Thursday, 31 May 2007

a layout and THANKS!!!!!

last night i went to Scrapabout at Parramatta for my monthly does of fun scrapping - YAY!!!! Sheree and i go each and every month. I don;t get a lot of scrapping done in the 2 hours but i so enjoy the social side, lol.
Alison sprung a challenge on us this month, and will do each month from now on, which is just what i need atm. This month was to scrap a A4 photo on a 8.5X11" lo (btw, the class is 8.5X11").
This is my end result.

i'm soooooo lovely those Daisy D's rub on's, they were gorgeous to use and look at the size of the heart one! I also tried to use up some pp i've had for a while and was saving them!

i also want to say a HUGE thank you to all those ladies that have left messages, emailed me and personally spoke to me about that issue.
your support has put my faith back into this wonderful industry. THANK YOU!
for an update....... after many hours this week reading and discussing where i stand in the eyes of the law (copyright law that is), i am in the process of emailing the particular people involved and if it's not removed i will take it further. lets hope it gets removed, as i am so hating doing this it is not in my nature to be the aggressor.

so stay tuned for updates, lol.

Monday, 28 May 2007


i've just come home to a fabulous email from Sue and i just ahve to share

Wemadeit Crafts Scraploot, Scrapbooking Supplies Australia.

Noone loves a bargain more than SUE!

After Prima Flowers at an unbelievable price?

We have imported these direct from Prima in the US so there are no distributor and wholesale costs…YIPPIE!!!!!!!!

Check out the following collections which arrived today.


Mini Me

Pixie Tin

Silk Road



Sunday, 27 May 2007

i've never been sooooo angry

last night turned out to be the WORST night!!!
I did a bit of surfing around on the net while i really should have been studying for my first aid course (btw I PASSED, cheering) and i can across a competitors website and had a little read of what exciting things they get up to on their retreats.

and then it happened.......... i starting having heart palpitations and i could barely breathe, then the profanities came flying out of my mouth left right and centre. Poor sheree coped and absolute ear bashing (thanks sheree, luv ya!), and then she started on the soapbox with me.

i came across a particular button on this website and decided to have a little look. now i'm not nosing around to spy on what other retreat places do, i have my own ideas and soooooo don;t need to steal other peoples original ideas, i have my own system in play and that's how i run my retreats. enough said on that.
i was reading and i thought to myself "gee that sounds similar to what i have on my page", so i went and opened another window to compare and low and behold it was the same only with 1 word changed. sooooooooooooo there it started and it got 1000 times worse. THEY HAD COPIED 5 ENTIRE PAGES FROM MY WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spelling mistakes and all
i give them points for trying though, they did change my name to theirs, so there was some thought put into what they were doing.

to say i was livid was an understatement. i was like a mad woman i was that angry, and upset at the same time. i felt like someone had come into my home while i was still in it and robbed me, i feel so violated that someone could do that to me. how dare they steal my hard work and pass it off as their own.
hang on, i'm about to get on my soapbox again and pull it pieces, but i'm better than that.

that's enough venting for one night, hopefully tomorrow will be brighter.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

home alone

it's been such a long time, but what to people do when they are home alone for the night????

i have a first aid course to go on tomorrow all day, so i've sent both the boys and the dog down the farm and shaniced opted to spend the day with my sister, which has now turned out to be overnight. So i'm a little bit lost atm, lol.
I'm thinking i really should do some study so i'm prepared for tomorrow but i'm seriously thinking a dvd in bed sounds so much more inviting.
but there is washing to be done, washing up to be done, dusting and ironing. i know they will still be there tomorrow but do i really want to come home to it tomorrow night???

well i'm off to contempate what to do some more, lol

Thursday, 24 May 2007

there be pirates.....

look what i saw today.......

and i loved every minute if it.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

funny faces

before i start i just have to say that SCRAPLOOT has the new scrummy, yummy Heidi Swapp ribbon spools, stickers and clear stamps in. Go and check them out, they are to die for........

so, on the weekend we had hermie here for a visit. here are some pics of him in his new home on our dining room table.

on friday i went to aldi to quickly pick up some bread and marg, and just so happened to walk thru where all the lollies are are couldn't resist these stick thing lollies that kids just love. well, it took 2 days for the entire packet to be demolished. and shanice and connor also found new and novel ways to eat them - hence the photos. (that's the lolly shoved under their top lips)

oh and so i don't forget, here is a pic of my so cute mothers days pressies from my precious lil terrors.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

feeling yuk!

