Friday, 27 February 2009


Yesterday was a big day for me
i finally threw out all shanice and connor's baby spoons and forks.
sounds silly but i wasn't ready to part with them until now.
the kids haven't used them for so long it just seemed stupid keeping them and cluttering up the cutlery drawer for my own sentimental reasons.

This week was shanice's school assembly
her class did a great presentation. they did it like the nightly news on the rising of Jesus at Easter. it was best assembly I've been to in a long time.
shanice was a dancer.................. and all she could do was smile the entire time at her baby cousin.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

it's FINALLY here.........................

I've been waiting soooooooooo long for this to arrive

my FAV tv show ever
Nip/Tuck Season 5 - YAY!!!!!!
i wonder what christian will be up to in this short season (due to bloody writers strike!)
Plus i got 2 of my favourite movies that you cant get here in AUS at the moment

Today was the kids swimming carnival.
shanice told me at the beginning of the school year she didn't want to go and i didn't want to force her as neither of my kids have a competitive nature and even though they could out swim most of the kids in the entire school they just aren't interested in racing. So i let them stay home.
some might think I'm a bad mum for making this decision, but quite frankly i don't care :)
Shanice's bestie came over for the day as she wasn't going either, so we went to the movies and saw Hotel for Dogs. The kids loved it.

we did a bit of shopping while we where out too........
I got a new Guess handbag - well i actually got it yesterday, Anthony bought it for me as a "happy anything day" pressie
i just added the cupcake keyring to it while on our ventures today. it's also a mirror - too cute!

when i bought the cupcake keyring i couldn't resist this gorgeous cupcake earring holder.
It's so me, lol

the shop i got these from had some really nice stuff and i could have gone insane. i did buy the girls some cute tubs of lip gloss.

I got 3 sets of the pj's below
They are for the Scrap Girls Pink pyjama party at the March retreat. i got a set for me, trac and sherri.
we'll all match with our pj's, slippers, eye masks and pink frangipani hair clips :)

dont know if i mentioned it, but Connor started karate this year. he has been wanting to do it for about 2 years now but could find a good local place to try and we just got too busy. well........... shanice's bestie goes to a great place, so Connor joined.
today i picked him a karate outfit. and i think he looks too cute

before i go and have a shower before LOST starts i want to send and ENORMOUS cyber hug out to MISS TRAC. luv you hunnie

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

quote of the week...............

I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I'm doing.
~Marsha Doble

Sunday, 22 February 2009

rain, hail & smiles

well.................... didn't it pour up at mums yesterday?
connor, pat and i had drove thru a smallish shower, but an hour after getting to mums the rain came down and then the hail followed............ no ordinary hail mind you ................ massive, cricket ball size hail.
the storm was unbelievable. we thought it had stopped and then the hail and rain and wind started again.
Shanice was absolutely terrified and was on the verge of hysterical - sweating and hyperventilating!
but it passed and then i went to check the damage to the truck and there is hardly any hail dents! i cant believe it! was expecting massive damage and broken windows it was that bad.
here is the evidence towards the end of the storm
My girlfriend Dallas called into mums on her way home from seeing here dad up the coast. I love chatting to Dal and her girls are just too precious.
every time we do a clean out of shanice's older toys that she has outgrown, Dal and the girls always het first dibs. yesterday we had a massive garbage bag full of My Little Pony - ponies and playsets. the girls just loved them. and i'm so pleased they will be loved and not chucked out.
here is a pic of the token "Hunter Sleeping" photo :)
i just cant get enough of my gorgeous nephew!
shanice and hunter just before bed time.
today was mum and dad's 40th wedding anniversary (Ruby). it was a day of mixed emotions but mostly good new ones and this is a new beginning for us all now.
we decided that we couldn't;t let the day pass unnoticed so we took mum out for lunch to the cafe at Flower Power Glenhaven.the kids love it as they can play indoors and the food is good, even though the drink service is a tad slow.
the camera is always on hand when we go here as it has become a bit of a tradition to walk around the pond and take photos. here are my ones from today.
well that's it for tonight.............. i have a HUGE day tomorrow - I'm going to start back reading for the kids at school then it's off to coffee with the mums, run a million errands, come home to return phone calls, an after school meeting with shanice's teacher and then movies with hubby .
I managed to talk Anthony to seeing "He's just not that into you"!!!!! god i hope it's not too girly as I'll never hear the end of it, lol

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

shanice made THIS....................

all by herself.................. no i'm not kidding

as part of year 5's homework this week they had to cook the recipe for Weetbix Slice. last week they had to write a recipe. it has something to do with following procedures.
I stood in the kitchen with Shanice and supervised......... that's it, she did it all by herself.
She got all the ingredients out, measured everything, spilt brown sugar everywhere and cleaned it up, stirred, melted butter, turned on the oven, pressed the mixture into the pan, put it in the oven (using an oven mit of course), got it out of the oven, read in the recipe perfectly.
I was just there to talk her thru it when she asked.
can we tell i'm having a proud mummy moment. hopefully she takes after her aunty and is a better cook than me!
all the kids had to take some slice into school today for the teacher to taste and the best one get a special award. we added melted chocolate to the top........... so i reckon that's a winner :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

quote of the week....................

