Friday, 26 September 2008

suitcase....... check

clothes............................................................... check
swimmers......................................................... check
sunblock .......................................................... check
small supply of scrapping goodies.........................check
a good book .................................................... check

the kids and i are all packed ready for our weeks holiday with mum and mandy at boomerang beach. we leave first thing tomorrow morning and we are all excited.
anthony is staying home as someone has to be the bread winner of the family, lol. no really mandy wanted us to go away as a family before she has the baby and i didn't think anthony would really want to be around all us woman for a whole week!

so until i get back.... i hope you all have a lovely first week of the school holidays

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


i'm somewhere under this massive pile of paperwork piled on my gorgeously massive computer desk.

a while ago i resigned from my job at the video shop, and so i dont get "BORED" at home for 5 days anthony volunteered my services to be the bookkeeper of Sheppard-Morris Construction Services.
While Michael has been over in Wales i have been given the books to get the BAS all in order for when michael gets back on sunday.well anthony only gave me the computer yesterday.
so today i found myself lost under a massive pile of recipts and bills and trying to get my head around the way michael does everything cause i wasn't shown before he left.
let's just say it's been fun, lol. and there is still more to do tomorrow!
these arrived on monday..... just a bit of light reading
i've just had time to flick, but they both look fantastic

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

quote of the week..............

in celebration of our Scrap Girls "Girls Night In" THINK PINK event, this weeks quote is all about having strength while suffering the most vile of diseases.

Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.
~Emory Austin

Monday, 22 September 2008

look what i found.............

connor decided to sleep at the other end of his bed last night cause when it was bed time found a small house spider up near his pillow. he must reckon it's safer at the other end!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

a WINNER and a weekend full of scrapping goodness

firstly...................... a WINNER
with all the dramas with sick kids last week i totally forgot to drawer a winner of my 300th post RAK.
So, without further ado. i have dragged conner out of bed to stick his hand in the bucket to draw me a winner........ and here is the comment he picked

Helloooooo! I read your blog too and love it! Kathryn X

CONGRATS Kathryn. shoot me a quick email with your postal addy and will had your goodies in the post asap.
thanks to EVERYONE who left me a comment too :)
On friday we left for the farm for a weekend of scrapping goodness. Back in May Tracy, sherri, Chantelle and myself went away for the whole weekend scrapping to our little hearts content - Well it was time to do it all again.
we didnt want to spend a fortune, so my in-laws kindly offered use of the farm for the weekend. It was a glorious weekend weather wise. The sun was shining, beautiful blue sky with no cloud in sight and there was a cool breeze - just perfect.
These girls are just the best! We laughed so heard we cried, chatted non-stop and did a tad bit of scrapping too.
I feel so myself when around them, and i love it. on several occasional i broke out in song at the top of my lungs and i didnt feel embarrassed or anything cause the next thing i know they are joining in- it's GREAT!!!!
i so cant wait for the next getaway1
cause we were at the farm my kids, hubby and the 2 dogs came, and tracy brought fliss and alistair. the kids really enjoyed the company too.
here are a few pics from the weekend................
all the scrapping goodness being poured all over the table - look at the view out the window!
monsters - need i say more
a little bit of an inconvenience! we arrived to the neighbour shouting over the fence that the wind storm earlier in the week had ripped off the side of the shed - here's the proof!
it took a few hours to clean up the mess.
anthony will have to set about re-building in a few weekends time when his dad gets back from Wales.
as i think i mentioned last week i have started an album on the Scrap Girls retreats. well i did 8 pages over the weekend which is the all the pics from the very first retreat we did. i was really pleased with the result and i'm now looking forward to doing the next lot of pics.......
just need the scrap the group photo for this retreat and it's complete!
i need that silhouette program though.............................. any ideas of where i can get it from?
and here is the 1st layout from the 2nd retreat

Thursday, 18 September 2008


it has become apparent that the sheppard-morris household does NOT have enough gaming consoles that we had to acquire another for the collection.
we already have a playstation 3, 2 x ps2's, 2 x psp's, 2 psone's and nintendo ds. isn't that enough?
but you can't get the wii fit on any of those and that was anthony's reasoning.
we got a really good deal, so i suppose that's ok!

btw - i LOVE the wii fit. i've been on it for about 1.5hours already. totally worth getting.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

kylie & DM dont mix!

aka Dimensional Magic
i had a bit of disaster with dm last week while creating. all was going great guns, i'd stuck everything down and was pleased with it was all coming together. i then dm'ed all the circles and set aside to dry. i came back - obviously TOO SOON and had my fumble hands on......
i dropped the packet of Kaiser rhinestones on top of 3 of the drying circles which were so tacky it was ridiculous and when i pulled the packet off, half the dm came with it. it was like sticky toffee!
so i re-dm'ed.
then i went to do the title and low and behold........ i dropped a sticker letter in one the circles AGAIN!!!!! so i have to re-re apply!

