, who's only 6 months and Dallas had 10 month old Makayla. They are just too cute.
As much as I'd love a new baby, I don't think I can go back to the whole nappy and midnight feeds again.
Speaking of babies, my baby is going to be 5 on Saturday. I can't believe it, no I don;t want to.
We've organized him a jumping castle and fingers crossed this time it wont rain. For his 3rd birthday when we booked one it poured and we ended up having to cancel it.
Oh no, I think the dog is attacking Connor, in a nice way, lots of licking, lol.

Thursday, 10 November 2005

And it's on AGAIN........

In my next life I've decided to come back as a male truck driver with no kids, lol. That way I can be rude and assigned and it doesn't matter. And of course no kids so then there is now responsibility and it's QUIET!
Well, having said that I'd best explain why........ because being a male truck driver with no kids means I'd be able to "NO" to everyone. I know it's just in my nature to be giving to everyone that asks my help. But, it's not a bad thing, most of the time.

Well, I've done it again, I've said "YES" and I'm organizing my second Scrap Girls Retreat. This one is going to be in May. Which only gives me 6 months to get the ball rolling again. Hang on....... the first retreat only finished 4 days ago. I swear I'm a mad woman, lol.

I've asked, more like told, my sister Mandy to help me with this one. I've done nearly all the ground work and have all computer programs in place, it's just a matter of re-contacting people and stuff. Mandy's good with that type of thing though, it's what she used to do with her previous boss. Maybe I should call her Miss Organization.

Tomorrow is the day, I'm going to start the prep work for the next one. So, keep your eyes peeled for me going slightly nutty with all the planning.

Monday, 7 November 2005

WOW! It's all over - what now?

I can't believe after 8 months of planning my first Scrap Girls Retreat is all over. It's sad in a way, but at least now I can relax for a while before preparing to do another one.
I do hope that all the ladies had a great time, I know they told me that they did, but people always say thay and I'd love to be a fly on the wall on their drives home to hear what they actually thought.
Al least now I do know what worked and what didn't.
Well, I suppose it's back to unpacking. I was so exhausted when I arrived home last night that I just dumped all my crates in the lounge room and that's where they still are. YUK! I hate unpacking. Maybe I can persued Connor to do it for me, lol.

Monday, 19 September 2005

The crazy babysitter

Why do I do this to myself?
I must remember to fit in a "SAY NO" class in my spare time.
Shanice has missed out on swimming again this afternoon because I had to bring home 2 girls from school because their parents can't get their in time. Well it's 4.15 pm and their still here.
Agrovating the dog. And we've only had her one night.
Speaking of puppies. We have a new dog. Our first family pet. How exciting. The kids just love her. She is a Jack Russell and is 9 weeks old. She is white with tan ears and little black eyes. I've named her Indiana, Indi for short. Of course named after my favourite movie.
Well best go separate the kids from the dog - again.

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Another day with not enough time

Why are not enough hours in the day to get everything done?
I feel as though as soon as I turn the corner there is another pile of stuff to put away, another dish to wash, another child yelling "I'm thirsty, get me a drink", god love 'em!
I just wish I could have more than a few minutes to sit down and watch tv and chill. With no interruptions. Wouldn't that be nice.

One good thing did come from today though, my 2 gorgeous brown suede chairs arrived this morning. 6am mind you, thank god I'm a light sleeper and hubby was already up. I really should have measured the spot where I was to put them first. They're a little on the large side, lol. Hey! but they look good.