Tuesday, 31 October 2006

woo hoooo..... some news

i have been keeping a little secret!
Sue from Scraploot asked me yonks ago if I'd be interested in doing some design team layouts for her. Of course I'm not going to knock that back, lol. So sue gave me my first pack filled to the brim with all sorts of new and unreal goodies a few weeks again.
On Saturday the last 4 member of the Scraploot DT were announced.
Sue and Craig have such great goodies in store, and always have heaps in stock so none of that backorder crap. And the best part is, they only live 5 minutes from my house - YAY!!!!
So here are the first few layouts I've done for scraploot.......

well..... in other news, Scrap Girls is less than 2 weeks away and it's all panic here, as per usual.
I just went and got all the Scrap Girls Book of Quotes bound today which we are selling at the retreat to raise funds to buy a Cricut for future retreats.
I think all the kits are packed, just can't see them for all the mess here in the playroom. Sheree is coming over on Thursday to pack everything, cause next week is a crazy week here. I'm working Wednesday and Thursday and then on Friday we finally got Shanice in to the learning center to get assessed, so there goes all day friday.
Sheree and I are off to Elsie at the Paper Arts Festival on Saturday. I'm not a huge Elsie fan, but I do love her ideas. It's going to be so great. Sheree is just jumping for joy with excitement, I reckon she'll even wear her Elsie headband and spotty top just to look like her - she's such a STALKER!!! LOL (in-house joke, sorry guys, lol)
well i better go, the doorbell is ringing, i bet it's more trick or treaters that aren't dressed up.

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

banning all hoola hoops

The Sheppard-Morris family hereby declare the banning of all hoola hoops.
At 2pm yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from the office ladies at Shanice and Connor's school just letting me know that SHANICE had been hit by a hoola hoop and that around her eye is bruised and grazed. I must have sounded like the worlds worse mum as I just started killing myself laughing. What are the chance of both of you kids having the same accident happen to them in the space of a few weeks??? And the same eye too.

So needless to say I took photos this morning as the grazing had started to appear more.

Monday, 23 October 2006

wine country

well......... i had a fabulous 2 days in the hunter with my girlfriends.
I tasted loads of wine, some of them were just too scrummy for words. I tasted cheese till my tummy got all bloated. And I just enjoyed myself and being with my oldest friends.
Right now, i just can't find the right words to describe my weekend, lol.
I took a few piccies, cause I was far too busy tasting wine. I thought I should take photos of all the wineries we went too.
We stayed in the very tacky Cessnock Pub, which was just too funny and I'm sure we will be talking about that one for years to come.

Thursday, 19 October 2006

proud as punch

yep! that's me.
My little block came running up to me in the school yard this afternoon, proclaiming to world that he was picked to host the school assembly next week when its KM turn.
He is just so thrilled. So tonight we rang around all the grandparents and aunties telling them all to take the time off work so they can come and watch him. we don;t have a video camera but i reckon i can borrow one for this day as this certainly is a huge milestone. When we rang my parents Connor got on the phone and read to Grandad all of his speaches that he has to make during the assemby. Dad couldn't believe how clear he was and that I was not helping him.
i'm just SO proud I'm doing little happy dances inside!
at bed time tonigt he read all the speaches again just for practice.

but poor shanice was a little sad because she's never been picked to host her classes assembly. but i told her that i am just as proud of her for all the wonderful things that she can do that Connor isn't good at. It's so hard cause is really trying with her reading and she is improving which I am so proud of.

well, i'm off to the Hunter Valley tomorrow afternoon for 2 whole days away with the girls. The last time we all went away together was for schoolies (we went on the Fairstar-YAY!!!) back ing 1993, so this just going to be so much fun. We are staying in a pub at Cessnock in a room that sleeps 6 singles, so it's going to be like school camp. I cna't wait.
besides the fact that i really need the break, i can't wait for all the girls to be together.

Monday, 16 October 2006

whats with the crazy weather?

Friday & Saturday were absolute stinkers? And today we were back in our winter clothes and I even considered putting the heater on.
I spent about an hour on Thursday cleaning out the air conditioner preparing for the hot, hot, hot weather on Friday and Saturday. I decided that it would be best to stay in doors. Although the heat outside was hot, the sting from the sun was what got you, it was nasty.
Well I managed to scrap up a storm. It's not i often i get the opportunity to do this. I think i fully finished 4 pages, which is huge for me, I'm lucky to get a page a week done.
Can't share these as I have a little secret, lol!!!!

