Friday, 4 December 2009

3rd December 2009

* Our tickets to see Wicked arrived. Anthony surprised me by getting box seats for our 10th wedding anniversary coming up in January
* Shanice had squads. No one else showed up so she got one on one coaching which was great.
* Connor came along to squads too and swam in the pools cause it was too hot outside.
* I finally finished the 4th twilight book, Breaking Dawn, and i loved it. The books shit all over the movies

2nd December 2009

* went to watch hunter at his swimming lesson
* had coffee with Mandy
* I gave mum & Mandy the advent calendar I made them. They loved it!!!
* took the kids after school to see New Moon with Britney & Joh

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

1st December 2009

So last week I made my December Daily Journal and in order for me to remember what I did each day I'm going to write it on my blog too.

Tuesday 1st December 2009
* I went to Nic's to create another advent calendar for mum & Mandy, but came home early cause i couldn't keep my eyes open any more.
* The kids opened their first advent calendar box which asked them to write a letter to Santa. Connor did and it's too cute - very grown up and professional - definitely a keeper.
* Shanice and Connor got their tool boxes and played out the front with some timber off cuts.
* I am in Survivor heaven with 1 hour of the new Samoa on then 3 hours of the finale of Brazilian Highlands - happy dance
* Spent an hour researching ideas for me, Nic and Aunty Rae to create, create, create next Tuesday.
* I spoke to Mandy on the phone and Hunter wanted to talk to his favourite Aunty and he blew me my first kiss..... it totally made my day

Monday, 30 November 2009

sunday, funday

I was home alone for the weekend with Anthony & Connor down the farm and Shanice up at mums. So on Sunday i went for a drive to pick up Shanice.
she had a great time playing with Hunter all weekend. I couldn't help but snap a few piccies of them playing.

getting ready for a ride
woo hoo!!!!

surfing - well sort of

Hunter being very grown up! Not exactly, he was blowing bubbles in the water

Mr cheeky after blowing bubbles

My gorgeous big girl

Saturday, 28 November 2009

december daily journal

I love Tuesdays!!!!
That's the day i can stay in my pj's all day if i want to cause the kids get picked up in the morning and dropped home in the afternoon. But, alas i do get dressed cause Tuesdays are the days i go over to Nic's. Sometimes we just chat and sometimes we may do something crafty, it all depends. But it is never boring, especially with Aunty Rae to keep us entertained.
This week we decided to do our December Daily Journals.
Last year we bought all these cute Teresa Collins Christmas stuff and neither of us used them, so we put them to work this year. Better late than never.
I still have to do the cover - but who knows i just may leave them as they are.
so they are ready for me to take a photo journey through December 2009.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Connor's 9th birthday

Last Thursday (the 19th Nov) was Connor's 9th birthday.
I cant believe my baby is 9th, next year and he'll be in double figures!!!
He was driving me crazy on the lead up to his birthday by pronouncing to me several times a day how many days till he turned 9, from the start of October, LOL. It even got down to several days before he was counting down hours, knowing that he was born at 4am and thinking is was quite acceptable to wake at that time.
Well, he lasted an hour and half after 4am.
As per usual he was spoilt rotten with his main pressie an electric nitro car so he can now race with his Dad. He got all the batteries and accessories for his car too. Good thing we thought ahead and put the batteries on charge the night before.

I sent him of to school happy as Larry with 40 mini cupcakes covered in sprinkles.
He couldn't wait to get home and race his nitro car.

As with all birthday traditions in the Sheppard-Morris household Connor got to pick the restaurant. So off we all went to the Alroy for dinner.
All the family was there are well as Joh, Nev and the girls.
Gotta love the Alroy with their great food and atmosphere and brilliant kids playground.
The kids were all so happy running around and playing. We stopped and went inside for dinner where it wasn't quite so hot, then when dinner was finished and we sang happy birthday and ate cake we went back outside for the kids to play before going home.
All Connor wanted to do was build his Lego garage when he got home but it was 9.30pm so we compromised and said he could build a smaller piece and save the garage till Friday after school.

opening pressies

Hunter enjoyed eating the left over birthday cupcakes that Connor brought home from school.

