Sunday, 18 December 2005

1 week till Santa comes

OMG! Is it really one one week till that jolly fat man comes creeping thru my front door delivery presents only to ME, lol. Well everyone else in this household has been naughty this year, even the dog, lol.
I hope I'm done shopping. I haven't counted all presents in the garage yet. The last thing I'm wanting to do this week is a dash up to Toy R' Us with every man and his dog.
We had another unproductive weekend here at the Sheppard-Morris residents. The kids still don't have their pool up and I hope that its a coolish week this week as I can't stand for the heat and sweaty kids. We did do a dash to Officeworks this afternoon where we managed to spend $180 on business supplies. It is so exciting that Anthony is going to help me with doing the website and other bits n' pieces of starting Scrap Girls. It is starting to become a reality and not just a dream.
Speaking of Scrap Girls, I now have 6 ladies pay their deposits and another 2 are being sent via snail mail this week, so that is very exciting. I can't wait till January when I can start focusing more of my energy into the business.
Well, Ant has just gotten out of the bath and is yelling at me to GO TO BED, IT'S LATE & I'VE BEEN COMPLAINING OF A HEADACHE ALL DAY. Gotta love those men.

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