Sunday, 29 January 2006

Those Black Shoes

Connor came home late yesterday afternoon from mum & dads cause he missed his mum. AAAAHHHHH!!!!! It didn't last long let me tell you, 2 minutes after setting foot in the house he's wasn't fighting with Shanice and it was on.
Anyways, it was a lovely day outside today, so when the sun was getting lower I grabbed Connor's new shiny black school shoes and took them outside for there own little photo shoot.
I must practice more with my camera I think.
I was also on a cooking roll this afternoon, and for those that know me well - I DONT COOK!!!
I made gingerbread which is in the fridge till tomorrow, a rice salad (that was an adventure, first time, and it wasn't very nice, lol) , jelly and pancakes. I'm exhausted thinking of all that food. Then on top of that I had to prepare for a bbq dinner.
all that cooking equals 3 loads of washing up and I hate washing up as much as I hate cooking.
On another note, Ant built me the shelf to hang the kids school bags on when he came home from the farm. He have it an undercoat because I've now decided to repaint the entire house. Ant said I need to pick a colour scheme and I chose Pink and Chocolate and he said he'd move out. Oh what a dilemma, LOL. I definately go for the chocolate with a sand or mustard and maybe some red or lime green. That may look rather nice. I can see a trip to Bunning paint dept coming on.
Well the fourth lot of washing up is calling, great, I'm thrilled.

Saturday, 28 January 2006

On a scrappin roll

I've managed to get 2 layouts finished tonight and 1 X 30th Birthday card. I'm so on a roll.
Both of the layouts I'd actually started. The double I think I'd stuck 2 pieces of pp and that was it and the Indi lo was almost finished I wasn't completely happy about where I was wanting to place the photos.

I really want to scrap some more but it is 11.40pm and I need to organise a spreadsheet for Mandy for Scrap Girls stuff. Bummer!!! What to do, what to do.

I got a Po Box today for Scrap Girls and set up the business bank account. That sounds so interesting doesn't it, lol? But it on my Scrap Girls to do list, so I can now tick it. We all know how much I love lists. I wouldn't be without them.

Well it looks like I have got some work to do and put the kids in their beds. They little angels fell asleep on the lounge watching Bambi.

First pair of BIG BOY school shoes

My little man is off to BIG SCHOOL in 6 more days!!!!!!!!!
As much as I'm looking forward to having a bit of "me time" I'm so going to miss my little man being around. Even though half the time I wouldn't even know he's in the house I'll miss the little things he does and watching him play while he thinks I'm not looking. OMG!!! I'm crying! So much for being the strong one.
.... anyways, he got his first pair of big boy school shoes today. He looked so handsome and grown up in them sitting on the big seat and then doing a little parade up and down the shop to show everyone. I did remember to saying to mum before we left the house to grab the camera, but I forgot when we walked out the door. So we have no photos :( When he comes home from mum and dads tomorrow after his sleepover I will get a photo of the shoes as a little memento for me.
All year last year I kept telling everyone how much I couldn't wait for Connor to start school, now I don't want him to go. He's my little companion. But he will have so much fun at RJAS.

....... on other notes. I had a "meeting" with Mandy yesterday and filled her in about everything so far with Scrap Girls. She gave me some good ideas and is also going to help me with things more which is going to be a great help.
I'm going to publish the site this weekend to a server, YAY!!!! Scrap Girls will be official, well sort of. I've got the abn, but there is no money left after getting a web host, domain name and po box to register the business name. That is the next on my list to do when I get some more money rolling in.
God I hope that Scrap Girls goes well. I don't want to fail with this little adventure. I truly do love every minute I put into it. As much as it shits Anthony that I spend far too much time on the computer. I'm sure he wont mind if I made a million from it in the end - fat chance, lol.
It's gone midnight again. I'm turning into one little night owl. Best get a bit of sleep me thinks.

Thursday, 26 January 2006

Cleaning YUK!

In order to earn a bit of extra dosh to pay off those chrissy debts i put my hand up to go into Ant's office and do a bit of filing and archiving. Today I decided was the day to start. But then I had second thoughts as to the "boring office work" and decided to clean the kitchen and toilets for Ant. At least then I knew he was working in a hygienic environment.
Boy! was I wrong. I have never seen anything so grose in my life. It took me 3 hours to scrub the kitchen sink, toilet and wash basin. I said I come back next week to do the second toilet and the fridge.
You see Anthony doesn't go down there. His 2 bosses occasionally come in and they are the ones that make the filth and don't clean up and Anthony doesn't feel it's part of his job , and I dont blame him after what I did today.
This is how bad it is. I found milk in the fridge over 6 months old, yoghurt I didn't check and eggs????? I think I'll be needing a gas mask for that little adventure.

On another note, Scrap Girls is moving along quite nicely. Almost have the small loan to get some advertising. I've sent the cheque today for the business registration so then I can start getting in thick with those wholesalers. The website is sort of getting there. Needs some more tweaking.
Caz has asked dear Melanie to be another one of my teachers. I may need to do a bit of conning there, lol. But still no "famous scrapper" that I've told everyone I'm getting. Not saying that Caz, Trac and Mel aren't famous (they are in my eyes - love their work), but I need a big name puller, lol. Hellllloooooo....... any ideas, any takers !!!!!!!!!
That's it I'm starting to crap on , AGAIN, I'm going to bed it's late and I have to work tomorrow on god damn Australia Day all day and I'm not getting public holiday rates, damn work place agreement.
Off to bed, night.