so on friday night i went scrapping at Sue's which was just what i needed. I managed to complete 2 layouts which i'm pretty happy with. I'm just loving the Junkitz extreme boy range, right up my alley you could say.
Sue also asked me to do a special little project with her too, but can't say anymore on that one till i know more, lol.

the rest of my weekend went to crap after that. i was on a huge emotional rollercoater ride which even now i feel like i'm still on. i think it's a build up of not dealling with things i have to and trying to protect my kids from those feelings. it's been just awful. and poor anthony copped the brunt of it all. they always say you hurt the ones you love!
in the midst of all this we had a visitor for the weekend, "HERMIE" the 3s class pet. that's right shanice got to bring home her classes hermit crab . we've never had to look after a school pet before so this was very exciting for us all. he lived out on the dining room table as this is a really warm spot for him. i have pictures to share, but had just realised that my camera batteries need charging before i can download them.
so that's me all up to speed, i think. i was supposed to go up to mum and dads for dinner tonight with the kids, but mu morning got thrown into chaos and got me all flustered for the rest of the day, so i rang mum and said it probably wouldn't be such a great idea as i'm a little bit "tooshy" as the kids like to put it, lol.
i've spent some time today looking at the yummy new goodies at Aussie Scrap Sourse and trying to plan a huge kit for our Christmas in July Retreat. soooo many products and not enough time, lol.
Sheree has also just informed me that she has gone back to Blogger, cause it's free! hellloooo girlie why do you think i use it, lol. so i've updated my side bar for you sweet.
well, it's off to cook steak sandwiches for dinner - yummmmmmm

Friday, 18 May 2007

unfortunately.....not a lotto win

You'd think we did win lotto for all the money we splashed around yesterday, which is sooooo not me.

We had decided a long while ago that we would get a Playstation 3 when they became available in Australia. I can hear a lot of family members yelling at me "Why? when you already have 2 ps2's and 2 ps1's?????". Anthony can prattle off all the benefits, not me, lol. All i worked out was that 1 playstation 3 is only 10 months worth of foxtel probably less for us as we'd have to get satelite as cable stops at the start of my street - go figure!

the kids had been bugging us for a psp each since last August when my cousin came out from england. they had 2 and the kids just lurved them. plus there are a whole heap more benefits to them than the nintendo ds -it can play movies, take photos, music, games, links with the playstation 3 and is just a lot more better value. Plus i love it!!!!!!!
Connor has already save $300 for his and Shanice is half way there. We said if they want them they had to buy them.

So ant and i trotted off the Domain yesterday to spend up big. We not only got the 3 consols but 3 psp games, psp covers, psp cases, 4gig memory card for psp, 2 playstation 3 games and a blueray movie. there's probably more but my brain has fried from all that technology that 1 so dont understand, lol.

Needless to say there are 3 very spoilt children in my house. did i hear you all ask what i got? yep that would be a big fat zero, lol. but watching the kids faces was enough for me. such a typical mum thing to say.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Scrap Girls Christmas in July Retreat

Christmas In July Retreat 20th-22nd July 2007
Kiah Ridge Conference Center, Tahmoor NSW

Scrap Girls are only just back from their Scrappin Diva retreat the weekend before last and we all excited about our next retreat coming up in July.
This is going to be our first Christmas In July Retreat and we are hoping to make this a regular event as the response to it has been amazing. We have heaps of Christmassy surprises planned for the weekend and can’t wait to share them with you all.
There are still limited spots available for the whole weekend and we are now opening up spots for those ladies that only want to come for 1 night or just the day. Below you will find a list of prices for all our weekend packages
All our classes with our fabulous Scrap Girls teachers including TRACY WYLDMAN and SHEREE POWER are in the process of being finalized and they are sure to amaze you. All classes and class kits are INCLUDED in the cost of your retreat package. The class kits are HUGE and extremely generous. They include everything you will need to make your project as well as a booklet with all class instructions.