It was Shanice's turn to spend the weekend up at mum and dad's. Mum rang me tonight just to tell me what an absolute pleasure she was. I wish she was like that for me. So i had Connor, and as soon as Shanice left he went in to hypo mode, and he did not stop until 11pm. It was like he'd drunk red cordial straight. I think it was the excitement of not having anyone to fight with for a short while.

Sunday was Kaitlyn's birthday party. The kids had a lovely time, and thank goodness the weather was cooler. I got the job official photographer, thanks Sheree! I did get a bit slack for a while, but Sheree took over. I did score the money shot though. Sheree had organized a surprise of Pinky and Kosi, who Kaitlyn just loves, and i got the photo of Kaitlyn attacking them as they walked in the door - just priceless. I tell you what they were worth every single cent.

We had a pupil free day today. So i took the kids to Nurragingy for an hour. Shanice wanted to take her roller skates and Connor just walked with me. Shanice loves her skates, i might even consider some time at the rink if she gets better. We then went to the playground, i told the kids it was raining the night before so things may be wet, but they never listen, lol. Shanice went flying down the spiral slippery dip straight into a huge puddle and got drenched. Well that was the end of that little adventure.
Ant was home when we got back as his asthma went for six with the crazy weather, so it's been a fun day.

We're back to normal tomorrow, all back at school and I'm back at work on Wednesday - oh yay! (note the sarcasm, lol). So I'd better start packing lunches i guess.

Wednesday, 11 October 2006

loosing posts

god i hate it when you sit here and type a mamoth post only to loose it! yeah, and don't ask me how i even managed that one, lol.

It was all about the lovely day we had on saturday for dad's suprize birthday party. I've never seen my dad in utter shock and speachless. Needless to say he thoroughly enjoyed hmself.

sooooo..... onto this week. Well another caotic week with school hols. The kids are totally driving me nuts, lol.

Yesterday we went to toowoon bay up the central coast with Sheree and Kaitlyn. We met Kelly up there with her 3 kidlets. It was a glorious day, really sunny with a cool breeze. Of course I packed the sun creme on the kids like I do and then totally forget about myself. Yep, I got lovely red boobs and arms, with a huge white gap on my shoulders from my shirt, lol.

and then that leaves us at today........
At the start of the holiday I bought a book of 5 kids movie tickets at hoyts for $35. great i thought to myself that saves me $20 for kids tickets. after we saw the first movie, barnyard at the start of the hols, i read the fine print..... they all have the expiry date of then on Oct 2006. only 1 month to use them. well, it's a good thing that there is heaps of kids movies on at the moment.
so off we went with sheree and kaitlyn, who must be sick of us now (no comments for the side line sheree, lol) to see The Wild. what a cute little movie.
Sheree and i dragged the kids down to target to find a new Scrap Girls shirt for the weekend away and YAY we did and they are very cute and very pink of course. the kids were very helpful going around getting every shirt that was pink and a skinny size and a fat size, lol.
so tomorrow we are off the visit Dal and Makaylah which we do every school hols. It's nice and warm and tomorrow they say is going to be a stinker so it's a good thing the cosies are packed.
then we're staying at mum and dads and up to umina beach friday morning.
so that's me in a nut shell at the moment. I also managed to get heaps of Scrap Girls stuff done too. The challenge kits are all packed and I've just organized the fabric and ribbon packs to go with them. I've finally worked out how my accounting software prints the receipts not just the invoices. and slowly the stuff is taking over the playroom.

Friday, 6 October 2006

i'm ready........

I'm all geared up for another awesome weekend of BATHURST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I know, but i just lurve my V8 motorsport. I've actually sent Anthony away to a mates house (about 5 minutes away) to watch it cause he'll just drive me nuts being here, but I'll watch it while doing the ironing, scrapping, playing with kids ect.... where as he won't move.
I'm sooo excited that Scaifie got fastest lap, butwe'll have to see how he goes. Scaife, Muph, Lowes and those bloody Kelly brothers are my Fav's. And I suppose Ingall, but my sister in law, michelle, did not here me say that at all or I wont here the end of it, lol.

holy crap! did you see that doosy of a crash today, my god it was nasty. I had it on while the kids were outside on the tramp and saw it all unfold. I do hope that both the boys are ok.

