Wednesday, 31 May 2006

30th Layout

If I remember rightly, my goal this year was to complete 50 layouts......... well, I've just finished my 30th. I pretty proud of that accomplishment. I honestly didn't think I'd get this far.
I know I've done some layouts that aren't finished - YET! so I didn't count those ones.

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

you know those GRRRR!!!! moments

Well, I had one of those this morning.
You see a few months I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Shanice Taylor, I purchase a pair of sensible Colorado winter shoes. The style hasn't changed much in the past 7 years which was great. These were my work shoes. Because of workcover I had to wear black leather covered in shoes to work. This was fine and my 7 year old Colorado's were certainly getting there moneys worth. Up until 2 weeks ago when they finally went and I had to throw my beloved winter shoes in the garbage.
That's the background of it all........
Today I went on a quest in search of the perfect winter shoe. Do you think I could find what I wanted......... NO! So I got the shits and came home. That was 3 hours wasted when I could have been home doing something more productive.

Monday, 29 May 2006

lady of leisure......

Today was my first day at home as a "Stay At Home Mum". That sounds so funny, cause both my kids are now at big school, lol. I rushed around today, because that what I normally do on mondays so the house is ready for tomorrow when I'm normally at work, but I at lunch time I realised that I don;t need to as I've got all day tomorrow to do some more, and Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday. It feels so strange. I've never NOT worked. I worked right up to 2 weeks before having both of my children and then went back after 4 months at home with them.
SO....... what to sahm's do?
I'm sure I'll find ways to fill my days with scrapping and cleaning and working on Scrap Girls.
So today, I finished this. I'm so productive, lol.

Shanice and I went on our Girl Guide camp on the weekend. I'm now stuffed and I don;t think I want to go on another one for a long, long time. I think a group of 50 scrappers is easier to deal with than 7 screaming girls aged 7-10. In the end I guess we had a good time, I know the girls did and that's the main thing.

Friday, 26 May 2006

off again

Well, wish me luck I'm off in about 20 minutes to my first Girl Guide camp (Brownies as I used to know it as) since I was a kid.
That's 2 whole days and 2 nights with screaming 7-9 year old girls.
I've packed a bottle of wine just in case, lol. I think I might be needing it.

Friday, 19 May 2006

a fat lip, complete with photos

OH DEAR!!!!!!! My poor monkey man

Shanice was sent home from school yesterday as she had a really nasty cough. So I decided to keep her at home again today, just in case. She this morning I went up to the office (it's on the 2nd floor) to let the receptionist know to tell Ms Walker, shanice's teacher. Great all done, now lets get Connor to class.

He managed to walk down the first set of stair, he rounded the corner and then went down, face first down the whole set of concrete stair. I was almost in tears as I bolted down and scooped him up and run back up the stairs to the office. By that stage one side of my jacket was completely covered in blood and so was his school shirt.

He was so brave! He did an awful lot of crying,but it hurt and was such a shock. The office ladies fixed him up and gave him a new shirt to wear then asked if he's like to go home with mum - "No I want to go to school" was Connor's quick reaction.

I walked him to class about 15 minutes late and explained what had happened to Mrs McLeod. And off he went, happy as larry.

As soon as he came home I snapped these photo's. This is nothing compared to this morning.

Another adventure in the Sheppard-Morris house.

The kids have now gone to Grandma's & Grandpa's for a sleepover because Ant and I were suppose to go out with some friends to dinner, but I'm feeling rather fluy myself, so he's gone and I'm at home on my lonesome - and lovin' it.

So I have just done this......................

Saturday, 13 May 2006

a busy night

Tonight has been a tad bit busy in our household.
Sheree came over with Kaitlyn for dinner and some scrapping of course. Well, I don;t think that my two came up for breathe the entire time, and by god they're noisy, LOL.
I did create 1 little layout tonight. It's great to do something just for yourself.

