Thursday, 27 March 2008

earth hour

i've just signed up to be part of EARTH HOUR
all you have to do is simply turn off your lights in your home for 1 hour to reduce your footprint on this earth. It is all happening at 8pm March 29 2008.
what a great thing to be part of, and it all started here in OZ and is now going global.
it doesn't take much, so go and register too.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

sick of being sick

that's right i'm sooooooo over being sick.
i have now had this horrible flu for a week and a half. I'm over it. i'm sick of coughing all night long in fits that make me throw up, not being able to hear properly, my sinus passages throbing, being constantly exhausted and wanting to fall asleep at the most inopportune time (like picking the kids up from school).
the only good thing that has come from me being sick, if there is anything positive, is that i have not given it to anyone else!

Friday, 21 March 2008

a sale and a comp.....

HAPPY EASTER! To celebrate the arrival of the Easter Bunny on Sunday, we have a special promotion for you.
From 7pm on 20/3/2008 until the Easter Bunny goes to bed on Sunday 23/3/2008 at 10pm Spend over $50 before postage and get a further 10% off.
Sale is storewide, including new releases and double ups.
Please Note: For Direct Debit, Money Order and Pick Up….payment must be received no later than 5pm Thursday 27/3/2008

Join us for our latest competition, Lucky, launching on St Patricks Day.
Your layout can be anything, with the theme of LUCKY. You must include the competition title in your page design, either as the title, or within your journalling or in an inspirational way, and the layout must contain a FOUR LEAF CLOVER!
If you need some paper or embellishments, be sure to check Rusty Pickles Lucky Range, which was designed with St Patricks Day in mind.Complete your entries and upload to the Gallery for this competition no later than 31st March 2008.Good Luck!

You'll find more details on this Easter sale and Lucky competition over at SCRAPLOOT

I'm off with the family for the Easter weekend which will be great. Have heaps to catch up on when i get back. Have a happy easter everyone

Friday, 14 March 2008


My baby turned 9 on wednesday!
she was so excited about turning 9 that she was up at 5am wanting to open her presents. she wanted a new bike as shanice had already outgrown 3 bikes. Anthony had taken her out 3 weeks ago to pick it and it has been waiting for this day before she could ride it.
shanice didn't think that she was getting anything else so she was over the moon to see a pile of presents waiting for her in the lounge room.
we bought her 2 beanie bears (her newest phase - thanks kaitlyn!), 2 new fairy novels, a hannah montana outfit, bratz winter py's and everybody gets new underwear, so shanice got new bratz boy leg undies and a bratz singlet! Spoilt lil' bebe!!!

i was up the night before at 11.30pm making mini donuts for all her friends in her class. silly me forgot to make them during the day. i must have gotten carried away cleaning the house, lol.
That night we headed up to Spurs for dinner - shanice's choice. the hole family came which was great, me, anthony, connor, mum, mandy, pat (m-i-l), micheal (f-i-l), tricia (s-i-l), tom and chris. i think the restaurant staff knew that we where a noisy bunch so they stuck us over the side of the restaurant where no one else was, lol. It turned out to be a late night for the kids, especially being a school night but it was a great day.

today i have been to school because connor had his classes assembly. connor was asked at the start of the week to write the opening prayer for the assembly. that was such an honour for him and he did such a wonderful job, i had a little proud mum moment.
they also had the World Greatest shave at school today. the kids had to raise a minimum of $5 each to be able to participate in colouring their hair with coloured hair spray, both shanice and connor raised $9 each. The school also had to raise different levels of $$$ in order for members of staff to shave or colour their hair. well, they did it and about 9 staff had too including the school principal and deputy. the kids got let out early before lunch so they could go and watch!!! i just think that this such a great cause for the kids to participate in.

as you've guessed still no photos, so that means, you guessed it, still no puter. it's off at scott's getting fixed. turned out there was another virus on it that got in 6 months ago thru the anti-virus software, so these programs aren't that great after all. anyways i'm hoping that i should have it back early next week - yay!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

still room

here's a little shameless plug, lol
If you are interested in coming along to a great scrapbooking weekend away with an awesome group of ladies who just want to have a good laugh and scrap till they drop, then we have the perfect weekend for you.
It's only 3 short weeks away too!!! on the weekend of the 3rd to the 6th april 2008 at castlereagh academy, castlereagh (near penrith, western sydney, nsw). the cost of the 3 night stay is only $210 and a 2 night stay is $160.
we have only 7 spots left available. which is a whole cabin for you and your friends.
We'd love to completely fill this retreat, because we strongly believe in the saying "The more the merrier"!!!
check out the website or email us at