Ok, off my bathurst box for now.

I met Tricia at Stanhope Gardens yesterday for a swim, well the kids and Trish swam I watched. The pool was crazy, so many kids in it, I'm glad I wasn't a lifeguard......
I took the kids straight up to mum and dads for the night for a sleepover, which is always fun.

Dad was at work today and mum went in to take dad for his appointment with the neaurologist. Nothing has changed, there's no growth or anything which is fantastic news, but still no licence, which dad is completely bummed over.
I think me and kids being there took his mind off things, or at least I hope it did.
While mum and dad were out doing some quotes, i dragged the kids to the shops to get dad a birthday pressie. Mum told me not to get anything as just spending time with us as a family means more to him at the moment, i totally agree, but the kids wanted to pick out a special pressie just for grandad. They chose a West Coast choppers t-shirt for him. Just priceless, pity grandad can't wear it while riding his motorbike at the moment.
While I was spending money, the kids got a brand new outfit each to wear to grandads bithday tomorrow as well as new shoes. ME... i got the usual nothing, lol.
Mum and dad got home around 4ish and we went down to Brooklyn for fish and chios for dinner, yummo. The kids played in the park then walked around the pool and dragged grandad (not much dragging needed) on an adventure up the big bush stairs. Mum and i drove up the top to meet them and then it was time to come home.
sooooo, that's where i am right now thinking i really should put shanice to bed as she's fast asleep on the lounge and i need some sleep myself......

Wednesday, 4 October 2006

the hoola hoop incident........

ahhhh yes the hoola hoop incedent. It was a week ago that this happened and Connor still has some small graze marks on his face.
I think he must have been going thru yet another growth spurt as the 2 kindy teachers told me that he kept tripping over all day and Connor does this when is feet grow. At lunch time he fell over and other kiddie landed on him and he ended up with this massive googy egg in his hair, then later on at lunch is when the hoola hoop attacked.
Now, I still don't know exactly how it attacked him, but from what I gather another little kindy girl (she's not that little i kid you not she's as big as a 5th grader) was playing with the hoola hoop and it somehow mangaed to collide with Connors face.
It made a perfect ring around his left eye. On the Thursday that it happened if I hadn't have been told what had happen i swear it is the perfect marking of a punch. On Thursday night the swelling was huge. And of course Connor had a headache, well i would too after that day.
So on friday he was still complaining of the headaches so I gave him some panadol and let him stay home with me. It was the last day of term so it wasn't that bad.
I spoke to the other kindy teacher in the afternoon, Tanya, who is my friend for many years, since we we're in primary school (how funny is that), said she was down 10 kids that day, so I didn't feel that bad for keeping him home.

Saturday we took the kids to see Barnyard because i forgot to reply to a brithday party for Shanice. I don;t really like the little girl and her family are very pushy and arogant people and i don't want my kids influenced like that. I felt terrible so the movies was a good subsitute.
I also thought it odd to invite 30 screaming 7 year olds to a birthday party but they have to sit thru the girls baptism first. Maybe that's just me, but my kids wont sit thru that unless i'm there to make sure they behave.

Sunday me and kids headed down to Trac's. Sheree and Kaitlyn were going too. The kids all had so much fun. I managed to do more scrapping than I did last time, lol, I chose my photos and I cut my background cardstock down to 8.5X11, lol, yay for me!!!!!
Trac have a great time in QLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did we do monday...... oh that's right, lucky me had a touch of bloody gasto. LOVELY!!!!! We were going to the pub for lunch with some friends, but every time I eat............ leave that to your imagination -yuk! so i stayed home and layed on the lounge and slept. by 8pm I'd had enough and got my second wind.

Yesterday I worked, and it being school hols, the day after a public holiday it was absolutly fat chat. All the stock for 2 days came in and we were very busy serving all the customers while trying to new movies on the shelf.
Shanice and I went and had a girly night with Jo and Taleesha and went to the movies and saw Material Girls. I love Hillary Duff! Yes I know very corny, but I do, lol.
The girls loved it.

So that's me up to speed. No, today, ah yes today. Today was spent catching up on the 2 page list i wrote while stuck in traffic yesterday. Most of it is Scrap Girls stuff, and I think I probably only did 1/4 of the stuff on that list. So I'd best get some more done tomorrow, though Id' rather be scrapping!