Scrap Girls has been organizing relaxing scrap weekends away now for 2 years... You will experience a relaxing weekend and have fun at the same time. Just ask these people who have been to our past retreats ....
Absolutely the best scrapbooking retreat I have ever been on. Thank you Kylie for organizing such a wonderful event. From the welcome on the verandah, to the classes, to bingo, and everything in between, you did an amazing job putting it all together. Merroo (the venue) was absolutely perfect too. And having Cornerstone Papercrafts bring their store out was just too much! I think I left with more than I came with (actually I know I did!). I will certainly be attending again next year. Can't wait!" - Nicole B, NSW
Camp was AWESOME fun!!! Great bunch of gals, fantastic teachings. I can’t wait until the next retreat to get together with great scrappers and learn heaps more. Can’t wait! - Chantelle T, NSW
I have attented all of the Scrap Girls retreats to date. They are great fun, well organized and great value for money. The girls that organize them are lovely. I find the weekends to be extremely relaxing, very productive and highly motivating. The classes are fantastic, games are good fun for a giggle and the free goodies are awesome. I’ll definitely be booking in to attend future retreats. - Alison J, NSW

This is the Scrap Girls complete weekend Christmas In July package.
TIME : Friday 20th July 6.00pm – Sunday 22nd July 3.00pm
COST : $245
*2 nights accommodation in 8 share room with ensuite
*All meals from Friday night Supper to Sunday lunch
*All Scrap Girls Classes
*1 class with our “Famous Special Guest Teacher” TRACY WYLDMAN
*All class kits
*Christmas in July Festivities
*Participating in part of our all night crop
*Saturday night raffles
*Access to our new feature – “Garage Sale”
*Access to Scrap Girls Creation Station
*Access to Scrap Girls Journaling Station
*Scrap Girls games
*Heaps of fun and loads of laughs

This is for those that would like to come along just for the 1 night.
TIME : Saturday 21st July 8.45am – Sunday 22nd July 3.00pm
COST : $180
*Day conference admission fee from Kiah Ridge
*1 nights accommodation
*All meals from Saturday morning tea to Sunday lunch
*2 Scrap Girls Classes
*1 class with our “Famous Special Guest Teacher” ALISON SHEARER
*3 class kits
*Christmas in July Festivities
*Participating in part of our all night crop
*Saturday night raffles
*Access to our new feature – “Garage Sale”
*Access to Scrap Girls Creation Station
*Access to Scrap Girls Journaling Station
*Scrap Girls games
*Heaps of fun and loads of laughs

This is for those that would like to come along just for the Saturday day and stay with us late into the night.
TIME : 8.45am – 11.30pm
COST : $115
*Day conference admission fee from Kiah Ridge
*Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner and Supper
*2 Scrap Girls Classes
*1 class with our “Famous Special Guest Teacher” TRACY WYLDMAN
*3 class kits
*Christmas in July Festivities
*Participating in part of our all night crop
*Saturday night raffles
*Access to Scrap Girls Creation Station
*Access to Scrap Girls Journaling Station
*Scrap Girls games
*Heaps of fun and loads of laughs

This is for those that would like to come along just for the Saturday day.
TIME : 8.45am – 5.30pm
COST : $86
*Day conference admission fee from Kiah Ridge
*Lunch, morning & afternoon tea
*1 Scrap Girls Classes
*1 class with our “Famous Special Guest Teacher” TRACY WYLDMAN
*2 class kits
*Christmas in July Festivities
*Access to Scrap Girls Creation Station
*Access to Scrap Girls Journaling Station
*Scrap Girls games
*Heaps of fun and loads of laughs

If you have any questions at all about any of our July retreat packages, please send us an email to

Hope you can come along and join the fun

Monday, 14 May 2007

a belated mum's day......

I had such a lovely mother's day yesterday.
I got completely spoilt rotten, which was just fabulous. The best presents in the world i reckon are the ones that my kids pick especially for me from the mothers day stall at school. These items are so cherished. My mum still has a mug that i bought for her when i was in about year 2. So i think i've picked up that trait from her.
Just so i don't forget what i got :
* Merose Place Season 2 box set
* Beverly Hills 90210 Season 2 box set
- i know, both extremely corning but i lurve them, lol
* A knitted scarf from Shanice
* A clam basket with soaps from Connor
* A pink watch, pink notebook and pink pen from Ant (i'm not his mum but was a lovely gesture)
* A scrummy to die for Cupcake 2 tier cake stand with yummy cadbury chocolate cupcakes (made by mandy and shanice) from my sister Mandy. Now i have to do high tea apparently
* A very cute teacup with coaster and a lovely card for "Daughters Day" from my mum
* A bottle of Elizabeth Arden Spiced green Tea perfume from the kids from my mother in law, Pat.

soooooo spoilt......................

