Tuesday, 20 December 2005

all about today

There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get anything done.
I still have 2 boxes of bills and receipts sitting on my bedroom floor waiting to be filed and put away, and then when I've organised all that junk it then needs to be sorted again to go in the filing cabinet which is just a nightmare in it's self. No wonder I forget to pay the bills lately.
I was working both yesterday and today. Just the normal, mundane video shop stuff. I was supposed to go to my work Christmas party tonight but the thought of driving an hour back to work just wasn't worth the effort when I could be doing nothing with my kids at home.
I did call into our local blockbuster and hire the Ice Princess that came out yesterday. I thought it would be a lovely little movie for me and Shanice to watch together. It has been so long since the two of us has done that, I really enjoyed spending that time with her. A few weeks back I did take her ice skating with guides and she just loved it. No doubt now she'll want to ice skate. God love her.
I was so funny at the end of the film it was a little bit emotional, I knew I'd cry, but when I looked at Shanice her eyes were welled up with tears and she said to me that she doesn't understand why she has tears. Of course that made mine flow like a river. Like mother, like daughter.

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