Monday, 23 January 2006

Lots of talk about scrapping

We had quite a busy little day today.
* It started with the builder coming over to inspect the house cause of the sliding door exploding. That's funny now, but then!
* Then it was off the pick up the excel from the in-laws,
* Coles for some groceries, like the pantry isn't chokers enough
* Ant's work to drop off a treat bought at Coles and a letter he forgot
* Library to return some books and borrow a few different ones
* Home to put away the groceries
* Bake some cookies - from a packet bought at Coles and they are good. They were the Cadbury chocolate and Toffee ones - YUMMMMMMM
* Meet Trac at the Scrapbook shop and just that takes an hour to wonder around
* Krispy Kreme donuts, need I say more
* And then home again.

Trac and I did attempt some scrapping, but a lot of talk about scrapping got done instead. I think I stuck about 3 bits of paper down, lol.
I think I'd might go and finish what I started and while I'm doing that I'll watch the preview of "Must love dogs" that I brought home from work and have to take back tomorrow.

Friday, 20 January 2006

105 EMAILS!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!! Thank god I put all my emails to a daily digest while I was away for not even a full week. I've come home to 105 emails to read not including the 35 junk emails that got filtered. Looks like I know what I'll be doing tonight, lol.
Then I'll get around to uploading a few happy snaps from our holiday as well as a commentary.

Wednesday, 11 January 2006


What a morning! As I was typing an entry to my bog this morning I heard this almighty bang and thought nothing of it cause I just presumed one of the kids knocked the ab swing over in the lounge room - was I ever so wrong. The next thing I knew Shanice was screaming that the back door was broken - WHAT! yep it was completely shattered.
So there went my day. Sheree was on her was over cause we had planned on going down to Tracy's. There went that idea. The pics not that crash ot, but you can see that one side is completely shattered.


On the other hand, I was writting in my blog because I was so excited that I got my first sponsor for the May retreat yesterday. Great going I thought since I only sent out maybe 10 emails to wholesalers on Monday.
3M are sponsoring all of our adhesive needs which is unreal.

Anyways, back to vaccuming up glass.

Saturday, 7 January 2006

2 layouts DONE!!!

Oh! Another YAY for me.
Sheree came over tonight and I finished 2 layouts. I am rather chuffed with myself saying that last time I read a magazine and chatted all night.
Sheree did 4 layouts plus covered a journal for me. Thanks lovie. Now I can get all motivated in my new challenge journal.
Well it's off to pack it all up now, and maybe get some sleep.
C ya'

YAY!!! I finished my first layout for 2006.
I did a year in review - obviously, lol.
Anthony bought me a new scanner for christmas cause I kept whinging about mine 3 in 1 scanner top opening the wrong way and it made a horrible diagonal shadow across all of my pages. Now I just have to figure out with this new one how to get rid of the shadows near all the lumpy bumpy stuff.
I bought these gorgeous foam stamps when I was down visiting Tracy, so I tested them out on the title and they are way too cute. Money well spent, well all money spent on adding to the stash is well spent. As they say "It's all about the stash".
Sheree is coming over soon to scrap tonight. I do wonder how much I actually get done this time. Last time I just talked and watched her scrap, lol. I think I may just go and do a bit of planning before she arrives.
I came across this really nice quote today that I must try and remember to use on a lo one day.
"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the object it loves." C. G. Jung

Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Just the gist

There has been a lot of goings ons in the past week, where do I start.
On Wednesday last week we headed down the farm with the kids and "the dog", now that was one fun trip - NOT. I ended up sitting in the back next to Indi cause she wouldn't stop biting Shanice, but little did I know that she would do the same to me. GRRRR.....
We took the kids to Questacon in Canberra on Thursday morning, which they enjoyed. There was heaps of people and they couldn't really get close enough to enough all the hands on things to do, but they had a good time anyway. We went to my pub for lunch. And yes I did enjoy my yearly Drover's lunch, lol. I think the kids thought the old English pub was an interesting place. Connor couldn't understand what the chamber pots were hanging from the ceiling.
Next we went shopping, LOL, in the Canberra heat and dry wind. What were we thinking. I did grab some great goodies I might add.
We drove home on Friday afternoon, the kids were driving me up the wall. They have 5 acres to run around in but they play inside, in the same room I'm in, even after Anthony spent 2 hours putting up their swing set.

New Years was a fizzer. We had grand plans of joining Cheryl and Jason in the city at the apartment they rented to watch the fireworks and get pissed, but I ended up nauseous and Anthony couldn't get off the toilet, we think we ate something bad for lunch the day before.
So instead of partying we thought we'd make a start re-arranging the playroom/scrapping room/ kids study. Again - what was we thing? 2 days later and it's now tidy and the junks all gone but it needs 2 more days work re-building shelves and stuff.
I have never seen my house look like such a tip - even after Christmas. There was not square of this house that didn't have a mess in it. Even my bedroom took a beating and I so don't want to clean that up. YUKI!!!
What more I can't believe we did all that mess in the 46 degree heat on new years day. There must be something wrong with our heads, nop it's just the silly season, LOL.

Well, it was back to work today. The norm. Yep, got no words for that one, I'm stumped, LOL.

I did make some New Years Resolutions for this year, which is so not me, LOL. They are:
* Loose at least 10 kilos (but first must eat all the left over chrissy choices in the fridge)
* I'd like to do at least 1 layout a week
* Get my Scrap Girls business going (more so than it is now)
* Give those beautiful bebe's of mine more squeezes everyday
* I'd like to be published once more
* Get more sleep

I think that's it for now.