Saturday, 29 April 2006


I've been tagged by Sheree. So this should be fun, so here goes:

In my fridge:
1. Coke
2. About 5 half eaten Easter Eggs

3. Orange Juice
4. Bacon
5. Last nights left over chicken from Red Roster

In my closet (wardrobe):
1. Jeans about 12 pairs
2. Colorado shoes
3. All of Anthony T-Shirts (yes on my side)

4. My Wedding Dress
5. Scrap Girls Shirt
In My Handbag:
1. Mobile
2. Credit Cards
3. Panadol
4. receipts and bills
5. my pink organizer
In my car:
1. Empty coke cans
2. Etreet Directory
3. Tonnes of Enviro shopping bags
4. Box of old SC mahazines
5. Hands free for my mobile
On My TV, DVD or Video Player:

1. Bratz new dvd
2. Ministry of Sound (is on now)

3. Nickleback new cd
4. King Kong (watching that tonight)
5. Survivor

Ok so now I have to tag 3 people. Well that's a tricky one because the people I know that read my blog dont have their own or they just aren't letting me know about it, lol. So I tag everyone that reads this.
Have fun.

Only a quick one today as I am up to my neck in Scrap Girls paper work. It's only 6 more sleeps! And I can't wait.

Tuesday, 25 April 2006

time for a change

I think it's about that time.........
I was driving home from the outlaws place tonight after I dropped Ant off to pick up his car and I think I need a little make over. A new hair style and colour, and new clothes and I might even start going out at night. Well, maybe not go out at night, lol.
I think my mid life crisis has hit a bit early. Or maybe is it because my bloody husband would rather drink beer than spend time with us at the moment and then tells me he's working all these extra hours for "us".
OK, the whinge is now off the chest. And it's time to move on, lol.

Connor has his paediatrition appointment tomorrow. I hope it all goes well. He seems to be better within himself and is calming himself down, so that's a good thing. If all goes well I might treat the kids to the movies in the afternoon and go and see Ice Age 2. That's if they don't drive me nuts before that. And then tomorrow night I'm off again to do another class with Alison Shearer at Scrapabout Australia. Yes, must remember photos and paper trimmer this week, lol.

Scrap Girls is getting there. I re-packed everything today so all classes and creation station stuff are all together. I need more plastic tubs! But the challenge will be fitting them all plus my tote into the Excel. I may end up taking the trailer.
I've just got all the notes and stuff to type up and print out. Yep better go buy another print cartridge tomorrow. Gotta love Officeworks.

Sunday, 23 April 2006

OMG! moments

I know, I know, it's 10 past 1 in the morning and I should be in bed. I'm suprized Anthony hasn't come in here and yelled at me yet, lol. He will tomorrow when I start complaining about how tired I am.

I had a phone call at 11.05 this morning, from Kelvin, a father of the kids friends. He was wondering what I was doing and I said nothing just cleaning the house, nothing unusual, WELL!!!! I'd forgetten about Sarahs birthday party at Stanhope Gardens Aquatic centre starting at 11am. I don't think I said shit more than 50 times, at least. Then it was a mad dash to get Shanice and Connor in their swimmers and out the door.
I had it stuck in my head that it was next saturday. The same thing happened last night with dinner with the girls. If Leish hadn't rung me on Thursday night I wouldn't have shown up, and gone this coming friday night.
I would love to know where my scattered brain is these days.

Scrap Girls got another lady book in today. Which is great saying there's only 12 more sleeps. CRAP only 12, no wonder I'm scatter brained at the moment.

Well, best get my big bum into bed before he finds me still banging away at the keyboard, lol

Thursday, 20 April 2006

.......where do I start?

My god! Has it really been a week since my last post. That's slack. It must be because I'm sooooooo busy during these school holidays (note the sarcasm, lol)
We had a great Easter. The kids got up at 6.50am. They never get out of bed that early, not even on a school day, especially not on a school day, lol. Connor scoffed his first one down by 6.55am, cheeky monkey! I had some cute Easter decorations that I put on our massive vase, and place the kids baskets next to it. My kids know that our Easter bunny is very thoughtful and leaves special eggs for mummy to hide in the garden for after lunch. Gee he's a good Easter bunny!

We went for a drive to Rouse Hill regional park just before lunch. The kids love playing there. It was chokers. I couldn't believe it, so we didn't stay too long and then we went to the Ettamogah Pub for some hot chips and wedges for lunch. So nutritious! Then it was back home for that Easter Egg Hunt that was promised.

