Sunday, 31 December 2006

a christmas round up.........

i love christmas, it's my favourite time of year. the one day out of 365 days where everyone is nice and no one fights, lol, well that's my christmas wish every year and it comes true.

christmas morning was a rather early one this year with shanice being so excited that she was up at 4am and ran in to us, "He's been mummy, he's been daddy. Can we open our presents now?". my reaction - ummmm NO!!!! so she went back off to bed and put on a dvd and every 15 minutes kept coming back in asking if she could get up now. at 5.30am we caved in and let her go wake up connor.
the present opening was over in about 20 minutes, which was pretty good going, then came the opening of toy boxes and i swear you need a university degree to open some of them.

anthony's mum and dad and his siter shell and husband mark came over at 7.45am on their way up to emu heights to ant's other sister's place for breakfast. if i thought my lounge room was trashed before i was wrong, big time.

it's now 6 days after christmas and my lounge room still looks messy and i've cleaned, lol.
at about 11am we headed up to my parents for christmas lunch, which i just love. the kids got totally spoilt rotten again! and so did i saying i had my christmas present in october (early i know, my parents paid for me to go to the hunter for the weekend with my old school friends).
we had seafood for starters - prawns, oysters and balmain bugs my favourite! and then a huge hot chrissy lunch.
they kids played out the back with new roller blades and in the paddling pool just to get wet. then they ended up next door at dawns in the pool with the boys.

it was a wonderful day and everyone had so much fun. connor wanted to stay at mum and dads the night cause the end day we were going on our first canyon.

so early boxing day morning anthony, shanice and myself drove to the zig zag railway to meet up with my parents and connor.we all went in dads ute as the road in was really rough, and he wasn't kidding either, i think i wobbled off about 5 kilos of fat, lol.
the walk in to the glow worm tunnel was lovely, really easy walk which was great cause i'm still not feeling 100% and after doing a few things i'm buggered. at the end of the tunnel which is pitch black is the canyon which leads back to the main walking track.

shanice was so brave in the tunnel, so is petrified of the dark. we turned off out flash light to see the glow worms which were amazing.
the walk only took about 1.5 hours which was a good time for the kids. the walk thru the canyon was a bit tricky for connor but he loved it. he was so tired i ended up having to carry him out. which i expected, but i was exhausted from it.
we had some lunch before driving back to the car. i came home and flacked for 2 hours, lol.
we saw some wildlife which was great, and amazing for the kids to see animals not behind a cage. we saw grey kangaroo which were huge i thought they were logs at first (well we were in a pine platation), glow worms, a brown snake and a goanna. no piccies though, they move to too quick.

we headed down the farm for a few days on the 28th. it's good to have a relax. i packed some scrapping stuff just in case but it never came out of the bag, lol.

so now we're home. shanice has a fluctuating temperature and is not too well, so it looks like I'll be staying home tonight and anthony will be taking connor to friends house for new years. suits me though, i'm not a huge fan of new years at all.
so....... thanks to everyone for popping by this year. haope you all have a safe and happy new years.

Friday, 22 December 2006

almost forgot - TAGGED!!!

almost forgot...... Sheree tagged me last week while i was sick

Tag Your It

A - Available or single: neither
B - Best Friend: tricky! my sister Mandy
C - Cake or Pie: pie
D - Drink of choice: Coke
E - Essential Item you use everyday: chap stick
F - Favorite color: pink
G - Gummy Bears or worms: gummy bears
H - Hometown: Cowan
I - Indulgence: quiet time alone
J - January or February: January
K - Kids & Names: 2 - a pigeon pair, Shanice & Connor
L - Life is Incomplete Without? my family
M - Marriage Date: 22 January 2000
N - Number of Siblings: 1 younger sister Mandy
O - Oranges or Apples: apples
P - Phobias or Fears: falling and/or heights
Q - Fave Quote: "We're not lost. We're locationally challenged!" - John M. Ford
R - Reason to Smile: 2 happy and healthy and busy kids
S - Season: winter
T- Tag 3 or 4 people: you're joking - how about anyone who reads this PLEASE! lol
U - Unknown Fact about Me: i arrange my dvd's in alphabetical order (we have over 500 and i work in a video shop so - habit!)
V- Vegetable You Don't Like: eggplant
W - Worst Habit: nail biting
X - Xrays: zero
Y - Your Fave Food: anything i haven't had to cook
Z - Zodiac Sign: virgo

