Monday, 28 November 2005

My Baby's FIVE.........

Mandy & Connor 19th November 2005

Noooooo........ I can't believe that my baby's five. It was just over a week ago mind you, lol. Now I get, "Mum I'm a big boy now and I can sit in the front of your car." God love him.
He had a great birthday and was totally spoilt rotten as per usual. We gave him a playdoh activity table (which he just loves) as well as a TV and DVD player for his bedroom. There was an alterier motive for that one though, we needed to make room in the longue room so we put his V-Tech console in his room so he can now play the damn machine.

We had his party at mum and dads and phew! It didn't rain or hail or was stinking hot. So he finally had his jumping castle. But, good ol' Connor sat in the house playing with all of his toys. Then said to Grandma "Grandma, I've had enough can you tell everyone to go home now?" LOL.

To make matter worse, so to speak, we went and bought his BIG school uniform last week. He's growing up far to fast. He looks so handsome in his new blue uniform, even though the shorts are a bit big and fall down. Nan can fix those because I'm a terrible sewer.

Well the washing machine has just stopped, so it looks like I'm back to the good ol' housework. YUK! Will have to fill you all in one Santa's Kingdom next time around.


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