Easter Monday we headed up to my mum and dads for a late lunch. The kids just run a muck as per normal at Nan and Grandads. Mandy and Ben also popped around which was a surprise because I thought that they'd be stuck in all that traffic coming home from Coffs. After we all ate we did something that I haven't done since I was about 11. AND IT WAS GREAT. We walked down to the train track and crossed over to stand on the bridge going over the F3 and wave at the cars stuck in the traffic going back into Sydney. The kids loved it and Mandy and I loved it more. We waved and got waved back at and even tooted which was the icing on the cake. At least we made some people smile while sitting in that traffic.
Me and kids stayed the night and mum brought us home Tuesday lunch time after the kids had gone to the shop and harassed Sharon the shop keeper and also after we went and played down at Brooklyn.

Anthony is STILL home sick. He goes back to work next Wednesday. Thank God! He's on steroids and I hate it, he gets so cranky and snappy and I'm going to insane because of it. Well at least I can look forward to peace then, LOL.

Not much happening on the scrapping side of things. I'm madly trying to get things done for our SCRAP GIRLS RETREAT. That's in just over 2 weeks. So much to do, AHHHHHH!!!!!
I did go with Sheree last night to a class at Scrapabout Australia in Parramatta. We love it there! I learned lots of new things, which was just what I needed. I never would have thought to use an iron to scrap, lol. I thought irons we just paper weights. The lovely Alison Shearer taught the class, it was great to see her stuff irl. Which reminds me, next week when we go and do another class I must remember to take a paper trimmer and photos with me! Can you believe it! I got side tracked while packing my stuff, the kids wanted me to bath them and wash their hair and then dres them.

Today mum rang me and said she was getting a new lounge, because I mentioned that I needed another one and the old one we've got ( which was hers and is about 18 years old) we wanted to get rid of. So, Ant made a few phone calls and we now have a new lounge in our lounge room. YAY. I must say, it might not be as comfortable as the old one, but it looks 100% better.

I think I'm now caught up, I know've missed heaps, but it's late and I've still got to wash up.


Wednesday, 12 April 2006

touch wood!

It's been just over a week and so far so good, we haven't had a bad day at school yet. Not even an inkling of a troppo moment. I dont know what the psychologist said to Connor, but it worked.

Ant has been off sick all week with his asthma playing up, big time, so after I took him to the doctors then chemist then to work to do the pays, I dragged him to the shops to go to Medicare. Of course I had ulterior motives, LOL. We ended up in Williams buying him new Colorados, then in Target. We had decided that Connor needed a reward for being so fantastic at school this past week. We agreed on a small bit of Lego and ended up with a massive pirates box of it. Thank god Target had 20% off their toys. Shanice didn't do without either, she got the Bratz bubble bath thing that she asked for, and she gets it WHEN SHE CLEANS HER ROOM!!!!!!
Matching winter denim jackets were also on the cards and then Ant piped up that he wanted a new shirt too, so he had all on 60 seconds to pick it while I stood in the checkout.
So a spending spree later and I got NOTHING! But I did see the joy on Connor's face and that is priceless.

It's the last day of Term 1 tomorrow. 2 weeks home with mum. How am I going to cope, lol. I have taken the time off work to spend it with the kids which I am really looking forward too, I just hope that it's a fun time and not a whingy time. One never knows with kids.

Saturday, 8 April 2006

filled with PRIDE

I think I must be the worlds PROUDEST mum!!!!
I was stopped by the principal yesterday when I arrived to pick up the kids from school. He wanted to let me know that Connor was asked to go and see Mr Cockrem in his office. BUT it was because he was so well behaved and had done some wonderful work in class.
Well, I cried - no I balled while I was driving home. I was so proud of my little man for being so good and remembering what to do when Mr Angry arrises.

Today is house cleaning day and boy do I hate it. No sooner do I finish in one room and move to the next, the buggers are in that room messing it all up again. So at about 2.30pm I packed it in and decided to scrap. Then I had to little helpers scrapping too! Anthony came in to see what they were doing and asked me how I coped while they just cut stuff up and stuck it where ever, I just told him I refused to look, lol.
I did acomplish a layout that has been sitting on my table now since the new chatterbox bunkhouse papers arrived in Australia, lol. I just adore this photo of my sister and Connor. She just loves both of my kidlets to death and vice versa.
I do have pictures of the mess the kids created while scrapping, but, typical the batteries died in the camera and are now on charge ready to take down to Tracy's tomorrow for Alastair & Felicity's birthday party.