My 9 year old little monkey man
Playing his new DS game with Brittney

Shanice just wont stand still long enough for me to take a photo

Hunter played for ages on the swings

And this is Hunter's serious face OR is it the "Aunty Kylie would you stop pointing that camera in my face" look

Monday, 23 November 2009

a little scrapping

Not much on the scrapping front, just been doing some of my Scrap Girls retreat albums. Here's a few from the Hunter Valley retreat back in September

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Class #1 - the complementary card class.....

i know it's been ages to I'm not even going to try and back track...... so moving forward.....

a few weeks back i decided i wanted to go a do a few scrapping classes, something that was different and that i didn't have to think to much about. well...... after looking around at some online stores and some local scrappy stores nothing took my fancy, they we either too expensive for what you got or just crap! i know how that sounds, really bitchy, but i didn't want to pay out money to do a class where i could create something better at home.

so i managed to con a few friends into joining me, which really wasn't too hard to do as they all thought it was a TOPS!!! idea, lol. We would create our own little classes at home, getting together once a month with a set kit and create the same project.

Today was our first "class". We wanted to start off easy so cards was on the agenda. We pinched ideas from books and magazines and from each other.

We ate yummy food and chatted about all sorts of stuff and had a great time doing something fun with friends.

Here are a few piccies of our little creations.

Cant wait till next week when we will be doing our Kaiser wooden advent calendar.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

stuff & photos..... lots of photos

well, the holidays are over and we are now back into swing of normality
so much happened that i'm not going to bore you as we'll be here forever.....
though i will do a picture run down of the last few days, lol
Wednesday 14th October
Me and the kids went to watch Hunter do his swimming lesson and then headed up to the chicken shop up the central coast.
I must have looked like a mad woman taking photos right outside of Ingham Chickens but it is so gorgeous on the green grass and hills.
Hunter loves it when i pull my camera out - he loves to chase me and grab the lense.
this girl - my little girl - is growing up far too fast
chasing me again - how can you resist that gorgeous smile
Thursday 15th October
After taking Connor to the doctors thinking because he cant hear me and was talking so super loud. But no middle ear infection in sight.
We headed to Belle's house up the mountains for a day of full on scrapping.
I do believe there were at least 2.5 kids per adult!
I had a few minor mishaps thanks to girls being girls but i did stay all day and got some serious layouts complete.
Friday 16th & Saturday 17th October
We headed down the farm at lunch time for the weekend.
Shanice and Anthony were looking forward to going for a hoon on the quad bikes.
And the biggest child of them all - trying so hard to get some pathetic air!
Sunday 18th October
the last day of the school holidays. we knew we'd get stuck in some nasty traffic heading home from the farm, so we decided to get up early and come home via the coast.
Bateman's Bay was our first stop and then headed up to Ulladulla, Nowra and Kiama then onto home.
It was the most stunning day and we had a great time driving and enjoying our company.
having a ice cream at the markets at Batemans Bay
lunch at Ulladulla

Monday, 5 October 2009

i scrapped.......

i know, i know, i can hear the thud of you all falling off your chairs with shock!
yesterday i spent a lovely day with Trac scrapping and chatting away.
the kids all played really nicely with only minimal adult interference, lol.
i do love my days spent at Tracy's :)
you can't see it but my tree is sprayed with 2 gimmermist colours and looks great - my scanner made it come up looking brown still, but really it's green!
I attacked Tracy's scrap box and pulled out some random little bits, which goes perfectly of this crazy picture of my sister mandy.
I reckon with all the stupid "bird" poses i have of her i could create a whole album in itself.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hunter Valley retreat

I had the pleasure of hosting our very first Scrap Girls Hunter Valley retreat last weekend.
It was very small group with limit numbers of 15 ladies.
We had the most fabulous time. We started off with a little wine tour on the Friday afternoon which only saw us seeing one winery, but after we tasted such fabulous PINK champagne we really didn't need to go anywhere else.
Belle came along and cooked for us. I think we all wanted to wrap Belle up and take her home with us to be our own personal cook! Look your work Belle :)
Saturday and Sunday saw us scrapping in the cutest little barnstay. It had such amazing picturesque views.
I would definitely say YES to another Hunter Valley retreat, but maybe somewhere that wasn't so open to nature, lol.

I even got to do a little scrapping myself........ i know........ that certainly doesn't happen at retreats for me!

looking down from one of the lofts onto the 2 areas in which we scrapped away.

mmmmm..... pink champagne and cheese on the verandah

Group photo on an original Cobb & Co coach

a little bit of craziness

and lastly......... an special photo in memory of NIC!
wish you were there huney.