catching up

were do i start. i said in my last post i was going to catch up on the kids last week of school stuff and that was 2 weeks ago! well, i do have a very good reason for not getting to it i must say.
On the first week of my kids school holidays, i woke up on the tuesday and felt like utter crap, so i managed to crawl to the lounge room and stayed there for the entire day and watched Spongebob with the kids. I called work cause i just didn't think i'd be up to going the next day and Anthony organized for his mum to have the kids cause appartently i sounded awful.
good thing he did cause on wednesday i hit the wall, i couldn't get out of bed, couldn't keep anything down. Anthony came home early without the kids to get me to the doctors cause i couldn't walk let alone drive. The doc took one look at me and down my throat and i have a servre case of tonsilitis.
didn't it knock me for six. i've never in my life been so sick, so sick i couldn't eat for 4 days or get out of bed. tv didnt even encourage me, i just wasn't interested.
by the sunday i thought i was feeling a little better, well sick of doing nothing with the house went all pear shaped around me and i couldn't do anything about it. i thought i was up for some grocery shopping - NUP i was wrong that wiped me for the rest of the day.
so each day i started getting a little better. fevers, cold sweats and body aching even with the water from the shower hitting my skin was killing me. so i dragged myself to the docs again on monday. i was convinced that i couldn't have tonsilitis, it can't last this long and make me so sick. but yes it can if you have it bad enough - lucky me!
today is now friday and i'm still not 100%. still got my glands up and feeling like i have a flu that just wont break. but at least the worst is behind me. at least i managed not to share with anyone, i so wouldn't have forgiven myself if i did and they were sick over christmas.
so that's been me over the past 12 days.

before all this we had a really full on last week of term (4-7 dec). all of out activities finished in the same week which was great timing just made for a busy, busy week.
the highlight was definatley the kids presentation night. i'm so proud of both of my gorgeous kids. we have had a very trying year with both of them - connor and his anger issues and poor shanice being diagnosed with dyslexia. but we have made light at the end of both the tunnels for our kids, these issues will still be with us and we will always be getting thru them but they are more managable you could say now.
connor got a speacial award for dilegence - yep that got both me and anthony and we had to come home and look it up in the dictionary, lol. for those like us it means caring and persevering in carrying out duties.
connor was also asked to be part of the K-6 special dance group. i was rolling on the floor when the note came home for this one, my son with no rhythm, lol. well the teacher in charge said it was for the "cuteness factor". but he did me proud. connor does have rhythm more then most of the other kids and he had this personality on stage that just stood out and that's not just me saying that as his very biased mum. i had parents stopping me as i walked back to my seat saying how great he was and even his teacher was woo hooing him, lol.
he has just come so far this year and made such a HUGE turn around that it so hard to belive what a totally different kid he is today from 9 months ago. YEP - I'm a proud, proud mum!

Monday, 11 December 2006

beginning to look like CHRISTMAS

The chrissy tree finally made it's appearance at our house on friday - YAY!!!!!
So the house is now decked out in all our little christmas trinkets. The kids had a wonderful time on friday decorating the tree with mum while i taught a class. They did a fantastic job too, it is so well balanced that i haven't moved a single ornament. And even if it was i still wouldn't move it cause it's special.
i did take a few piccies today cause i thought i'd better pull my finger out and start to do a few christmas pressies. So i decided that i do 3 of the projects from Kim Archer's christmas extravaganza.

here are a few of the piccies

we had a massive week last week, so tomorrow is the day for catch up so i will post more then.
off to start the chrissy pressies..........

Friday, 1 December 2006

that pool!!!!

YES!!!!!!! the infamous pool is up.
It finally went up on Monday night. It was quite cool outside but kids being kids instisted to go in while it was filling.
Thank goodness it was in time before Tuesday cause it was a stinker, so much so that I contemplated sitting in it, lol.
well it's now friday, hot again and that's it i'm going to try and find those bloody swimmers and i'm going to go and sit in the water.