Monday, 10 March 2008

still no puter

which means i can't share any photos!!!!
I'm stuck using the laptop which is fine, but it's so annoying no being able to read emails properly thru optusnet and not thru outlook and not being able to attach files cause they are on the pc's hard drive.
Yesterday we went to the Reptil park at Gosford for shanice's 9th birthday. As she was turning 9 we decided that she couldn't have a big birthday party with all her friends but we'll go out for the day, her choice of venue, with family and Aunty Dal of course (Dal and stu are shanice and Connor's godparents). then on her birthday on Wednesday we'll go out for dinner and then when all the kids movies start at Easter i'll take her and 2 friends to the movies as her friends birthday treat. She has decided that she wants to go and see hannah monatah!
anyways, the reptile park was fantastic. we had great weather and everyone had a lovely time. whenever we go we see a different show that we haven't seen before and this time round we saw the aligator feeding and the tassie devil show. the kids loved it.
both connor and shanice love going in to see the reptiles too, which has taken us sooooooo long to get them to go inside the croc's mouth, they find it too scary, but this time we couldn't keep them out!
cant wait to show photos!!!
hopefully, fingers crossed, our it guy will come out and fix it this week, cause we had no luck with it over the weekend - grrrrr!!!!

Friday, 7 March 2008

bloody virus

i am soooooooo not a happy camper this morning. and if some of you are easily offended by profanities then i suggest you stop reading now cause i might get on a roll!!!!!
last night i typed a blog entry about connor's swimming carnival and posted it. about 20 minutes later i had a message!!! strange, didn't think that many people read my blog, lol. so i read the comment and it was a link and i immediately thought HACKER/VIRUS/ DELETE!!!! yep, but cause i was tired and was thinking i went to click on what i thought was the delete button and i hadn't moved the mouse enough and was the link CRAP!!!!!!!
so i infected my pc with a nasty horrible virus that i may need to completely destroy my hard drive to get rid of it. Bloody arseholes that have nothing better to do than to stalk me! WHY?
why is at the moment that my scrap girls website is getting hit, my blog is getting hit, seriously is there someone out there that hates me that much? what the hell have i done in this lifetime or a past one to deserve this?
GRRRRRR it's soooooooo F$#&@!* frustrating.
I've now deleted the comment off my blog, so you guys are at least safe from it and i've put my comments so they need to be approved first too.
well that wasn't too bad, i didn't swear too much, lol

Thursday, 6 March 2008

a swimming carnival

today was Connor's swimming carnival.
K-2 get there own special one a few weeks after the rest of the school. It's all about having fun with no serious races going on only novelty events so all the kids can have a go.
it was a gorgeous day today too, which was great. connor swam, well, slowly because he didn't want to get out of pool, lol

Monday, 3 March 2008

family fun day

yesterday was family fun day in the sheppard-morris household
with anothony's new job he works away from home a couple of weeks a month - last week he was away 3 days and this week 4. so we made an effort to put aside one day on the weekend so we could go out and spend it together rather than doing stuff around the house.
family FUN day is always a challenge, lol, someone either gets hurt or ends up whinging! and yes we did have our fair share of dramas but looking back i dont remember them already and i just remember the laughter which is was all about.
it was anthony's idea to go out for the day and that is where it stops for him. i then have to decide where we go, what time we leave, what's for lunch, what toys to pack, which route we take there, lol, grrrrr...... by this stage i'm going nuts! i want it to be relaxing for me too and maybe not make all the decisions.
so anyways, we headed down to Crosslands which is near Hornsby Heights, right on the Berowra Creek. we used to go there all the time when we were kids. it's got huge level playing areas, bbq's, picnic tables and bushwalks and it was really, really nice.
mum came down and met us there and we had some lunch while the kids played in the playground. Anthony brought along what i thought was just the cricket set but turned into the big bag of outdoor games(soccor, volleyball, cricket, badmington and stuff). the kids had a ball playing with dad and chasing him was the best part.
shanice and connor got very brave and asked to go for across the park to walk on the logs. they were about 700m away, i could still see them. they stayed together which i was in shock about and didn't fight!
some excitment happened too!!!! 2 police cars showed up and roped off an area in the bush. we think someone must have found something during clean up australia. a forensic copper showed up too. dont know what they found but the kids thought it was great.
we went to a walk along the boardwalk after lunch. the kids found a vine and mum showed them how to swing off it so we all had a go. bloody anthony thought it would be hillarious to video me swing on it!

so that was family fun day.