Sunday, 29 March 2009

zac power and other random stuff.......

lets start on friday........
i always have coffee with the mums from school every friday morning. there is about 6-12 of us that get to together. so on friday for something a little bit different i organised for us to have an Enjo party. It was great......... we bought some great cleaning goodies, cleaned part of my house and chatted till it was almost time to pick up the kids. Next we are going to a tupperware party!

so to get ready for our party morning i spent all of Thursday baking up a storm. I cooked Hot cross bun cookies, banana bread muffins and choc cherry bliss bomb cookies. the best thing about making all those yummies was that i really enjoyed doing it! Plus they tasted really great.

saturday turned out to be a super busy day. i met mum and mandy for coffee at stanhope gardens because i was having withdrawls and desperately needed aunty love from Hunter. while we where out i got some great ideas for Easter presents too.

next we headed across to Parklea markets so i could pick up 3 frames that were on order. Anthony got his Italian job painting framed that Deanne painted him fro Christmas done and it looks fabulous. And i got a 3 photos of the kids and hunter framed.

by lunch time me and kids were on our way down the farm, but i had to stop in to tracy's on the way. my half an hour stop turned into almost 2 hours - sorry trac.

we did make it down the farm before the pub run.............

Anthony thought it would be good fun to mix my drinks and after 6 drinks he reckons i was getting really funny! well it wasn't funny this morning when i woke with a killer headache - but no hangover thank god!

i took Pat into Golburn to do a bit of shopping for Easter. Shanice came with us and got totally spoilt rotten, Connor had decided to stay back at the farm to play golf.

getting on to the Zac Power part of my post..................... i bought connor 2 of the new zac power books he hadn't got yesterday. on the way down the farm he read one whole book and started the second. i picked up the third book today that he was missing and on the way home he started that one and finished it and then went onto almost finish the second book he started yesterday. That boy certainly loves his Zac Power. And he reads just like his dad!

Shanice got a new book too "Tweenie Genie". she's so gorgeous, because she is severely dyslexic she really struggles but tries so hard. Half way thru the drive home today Ant wanted to sleep so i took over driving and Shanice asked if she could read to me which i just love. Every time she got stuck on a work she's lean across to Connor and he'd tell her what it was. Just too cute!

well, i've come home and gone grocery shopping, unpacked everyone's stuff, ironed, cooked dinner and then i made a cake for Shanice's best friends sisters 3rd birthday tomorrow. I volunteered to try out my giant cupcake cake tin i got for Christmas. I cant wait to finish it tomorrow and take photos - god i hope it turns out as well as i hope!

Friday, 27 March 2009

FUN with a capital "F"

I had THE most fabulous time last weekend at the retreat.
It was so much fun and just hilarious!
All the ladies were lovely and it was so great to meet some new scrappers and see old friends again. You could say it was a tad bit wild and did get up to some really funny shenanigans, lol
Having that extra day away makes the whole weekend so much more relaxing and i dont feel as rushed.
From the feedback i received i'm pretty sure absolutely everyone had just as good a time as me :)
Can i just make mention that BELLE is the most wonderful cook! all the meals were so yummy i want her to move into my house and cook for me full time.
Thanks to Miss Trac - cause she's just great and i love her to bits
And thanks to Miss Nic and Miss Cath for doing an awesome job of bringing such a massive shop with them and tempting me too much.

here are just a few of the 200 odd picture i took last weekend.

the group shot
all dressed in our best for the "Pink Pyjama Party"

our weekend challenge winners

trailer trash, lol

coming out of the bushes

cheeky girls

stacks on!


who's got sexy legs? lol

Now over the 4days and 3 nights i managed to scrap a whole 3 layouts, lol. i was extremely chuffed with my effort.
Earlier this week i went to scan my layouts, but my scanner has completely shit itself and now wont turn on at all, so piccies of the creations will have to wait for another time

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

growing up.........

so much has gone on in the past week that i just dont know where to start, so i'm just not going to do the whole blow by blow account of our week :)
instead i'm going to post about my beautiful bebe

