Tuesday, 6 December 2005

2 more days to go.......

Oh no! It's only 2 more days till Shanice is on school holidays.
Do you know what I don't get, is that we pay thru the nose to send her to private school and she spends half her time at home.
I reckon by Friday afternoon I'll have had enough and will be pulling the kids off one another, LOL. Great can't wait for that.

Well, speaking of kids, they are both in the Christmas spirit this afternoon and want to colour Christmas pictures. So we sat the computer for a about 30minutes looking for the perfect Christmas colouring in pages. Now they have run off colouring while I get five minutes peace before going to cook dinner.

Me and kids took Indi up to meet George on Sunday. I wasn't sure how they would be and neither was mum. All I could imagine was Indi chasing George and then George getting the shits. But, surprise, surprise, they were the best of friends and played so well together for the whole 5 hours we were at mums.
We went to mums so the kids could do their yearly tradition of decorating Nan & Grandads Christmas tree. What a great job they did. Connor played with Nay, and Shanice got side tracked half way thru then came back to put the tintsle on - right in one spot. Mum loves it and is not going to change a thing, LOL.

The next step is to get our tree out and do our decorations - YUK! Dust. That can be a Friday job I think. It might distract the kids long enough to stop fighting.

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