Wednesday, 18 July 2007

2 more sleeps and another WOOO HOOO!!!!!!

how excitment!!!!!!
2 more sleeps until the Scrap Girls "Christmas In July" Retreat. I am so looking forward to it now. And there are still spots if you want to come along and join us

Guess who I got ticket to see today?

woooo hoooo!!!! I feel like such a little kid again going to all the concerts! happy dance, happy dance. i sooo cant wait, i only wish i could bring connor with me as he just LURVES MCR i can picture him there!
We are are taking Lauren (gorgeous miss tracy's daughter) with us, so i hope she knows what she's in for goin with us oldies, lol.
we got awesome tickets too, front row! but not in the mosh pit - i'm too old for that!
i'm off to go and do some serious happy dancing

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

a bit of a plug.....

Classes at Scraploot

We are delighted to announce our August and September Class Schedule for classes that will be held at scraploot. For Sydney customers we are at Erskine Park, which is just off the M4 heading west towards the Blue Mountains.

We are thrilled to have Alison Shearer and Jen Hall joining us to do some fabulous classes for you.

Our Class Page details the class schedule
Our Class Bookings category will let you book your spot
Our Gallery will have sneak peaks of class layouts as the samples are completed

Sunday, 15 July 2007

happy dance, happy dance

I have just bought my tickets for me and Ant to go and see


happy dance, happy dance.

I'm soooo excited!!!!

We couldn't go to the one in Sydney as we wanted and we were planning on going with Tracy and Lauren, but we're in QLD soooooo my sister in law has offered to look after the kids while we go.

Wooooo Hooooooo. I heart Good Charlotte, lol

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

shhhh..... it's quiet here

what's a girl to do when it's school holidays and i've sent the kids off to cooking school for 3.5 hours????? well, i did a bit of work, chatted on the phone, sorted some paper work while watching part of a movie and then it was time to pick them up.
they had a great time. they cooked, swam, and ate. they tried and ate food that they normally wouldn't have at home and connor was even brave enough to go on the waterslide.
they both cried and whinged when i went to pick them up!

so i thought to myself, when we get home we can all do some cleaning! i gave them both a feather duster each and sent them to their rooms to dust and tidy. they thought it was great fun!!!!!! while i went and dusted the rest of the house and vaccumed.
so now, it's a bit noisier in the house, but at least i have company now.

Monday, 9 July 2007

they are all finished

YAY!!!!! I've finished my trading cards for the July Retreat.............
What else have we been up to today:
* we slept in
* woke up to a thunderstorm
* drove up to mum & dad's in a terrible rain storm in which i couldn't see 10 meters in front of me (maybe i should have slowed down!)
* Found out that there was a nasty accident on the F3 near Cowan that probably would have been the cars i passed on the freeway (not a nice feeling at all)
* Dad was having a good day today
* i did my ironing at mum and dads while dad watched a dvd, connor played on the computer, and mum and shanice went to berowra to deliver avon
* got a phone call from Trac while she was on a Ferris Wheel on the Yarra in Melbourne
* we had a yummy meat pie and mini sausage roll for lunch
* got stuck in another rain storm on the way home on the F3 again
* booked the kids in for their Cooking School on wednesday which they are so excited about doing
* my Aussie Scrap Source order finally arrived
* came home and the arguing began over which movie to watch
* i packed some more kits
* cooked a roast for dinner and had those new mircowavable steamed vegies (they are so nice and the kids loved them)
At that's us up to speed. Not a very eventful day, but when you space it all out like that we actually did quite a bit
Thanks to Alison J for the giving me the idea to point form my day, lol

Friday, 6 July 2007

new hair

today has been a mad capped day. I've been busy over at Sue's so shanice and connor got to spend the day with grandma.
when i went to pick them up, connor's hair looked like a shaggy carpet so we decided a trip to the hairdresser was in order.
connor got his usual number 2 and shanice wanted a fringe. she hasn't had one since she was about 4 so this was going to be interesting.

oh, and we lost another tooth this morning. finally! it only took about 6 weeks of it hanging out of her mouth

Thursday, 5 July 2007

gone swimming

right about now i am feeling completly and unterly gutted, sad, upset and a range of other emotion. I'm begining to feel that 2007 is sooooooooo not my year!
so onto other things.......

my good friend Dallas rang me early this morning having to cancel our lunch as she was sick again with the flu. the poor thing with 2 little cherubs - 2.5 & 5 months.
we were so looking forward to catching up, but we'll get to that when she is feeling better.
so i decided to take the kids to swimming pool across the road. dont worry it's indoors and heated. i picked up bethany and sarah, bethany has just recently changed schools and her and shanice are such good friends.
we stayed about 2 hours and they had a ball. we then came home and watched "Flushed Away" and "Arthur & the Invisibles"

and then the S*** hit the fan, but that's nothing to do with the kids, lol.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


SCRAPLOOT have a blog..........
Click here to have a little looksee.

Of course it's only brand new, but we hope to post weekly (maybe more) with all sorts of inspiration, competitions and new stock. Not to mention some other very exciting new happenings.

So whats new with me....... well we are into sull swing of the school holidays and we aren't even half way thru our 3 weeks off. I've been a but fluey on and off which is driving me nuts.

There is only 17 more sleeps till the Scrap Girls Christmas In July retreat.
My backroom looks like a full on scrapbook shop with all the stock that is everywhere. I'm in the middle of packing class kits and am still waiting for 2 more orders to arrive so i can finish them off.
I have pictures of the kits to share........
On saturday i took the kids up to mum and dads for an early dinner. Shanice ended up staying the night at my sisters house, which she just adored.
I got heaps of pics of Shancie on the trampoline. In typical Shanice fashion she wouldn't let me move it so she was jumping very close to the edge of the pergola for my liking. And look at her hair! She desperatly needs a hair cut.
Sue and Craig were doing stocktake on Sunday so i offered to go over and give them a hand for a few hours before going to the real job (yuk! and on a sunday too). It felt like in those 2.5 hours Sue and I hadn't even scratched the surface.
So after work, Anthony took us out for dinner, which turned into a nightmare so lets not go there. I thought to myself "i wonder if they finished?". That was a no! So headed over again, stopping in at Starbucks on the way for 3 large (and i mean large) latte's. I think from memory sue and i finished counting at about 12.30am ish.
It was such a massive job!!! And the funny thing is i actually enjoy doing that sort of stuff.
Well, i'm off, i need to pack more kits and i think i might watch All Saints while i do it, lol