Miss Shanice turned 10 last thursday. turning double digits was a BIG deal and needed a special celebration. She opted for a laptop as her present which meant she couldn't have a big party just a few friends to sleep over and lunch out with family and close family friends.
She had the best time

opening presents

the sleepover kaos

shanice, adelaide and brittney

the birthday cupcake and balloon topiary

blowing out the candles

just being shanice

my gorgeous little stunner

i've come to realise in the passing week that i no longer have my little girl anymore, she has grown up and become a tween. where has the time gone?
this week we have had a few significant growing up moments............
* Shanice turned 10
* she slept at her friends house and came home with a tattoo (it's a henna tattoo, but i reckon the day will come that she will try and sneak in with a real one - and who are we to judge as parents with many tattoos!)
* she got her hair cut. not huge but she told Rose the hairdresser exactly how she wanted it and i didn't interfere
* she got her eyebrows waxed - i know............... but both Anthony and i have a problem with the mono brow thing and both the kids inherited it, and shanice was being teased at school for it. Now they didn't shape them just waxed between them :)
* shanice has gone on her first school camp today for 3 days and 2 nights
now you can understand why i'm feeling a little lost.

Here are some pics that i took of her this morning.
looking not so impressed that i'm harassing for photos, but here is the new hair and new "2" eyebrows
being buggers
waving to me from inside the bus
bye my big girl. have an awesome time

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

under the weather

i think i might have picked up the bug the kids had over the weekend. i woke this morning feeling like i'd been hit by a bus.
my ears are ringing, my head is thumping, my throat is sore, my sinus is sore and i just feel like crap! i've taken tablets as soon as i got up and about but they haven't helped and of course today is my crazy day. i just want to curl up and sleep, but time waits for no man, so they say.
i have to:
* bind 42 booklets ready for next weekend
* write up 2 lots of class instructions
* send out another newsletter because i forgot half of the info yesterday
* do my father in laws accounts for the past 3 months
* do my own accounts
* make 40 huney jumbles for shanice's birthday tomorrow to take to school
* cook dinner before school get out
* take shanice to her after school lesson
* take shanice swimming
* get connor ready for karate

I'm exhausted thinking about it all and i dont think half of it is going to get done!

today is shanice's last day being in single digits - tomorrow my baby turns 10!
I'm so excited for her, it's going to be the best day. better make sure the camera's battery is fully charged

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

a movie and a proud mummy moment

Anthony haven't been to the movies together in ages. So last night we arranged to have the kids looked after by Grandma and Grandpa and we went and saw this.................

OMG!!!!! there is 3 hours of my life i will never get back!
After it finished i turned to Ant and said the best part of that was the soundtrack and the posters outside. It was awful, and even Anthony agreed.
So if you are thinking of spending your $15.50 to go and see Watchmen - DONT....... it's utter CRAP

here is the best part from the film................ The MCR song that plays during the credits

not being biased, but MCR are my favourite band in the entire world, lol

I have a rather proud mummy moment of friday. not one but both of my gorgeous children got awards at the school weekly assembly. i'm so proud of them

quote of the week...................

Words have the power to both destroy and heal.
When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.
- Buddhist Proverb

Sunday, 8 March 2009

"hot" hair & camping goodness

on Friday's after dropping the kids at school i always catch up with the mums from school at Gloria Jeans and have coffee. Fridays has now become my day!
last Friday was no different except we had to leave coffee early because at 10am three of us were getting our hair done.
a few years back i got red foils put in, they were lovely but weren't as fiery as i hoped. well.......... i got them again and they are perfect. i love them. as Sam was blow drying my hair i sat there with this mammoth grin on my face - i looked like the Cheshire cat!
i rang Anthony straight after leaving the salon and explained my hair as "hot hair"
this is the new look........ and i LURVE it