Now, I've spent the past 75 minutes fixing up my blog, grrr!!! Since I stuffed it and lost all my links on the side bar I thought I'd be tricky and just use a new template, WELL, that was a bad move I really lost all of them then. So I've been trying to re-add them again.
I suppose you've gotta laugh, LOL

Ant had a job interview this afternoon. It sounds like a nice little company to work for, shame about the money though. We can't afford to take that much of a pay decrease especially now that I resigned from my job. He has another one on Monday with AW Edwards, which is now the biggest building co, apparently, so that looks promising.
He just needs to get out of where he is and fast. I'm ready to let the %#& fit the fan at his boss for the things that he's said about me, and what do I have to do with my husbands job. Enough, or I'll start prattling off again, LOL.

Friday, 12 May 2006


I finally got around to finishing off 4 layouts this week. 2 were from the retreat and the other 2 were from the 8.5 X 11" class that Sheree and I did with Alison Shearer the other week.
No just to finish the hundreds of others I've got stashed away somewhere.
Oh, btw, still no luck with my side bar - HELP!!!!

Wednesday, 10 May 2006


I've lost all my links!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have just been fiddling with my side bar and I've lost all my links. Their there in the template thinhy but when you look at my blog they have all disappeared.
So if anyone knows anything about how to fix this I've be greatful.
It just goes to show that I am so NOT computer literate, lol,

Monday, 8 May 2006

The Retreat is over............

Wow! Where do i start?
From the feedback I've gotten today, I think the retreat was a huge sucess which is so fantastic. I am so extactically happy about that, all those late nights and hard work has been well worth it.

We had an awesome time. There s so much to say about it that I dont know what else to say.
I couldn't have done it with out a lot of peoples help:
Caz and Mel for just being the most gracious teachers and coming up with inspiring projects to show the ladies.
Kim Archer for driving all the way from Newcastle to teach a wonderful class using those scrummy new Urban Lily papers.
Sheree, she knows why.
My mum and my sister for coming along just to support me in case it was needed and yes, for being the ordilies in the kitchen.
Carley & Kim for bringing the shop. Thanks so much Carls, you deserve a medle in your condition.
For Nicole B for setting up all those tables and then paying for it on Saturday. Not to mention donating all the Reminisce papers (and Therese too)
To Anne for always kicking her out of her seat, lol. Sorry Anne.
And to EVERY SINGLE LADY WHO CAME ALONG. Thank you so much.

All that running around and I did NO scrapping at all, but that's ok. I did do Kim's class which I was so pleased with.

I did take my camera, of course, and it sat underneath my table all weekend long, lol. Sheree took all the pics and she should hopefully be forwarding me a couple soon so I can post on here.

Tuesday, 2 May 2006

busy, busy, busy

The kids started back at school today and I was back to work.
I finally did it...... I handed in my resignation today. I'll finish up at the end of May I think. It's such a weight off my shoulders and I can consintrate on my family and me and I wont have to worry about the stress of going to work. I think I'll enjoy the time at home.

I t was a made dash to pick up the kids after school and I had 2 extras today too. Which I couldn't find in the playground. Back home to quickly get into swimmers and down to swimming.
Anthony met me there so we could go across to Coles and do the grocery shopping - Ouch! It hurts the hip pocket when I take all of them with me. I probably would have saved half the bill if it was only me that went.
When we got home I went to start unpacking the car and banged my head so hard on the boot that I saw a white flash and I now have a massive googy that it turning black. Great, just before the retreat.
It's not like me to want to go to bed early, but at 7.45pm I put myself to bed. Yes I know I'm up now, but I had to reply to a few emails, but I'm going back there NOW!!! And hopefully my googy will have subsided by tomorrow.

Monday, 1 May 2006

Pics from the beach

Anthony took the camera over the weekend before I had a chance to download the photos off it. So better late than never I suppose!

Mum and I took the kids to the beach on friday. My kids are crazy, I know, they make me take them even in the July school holidays and while I sit there with jeans and wooly jumpers on they run around in their togs. They don't care if it's cold, they just love the beach.
The tide was going out while we were there and the kids were playing on the rocks finding shells. I thought I'd take them further down the rocks and while the small waves were coming in I'd hold their hands while they sat and go splashed.........well along comes a big wave and the kids stood up and I got soaked, lol. I was so funny, and it took about 2 hours for my jeans to dry. That will teach me, lol.
So here are some pics of our lastest adventure.....