Thursday, 10 November 2005

And it's on AGAIN........

In my next life I've decided to come back as a male truck driver with no kids, lol. That way I can be rude and assigned and it doesn't matter. And of course no kids so then there is now responsibility and it's QUIET!
Well, having said that I'd best explain why........ because being a male truck driver with no kids means I'd be able to "NO" to everyone. I know it's just in my nature to be giving to everyone that asks my help. But, it's not a bad thing, most of the time.

Well, I've done it again, I've said "YES" and I'm organizing my second Scrap Girls Retreat. This one is going to be in May. Which only gives me 6 months to get the ball rolling again. Hang on....... the first retreat only finished 4 days ago. I swear I'm a mad woman, lol.

I've asked, more like told, my sister Mandy to help me with this one. I've done nearly all the ground work and have all computer programs in place, it's just a matter of re-contacting people and stuff. Mandy's good with that type of thing though, it's what she used to do with her previous boss. Maybe I should call her Miss Organization.

Tomorrow is the day, I'm going to start the prep work for the next one. So, keep your eyes peeled for me going slightly nutty with all the planning.

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