The morality of those who are
having a better time.
~H.L. Mencken

Sunday, 15 February 2009

been scrappin

it doesn't happen very often
these are a few layouts i've done for the Scrap Girls March Cropfest. I've still got 2 more OTP items that are in pieces that will be done for the retreat too.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Scrap Girls SPECIAL Bushfire Appeals

I sent out a Newsletter to all my Scrap Girls customers this morning and thought i would put a copy of it here on my blog also..........................

Bushfire Appeal Newsletter

Hi Everyone

As an Australian I am totally in awe of the generosity of our fellow countrymen.
Everywhere I have been this past week there has been some sort of collection for all those people in Victoria devastated by the fires.

Like most people, as a family we have donated money to the Red Cross to help, but feel this isn’t enough want to help more.
You’re inbox has probably filled up with emails of other ways to help just like mine. I have sifted through them and found 4 great ways to help and thought I’d pass them along to you. They are all very different and great ways that we as a scrapbooking community can help.

Thank you for letting me share these with you


Talented scrapper, Sarah Gladman has started an appeal for scrappers to create 12x12 layouts to give to those families affected to start rebuilding their memories.

Sarah’s BLOG for more information

Katrina Robertson, a Scrap Girls customer contacted me last night because she too feels the need to contribute in other ways.
Katrina came up with the idea of putting together Pamper Packs.
These pack could include :
Body lotion
Small toys (dolls, matchbox cars – so the kids don’t miss out either)
And any other pamper type items you think could be suitable.

The Victorian Pastor of the ACC (Australian Christian Churches or Assembly of God Church) lost their church in the fire and some members of their church.
This will be our starting point to distribute the packs as they also liaise with the chaplains in the area.

The team at Scrap Girls would love to help Katrina and am asking you to pick up an item or two when you visit COLES today (see below). I will collect the items on behalf of Katrina and deliver them to her so she can wrap them in cellophane and deliver to the people affected on behalf of us.
Tell your friends and family, school and sporting families, the more we get the better and more people we can give to.

Katrina will start putting packs together next weekend, but will collect goods up until our Scrap Girls March Cropfest (you can bring items along to the retreat too)
Please email ME or ring me so you can drop your items off to me or if you live about 30 minutes drive from the Mt Druitt area I’ll come and collect them during school hours.

Email –
Kylie Mobile – 0403 438 640

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LSBS CYBERCROP
It’s on TONIGHT – Friday 13th February 2009

FRIDAY 13TH OF FEBRUARY ~ Start @ 7.30pm
Firstly we would like to say to everyone in Victoria affect by the fires that you are in our thoughts, our hearts, and our prayers. The tragic loss of life has been felt around the country, and the loss off homes and communities is overwhelming.

This Friday night is
Cybercrop night at Little Scrapbook Shop, and that means challenges, bingo, chat and prizes. But more importantly we will be holding silent auctions to raise money for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

We hope that you will all join us on Friday night and over the weekend as we celebrate love and help raise some money to get our fellow Australians back on their feet.

In a media release on Monday 9th February the managing director of Coles, Ian Mcleod announced that all profits from it’s 750 stores (nationally) on Friday 13th February 2009 will be donated to the Governments Bushfire Appeal Fund in partnership with the Red Cross.
Customers can also donate to the fund at any Coles stores.

Coles has been helping ground level relief agencies over the weekend, providing essential food such as, water and toiletries, and will continue to provide additional local support as needed.


It’s not just people affected by this disaster, but animals too as we have seen by those images of the burnt Koala’s.
I received an email this morning from Kellyville Pets and thought this was a way to help those animals. Here is what it said.
Bushfire Appeal – Animal Aid
We have made some enquires about how we can help, and luckily came into contact with Animal Aid in Coldstream Vic. They are in desperate need of all types of pet food, so we are donating by dry & canned stock. We will also be collecting both dry & canned dog/cat food in store. We will be collecting donations over the next week, and then shipping it off to the shelter.
If you’d prefer to donate to them directly, please visit their website

Kellyville Pets is located at:
106B Windsor Road

Thanks again everyone for taking the time to let us share with you these Bushfire appeals

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


ooooo ....... i forgot, I've been tagged by the lovely Maevan.
so here we go
*****Photo Memory Game****
Here are the RULES:
1.Go to where you store you pictures on your computer.
2.Go to the SIXTH folder and pick the SIXTH picture.
3.Post that picture on your blog along with a SHORT story about it.
4.You know the rest.
Tag SIX people and leave a comment on their blog or email then letting them know you chose them.
here's my pic
this was taken on the 2nd December 2008. i had started the whole photo a day thing for the month of December and considering it was only the 2nd i was doing pretty well.
Connor was having a multicultural lunch at school and had asked me to bake gingerbread. So i found the most adorable mini ginger bread man cutter and made about 70 of the little buggers, lol.
so i now need to tag................ i hate this part................ so if you haven't had this already, consider yourself TAGGED! enjoy

quote of the week..............