My mum and Pat (mother in law) both lurved their handmade paddle pop stick letter holders made by the kids. We even made a special one for Nay (mandy) because she's special too. And i made both mum and pat an altered clock, which i should have taken photos of, they look great, pity they don't hold time properly, lol.

We went up to mums first thing in the morning as Ant was going to help mum take a trailer load os rubbish to the tip. Mandy put her hand up too and wanted stuff taken. While he was doing that mum and i took connor down to the hospital to visit dad. Dad loved it that connor came down. Connor was a little shy as it is a lot for a 6 year to take in.
When we got home mandy came round with shanice for and it was time for presents - YAY!!!!
Anthony and i then did a round trip to the tip with the ute and loaded trailer and we got back just in time for a late lunch. Mandy had cooked a yummy roast dinner.
Had to fly from mums as we were due at my in laws at 5pm to go across the club for dinner. Well, we were all stuffed so it was only a plate a wedges for me that i so couldn't finish.
It turned out to be a very busy day and the kids were shattered when they crawled into bed.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

been tagged....

Sheree tagged me a little while back and i've been so snowed under lately i just haven't had a chance to do it. So i've got 5 minutes now so i'll give it a go.

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1.I'm and ex-smoker. I gave up when i was pregnant with Shanice (9 years ago now). But if a friend lights up I'm there to passive smoke.

2. I'm completely anal when it comes to my dvd collection. They are sorted into alphabetical order, this for 2 reasons i have over 500 of the things and they are easier for me to find!

3. I failed my "L's" 5 times, but passed my "P's" first go. I didn't get my licence till i was 22 either - i hate driving!

4. i hate team sport. i dont play well with others

5. believe it or not i am a shy person. i'm feel intimidated in situations with large groups of people and it makes me very nervous. i would much prefer one on one

6. i yell far too much. i soooooo need to learn to calm down

7. i want to make a success out of doing something i love (and own/work that gorgeous home office sheree and i saw in ikea)

on to other things............

i still haven't unpacked from the Scrap Girls Retreat. the boxes of stuff is still sitting on my playroom floor, but they will still be there tomorrow so maybe i'll do it then.
we had a great time away, i will update when sheree gets me some pics (nudge, nudge, hint, hint miss sheree).

dad is still in hospital. a very upsetting time for us all but this is not the place for me to talk about those sorts of things....... sorry

i had a funny incident today with a washing machine. sheree will vouch for that. i called a washing machine repair man to come fix my machine as it was getting stuck between 2 of the cycles, he came out after lunch this afternoon and quite frankly told me there is nothing wrong with it and pressed a button - that's it! i knocked one of the buttons while washing the dog. it was soooooo funny, i was pissing myself laughing, i felt like an absolute idiot! yep, had my blonde hat on today.
what didn't help the matter was the guy was really hot!

i popped over the Sue's this arvo before picking connor up to collect my new Stampin Up! stamps. berry, berry exciting. can't wait to have a little play tonight. cause i'm so not a stamper which is quite funny. so i bought from sue a stamping block, a HS family stamp (for a clock) and a stazon ink pad. getting right into this trend me thinks, lol.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

* kits packed - CHECK

only 3 more sleep till we are off on our SCRAP GIRLS RETREAT......................
sooooooooooooo can't wait. i sooooooooooo need the break.

Sheree came over today to help me with all the last minute prep. most of the kits were already done, just waiting for a few papers to arrive in the next 2 days and were done.
we went thru all the boxes i've got stashed around in my new storage shelves and in the garage which i totally forgot about.
this is just the kits and some prizes on top and the instruction and title booklets. there are 3 other piles of boxes about twice as big.
it is soooooooooo exciting. we have some great classes that i just can't wait to do myself, which reminds me maybe i should do my homework too and get my photos already for camp.
Sheree has also tagged me, but luvie it'll have to wait as i now realised i have to go and pack GOODIE BAGS - YAY!!!!!!