Friday afternoon we headed up to soldiers point for our weekend away of testing out the camper.
we had a fabulous time and tomorrow morning we are booking in again for another couple of weekends there.
the park is on the tip of soldiers point and has it's own beach. around the corner is a boat ramp and next door is the yacht club and coffee shop. the park had heaps of cabins on the hill and the powered site were all by the water all under shade. there was a massive pool just perfect for all aged kids.
we sat around the camper Friday night after a few funny moments putting it up for the first time. we forgot to unzip the annex awing before winding the camper up all the way, so i had to put Anthony on my shoulders so he could unzip it! shanice took photos on her camera!
Saturday morning we woke to Connor coughing and he had a nasty throat - i thought was tonsillitis! GREAT!!!! mum, mandy and hunter arrived for the day at about 11am - just in time for coffee and ice cream. i needed to catch up on a weeks worth of aunty love.
trac and the kids arrived just after lunch. the kids were in their element! off at the pool then down at the beach and scooting around the park on their scooters and bikes.
connor was getting worse so we found out where to take him to see a doctor - nelson bay hospital was the only place available. and there we sat for nearly 1.5 hours for the doctor to see him for less than 30 seconds. no antibiotics yet - just panadol! great, i could have done that and saved the drive. but better off knowing than not!
we got some fabulous shots down by the beach at sunset.

this morning we rose to start packing up and come home.
we cant wait to go back up there again. next time we are getting a cabin for mum and mandy and are going to talk anthony's mum and dad into coming with us too. maybe next coffee friday i can talk the other mums from school to coming too.
here are a few of the piccies i took.........................

our camper - for some reason it looks very small here, lol

3 cheeky monkeys laying on the bed

putting up Trac's tent

scooting is not just for the kids apparently!

the beach

swimming - more like posing at the beach

mum and the grandkids

the 3 cousins

shanice - because she ASKED for me to take her photo

the 4 kids - felicity, shancie. alastair and connor

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Scrap Girls teacher WANTED......

Early today i posted on the Scrap Girls that we are looking for a Scrap Girls teacher to share with us their own unique style at future scrapbooking retreats.
Go here to find out more - SCRAP GIRLS BLOG

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


we have booked to finally christen the camper this weekend.
we couldn't go away last weekend cause Ant's asthma was really bad, so we are headed up to Soldier's Point at Port Stephens this weekend.
it's going to be weird going back up to that neck of the woods again. Anthony and i haven't been back up there since we lived up there before we had Shanice.
Hopefully, with fingers and toes crossed, Trac and the kids will come up too! It would be so much fun.
Mandy and Mum and Hunter of course are coming up for the day on Saturday too.

YAY!!!!! so looking forward to the time away

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

quote of the week.........

There is one friend in the life of each of us who seems not a separate person, however dear and beloved, but an expansion, an interpretation, of one's self, the very meaning of one's soul.
~Edith Wharton

Sunday, 1 March 2009

play day & sleepovers

Yesterday, being Saturday, turned out to be a rather eventful day here at the sheppard-morris house.
Shanice went with Anthony down to Plumpton to pick up her new glasses.
she looks so grown up in them and they are just HER! her two favourite colours - Black & Red

Shanice had been invited over to her Bestie's house for a sleepover as they were going down to Canberra today for the day.
so i dropped her off around 11am before heading down to Tracy's for a play day and a good ol' fashioned "Cheer Up" day :) felt weird going to Trac's with only one child in tow.
the boys and fliss had a great day playing every electronic game they could get their hands on.
fliss came to the shops with us and helped me spend a fortune in the junk shop.
Trac needed some encouraging to drag out some scrapping stuff - well, not that much. We both made some cards. mine were for the LSBS 52 Pick Up challenges and trac's card is for a class for the Scrap Girls March retreat.
We did a bunch of chatting and laughing which is completely normal for us.

While making our cards, Fliss sat on the kitchen bench and made some Strawberry Baby Cakes all by herself. When it came to icing them Connor just had to help - and lick the spoon.

I mentioned to Trac after dinner that i could so go a Macca's chocolate super sundae. So trac made us an even better one
It was to DIE FOR!!!!!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..........................

Early this week i decided to join the LSBS 52 pick up challenge. I had been lurking since the start and umming and arrring, so i bit the bullet and just said YES!
i love the fact that it's all about using up old stash........ not about the latest and greatest.
I started with Challenge #7 to create a journal to keep all the challenges in and a picture of our finished creations.
This is mine.