AND guess what?
If i have just pronounced to the world what had happened, you wouldn't even notice cause you cant see it, lol

let me just put it out there that i really dont like how my scanner scans! it doesn't give a true picture even after i play with it in CS3.

atm the moment i'm merrily working on a 6x12 album of all my Scrap Girls retreats. I'm starting at the beginning and i'm loving it! i've only done 3 pages so far, lol. but all the background cardstock is cut and in the American Crafts Album ready to go. It's been fun looking back at all the photos.

A question................
how do you scrap people that have been friends with that you no longer talk with?
i really want to include them because i feel no bitterness and they were a huge part of my life at the time. but i am finding that my feelings are still so raw, and i still cry a lot about it.
Do i include them now, do i include them later OR do i leave it altogether???
tricky decision

Another question............
does anyone where i can get a program that silhouettes the group photos and numbers all the people so i can then know exactly who everyone is????
does that make sense, lol

well..... Connor is still at home with me after 3 days of having tonsillitis - poor bugger! he is so resilient, even though he is quiet happy if he does too much it wipes him out for hours. and he has been sleeping SO much. i had to quickly duck into Target this morning to pay some money off my xmas layby and as a treat i got him some new Agents Lego, so he is busy being quiet building that while watching Ruby Gloom - love Ruby Gloom!!!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

weekend roundup

we certainly had a busy, busy weekend as usual.

Friday saw Anthony go down the farm (mini stuff) and Connor go for a sleep over at a friends house. So that only left all the girls at home alone - me, shanice and the 2 dogs.
we had a lazy pizza for dinner as i wasn't in the mood for cooking plus shanice and i are big pizza lovers. we watched movies all night and had a typical girly night.
saturday was the kids school fete. what a glorious day! it was stinking hot - summer came far too early me thinks.
i bought the kids wrist bands that week so they could go on unlimited rides - what a fantastic idea! i didn't see the kids all day they just kept running off and had a ball. Tracy came up for the day too with her two munchkins. they all had so much fun. Mum and Mandy came along for the day too, which was great. That blue baby still wont kick his aunty though!!!
trac and i decided to watch the auctions to see if we could grab a few bargains and silly us were standing right in the harsh sun and we got a little sun burnt! well we put hats and suncream on the kids just not us.
after the fete we came back home to have some dinner, we were all so wore out! i think it was the sun personally, lol

shanice on the fling swings

they had this really cool vw bug all done up in BUTTONS. someone has far too much time on their hands :)
out of the sun paint plaster moulds. look at their hot little faces - bless 'em
AND....... for those asking here is the 28 week baby bump! how cute it that.
that little rascal of a blue baby wont kick his aunty no matter how much razzing up i do.
Sunday was a "work around the house day"! gotta love those. i know we did, and it was only 2 days ago but i cant remember what exactly we did do around the house - must have been good!
before i go and watch All Saints...... i must wish MISS TRACY a very, very Happy Birthday.
i hope you get totally spoilt rotten luvie and see you on friday ready for a full on weekend of scrapping with the girls - YAY!

quote of the week...........

Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels.
But their magic sparkles in nature.
~Lynn Holland

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Milestones & a RAK

this week i realised 2 things
  1. I posted my 300th post (on tuesday)
  2. that on Saturday 13th September i have been blogging for 3 years

So in order to celebrate my 2 little milestones i'm going to give away a little RAK - yay!!!!!

Leave me a comment (because i need to know that i'm not crazy and am not the only one reading my own blog, lol) and in a weeks time, next thursday, i will get Shanice or Connor to draw me a winner.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Tracy and i will never be allowed out to play together ever AGAIN!!!!
look what we both did today................

you probably can't tell by that picture....... but it's PINK!
while sitting over a beautiful lunch, tracy pipes up and says' "We such get our noses pierced!". well i'm up for it, lol. so off we trot down to the jewellery shop and get our noses pierced.
Hubby hung up on me when i told him, lol
well...... at least i can take it out when my mid life crisis is over :)
thanks trac for leading me astray today - not as though you had to do much convincing

quote of the week......

Growing old is mandatory;
growing up is optional.
~Chili Davis

Monday, 8 September 2008

happy, happy birthday


i am the luckiest girl in the world to be born on the best mum in the world birthday. Love you mum with my whole heart xoxoxo
my mum is the most kindest, generous, bravest, compassionate, loving, strongest, sweetest, most beautifulest person i know. and i am so proud to call her my mum.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

fathers day

well our year of firsts has almost come to an end......
i knew fathers day would be the worst and as it turned out this year mine and mum's birthday happens to fall the very next day after father's day - not good timing, but i suppose it's gets it over and done with quickly. earlier this morning i felt quite sad and lost and had a few moments when i just couldn't stop the tears, but i got there. god, i miss dad.
I know that i should have made more of an effort for Anthony but he understood that i couldn't, not this year. the kids loved the day and made him special gifts and handmade cards with lollies and the best of the best pressies - the ones they picked out from themselves at the fathers day stall at school.
to try and make it easier for me today we carried on as a normal day. we did the grocery shopping, mucked around in the garden and did other household jobs. Anthony played cricket out the front with the kids for over an hour which they thought was the bees knees.
we headed off to the Alroy for dinner with mum and mandy, which was just lovely (i got totally spoilt for my bday, but more of that tomorrow)

during our "normal" fathers day this afternoon shanice and i made choc chip muffins. all i did was pop them in and out of the oven, shanice did the rest. and while i was having a nanna nap on the lounge shanice grabbed my camera and took about 20 happy snaps of connor and other stuff around the house, lol. here's proof

last night anthony took the kids to see the monster trucks at acer arena. they had a ball. connor just loved every moment of it..... and anthony is a big kid at heart, lol. shanice loved it too :)