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.
~Author Unknown

Monday, 9 February 2009


ho hum.
i was so wanting to do a blog post today but i am feeling wiped, drained and sad in my heart. Every time i flick on the tv or radio even the computer, there is the news about the Vic fires and i feel so sad for all those people who have lost everything.

it is just so awful............
With all that sadness i didn't want to post bout all my good fortune as it just seems to be a bit of a slap in the face.

We got Shanice's birthday present last week and while we were there we got me a little surprise too................... my new baby. and i just LURVE her.
they said the weekend was going to be scorchingly hot, so in preparation we decided to spend the entire weekend in the house with all 3 air conditioners on, lol. but that wasn't exactly the case
Friday night after school was swimming lesson night. Nic rang me earlier in the day and said i HAD to bring my swimmers cause it's too bloody hot! So i did. I was a little scared as me and bathing suits don't really get along. It was so nice in the water.
After the kids lessons we went back to our house for a BBQ. The kids all played really well together and it was shame they had to go home, so next time we'll set a date so we can do it for longer.
Nic invited me back to her house for some scrapping with her and Sharon. I wasn't told that Pj's and slippers were a prerequisite! I did a layout which was good and went spent a lot of time out the back watching the storm and chatting.
Ant spent Saturday morning working when i got a phone call from Miss Trac to say that her new puter wasn't working and if Ant could talk her through it. Instead of talking we decided to go for a drive. the kids all played in the pool, Ant fixed the puter and me and Trac chatted. a great way to spend the afternoon.
I took my new baby to show her and took a few test shots too.
Not bad, saying i had no idea what i was doing, lol
Miss Fliss came home with us for a sleep over.
Sunday morning we decided to head out and look at camper trailers early before it got really hot. Ant had found a great one that we both really liked the day before, so now it was a matter of comparing.
By lunch time we got home just before the heat of day. Later on Trac cam back up to pick up Fliss and Mum and Mandy brought Connor home.
well out came the camera and i gave it a good christening with all the pics i took of Hunter. He's such a cute subject - he doesn't move much and doesn't whinge and complain about all the pics I'm taking, lol
having a little swim
having a bath
big smiles for Shanice
giving Aunty Love
well.................... after some thought and comparing we bought the 1st camper we saw today and we pick it up on Saturday. Can't wait. we'll hopefully test it out in a few weekends time.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


arrrrgggghhhhh................. i had my whole day planned out perfectly today! And it went totally pear shaped.
I dropped the kids at school which was fine, popped into woollies to get a few groceries and then came home which is when everything went ARGH!
I haven't been sleeping real well lately so i was a bit tired so i thought to myself i grab some breakie and sit and watch foxtel for half an hour before starting my list of things to achieve.
WELL................... i fell asleep on the lounge. slept through 2 house call, 2 mobile phone calls, 1 message and Animal Planet!There went my morning.
I got up all flustered to find an email from Mandy wanting me to put piccies of Hunter on her Facebook page. Bad Idea!!!!
I then got totally devoured by Facebook and it was 1pm before i surfaced, lol. I did get all of the pics loaded though and chatted to a friend.
Now i am sitting here writing this thinking to myself - you know what, i can do all of my jobs tomorrow!

Here are a few random piccies of some new yummy things.
How cute are these little guys
This is my pirate duck. I've had him for ages but he sits next to my new cupcakes so i took a pic of him too - blurry and all
2 new Pandora's
Last week Anthony came home with the ball with Mother of Pearl hearts. Just because he could! God love him.
And yesterday he left to go away for work till Friday. Connor is really struggling with his anxiety at the moment and it is taking all of my strength to get thru the days, and Anthony not being here to support me at the end of the day is even more difficult. So yesterday before he left he both me the "Faith, Hope and Charity" charm. and like he said 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
My hubby is getting romantic in is old age and I'm starting to like it.
Tomorrow Miss Trac is coming up for a vistit while the kidlets are all at school. I'm really looking forward to the chat with no distractions around, lol.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

makes me happy

i got so excited last night when i saw that it was the season return of Desperate Housewives, but over the moon and squealing in delight to next find out that this was back on....................
it makes me laugh. Denny is just too funny.
Not exactly sure i liked DH last night though. didn't like the whole fast forward 5 years thing........... but we'll wait and see

quote of the week............

Temper tantrums,
however fun they may be to throw,
rarely solve whatever problem is causing them.
~Lemony Snicket

Monday, 2 February 2009

my GORGEOUS nephew

well, i'm the aunty and i am NOt biased at all, but he is just divine!
I could kiss and cuddle him all day long - and i usually do, lol

theses are just a few piccies i took on saturday while i was giving him a bath.