Friday, 7 April 2006

fingers crossed for a good day

Connor's had 2 good days at school this week. But he has only gone to school for 2 days, so this is a good thing, being good not the 2 days at school.
I had a phone call from the principal late wednesday afternoon and because 4 of Connor's support system people weren't going to be at school on Thursday, he thought it would be best for Connor to stay at home just in case he "looses it". He wouldn't cope with the fact that his system wouldn't be in play.
So he is back at school today, and his teacher is back too, so all my fingers and toes are crossed that he remembers to breathe when he feels Mr Angry coming in.
Isn't it funny what we'll do just make things just go right.

Anthony and I have to go to a friends birthday dinner tonight and I just don;t want to go. I'm not feeling very social and I think this is because of everything I am having to deal with with Connor and my "crappy" job and homelife in general. I don;t particularly want to make small talk with people I don't know very well when I know that my thoughts will be wondering if Connor is ok and if he is behaving and if he's not how are the grandparents dealing with it and that I hope they aren't yelling at him.
Yes I know I should go and have a good time. I need to get away from things for a little while to take my mind off things and this is a perfect opportunity - but I just don't want to, lol.

Wednesday, 5 April 2006

scrapping with MISS SHEREE

Sheree and i decided last week that we're going to have our very on Wednesday Class, just the two of us, lol.
We had good intentions to actually acomplish something like our A-Z album, but instead we fiddled. I did a lo of Shancie and Sheree covered her 8.5 X 11 album.
Nether the less, we had a great day.

Monday, 3 April 2006

it's all over

Well............. I survived.
The psychologist was a lovely lady. She spoke with Connor and of course he was very well behaved, at least I have done something right as a parent, lol. She also discussed things with Anthony and I to try which is great. I was starting to think I'd tried just about everything possible.
She evaluted that the way we punish Connor doesn't work because he just doesn't care! She we have to try a different approach to that. And we are to target 1 specific behavior at a time instead of 3 or 4. So the hitting at adults when in the middle of an episode is what we're going to start with.
We have to get him to develope better relationships with his friends because if his bad behavior continues his friends won't want to know him later on and their parents wont want their kids playing with him. And that would just crush the poor kid.

I could ramble on for yonks about everything that was said, but I wont. We go back and see her in 4 weeks just before school goes back after the Easter break. So fingers crossed for a slight improovement before then.

On another note, to take my mind off things this morning I finished of my entery to my "Day in the Life of......." Paper bag journal swap. Came up alright I suppose.

feeling a little anxious

In a few hours I'm off to take Connor to the pyschologists. And I'm feeling a little anxious about it. I'm not sure what to expect from the whole thing. I know I wont get answers and he wont miraculously turn into a "good" boy again.
In other words I'm feeling LOST.
He has been banned from the TV since wednesday but I just had to cave in this morning cause he's driving me nuts. He's been on a high for the past 2 days and has not shut up, so I thought if I out the tv on I know he'll just sit there and watch it and hopefully I'll have quiet for a few minutes, maybe more.
I think I might go and do some housework to try and take my mind off things for a while. Like HOUSEWORK will help, lol

Sunday, 2 April 2006

now I'm the bad blogger, lol

Yes, that would be me that hasn't got the heart to update my blog!
Things have gone from bad to worse with Connor. The school rang twice last week for me to come and collect him and he was even suspended for 1 day. HE IS ONLY IN KINDERGARTEN!!! What the next 12 years plus in school going to be like?
Thank god we're off to the pyschologists tomorrow, and we may find some answers or at least start to. I'm so drained today that I just want to cry.
We sent Shanice up to my mum and dads for the weekend because she is missing out so much because we are concentrating on Connor all of the time. I needed her to have special time. And she did have a great time with them.
Enough on that, because I cant dwell, I need to think positively and look forward.
I finished a lo tonight that has really been finished since Wednesday, my printer ran out of ink so I had to wait.
It looked great before I stuck to photo on it and attacked it with doodling, LOL.

Sheree and I went to Scrapabout's first birthday sale yesterday. I love the papers they get in they are all so YUM!!! We booked into 3 classes as well with Alison Shearer, I am so looking forward to them.
Wish us luck for tomorrow and YES I promise this time not to hide but to let you know how we get on.