Thursday, 4 September 2008


* shanice still isn't that well. although she seems fine each day after school this week she has come straight home and fallen asleep almost straight after getting changed out of her school uniform. poor bugger..... it's really knocking her for six

* it's not often that i look forward to my actual birthday BUT..... not only have i been extremly spoilt BUT OMG the new 90210 starts on my birthday. i'm such a tragic, lol

* i had a lovely suprise today..... Tracy came up for a visit. we sat around and chatted for a few hours while the kids where ay school. we had lots to discuss and plan :)

* it took me 3 days to complete this layout this week, very sad i know. but i'd work on it for half hour and then walk away and come back to it the next day. i'm liking it cause there are no embellishments on it - only paper

* Maevan sent me thru this email the other week and i have to share it.........
To all the powerful women in my life
Live your life in such a way
that when your fee
thit the floor in the morning,
Satan shudders and says:

'Oh Shit - she's awake!!!'

lol how true

* my kids are loving Ruby Gloom at the minute. and i just love her cause she's cute and would make a great tattoo

here is the opening scene from her cartoon - too cute!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

quote of the week

Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.
~Author Unknown

Monday, 1 September 2008

love notes and lots of random stuff

fistly i need to share what my gorgeous monkey man made for me

on friday night i was working at the computer and shanice was so sick she didn't want to leave my side so we pulled up the other computer chair and she did some drawings while sitting next to me. GOD!!! i love having such a huge desk now, the kids can be with me and there is plenty of room.
anyways, when shanice went to bed, connor thought it was his turn. so he grabbed my decorative scissors and bic pastel markers and wrote this lovely little note for my computer desk. it's so cute.
i'm surrounded by little love notes from my kids. i just cant bare to throw them away.

this weekend was HUGE to say the least. it was so busy i even have to have a nanna nap yesterday afternoon, lol. lets start with friday, shall we.......
  • the desinger for the reno's came over ( a day early) to show us the plans and OMG they are fan-bloody-tastic. BUT the price wasn't so great. now we could afford it no problems it's just cause of the area we live in we'd never ever get the return, which is a shame :( so back to drawing board we go and we are going to look at houses, ropes crossing and building from scratch.
  • friday night i got the cutest little love notes as i have already mentioned - so chuffed, lol
  • saturday morning we got up early and headed to Ropes Crossing to see what house and land packages they had available. it has the most lovely community feel. we only had the time to look at one home cause i had to get home to go out at 11am
  • Natasha's baby shower. shanice came with me as she didn't want me to leave her. it was a lovely couple of hours playing silly baby shower games and such like. tash's mum and sister and so nice and we will see them soon when we go up to foster in the september school hols
  • i raced home cause we had another bright idea! the house behind Tracy's has been up for sale for ages and i keep telling anthony about it, well we went to check it out. actually i went down with the kids, lol. it's on 1 acre which is great and has a pool and trac is right next door, lol. we alreay have started to make grand plans - typical.
  • we stayed for dinner which is a given and cause we didnt get down till late it was almost 10pm before we left to come home. it was a really great afternoon
  • i got to drive my baby all the way down to Bargo and back and i loved every minute of it. even with connor yabbering all the way down and most of the way back :)
  • shanice slept everytime we got in the car. poor bebe, she's so not well
  • sleep in sunday - or so i thought! i had to get up cause Big W was calling. we needed to get a birthday and father's day present for Michael before we went out for lunch
  • the Alroy was packed! we managed to score the last table for lunch. we all ate so much that i had to put the roast back in the fridge for monday nights dinner instead.
  • back to the shops on the way home to get the basics for school lunches
  • and then home for my nanna nap, which i was in desperate need of. i think of almost one whole week of shanice being so ill was very draining on me
  • i watched that aussie movie Scorched while doing the ironing too last night. i loved it! i loved that Georgie Parker played the baddie. the website has heaps and heaps of extra stuff too.
  • the bloody dogs wreaked the laundry door so it wont close now so last night was the first night they slept outside ALL NIGHT - i feel so mean
  • shanice has gone to school today....... and i am on tender hooks that the phone will ringand i'll have to go and get her
  • i have photographed the kits for a class we are holding at the October Back 2 Basics CROPFEST!!!!! yay - i'm so excited about it.
  • my order from Anna's Craft Cupboard arrived at 7.30am this morning. a yummy pizza box containing new Scenic route "surpize" pps, all the new pink paisley pp's, 2 of the new kaiser stamps sets AND........... my fiskars threading water punch which i have been waiting at least 3 months to become available. i'm doing a happy dance right now.

so there's all my randomness, lol. ad now i can go and do some housework