Monday, 19 April 2010

I miss him........

It's been a week and half and i cant believe how much i miss this little boy. It's like he is one of my own.
But i am on the count down and it's only 36 more hours till i get big aunty love

Sunday, 18 April 2010

last day of school holidays

Today has been a completely lazy day in the sheppard-morris household. and i do believe it's been well deserved after two weeks of non-stop happenings. I'm in serious need of some time off, lol. I cant wait for my coffee with the girls tomorrow morning, Ive missed them over the Easter break.
Friday saw Anthony drive down to Melbourne to pick up his new motorbike...... not exactly sure how I'm feeling bout that. I thought he had enough toys to play with, but apparently i was wrong. Connor went with him for the drive but ended up staying at the farm instead.
Shanice and i had a lovely few days at home doing girly stuff. we watched New Moon a million times, went to pancakes for breakfast with the girls and Friday saw us scrapping away with some really good friends.
Today I've even managed to scrap a bit while watching the V8's and my new DVD Crusoe.
Here are the two layouts i did one Friday...... I love the kaiser Devonshire range, it is my favourite and i cant get enough of it

I just had to scrap this photo of Hunter.... everytime he cry's i want to cry cause it's just so sad.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Royal Easter Show

Beware of photo overload!!!! With 167 photos taken at the Easter Show, it was hard to pick just a couple.
It was a sort of last minute thing to go to the Easter Show on Sunday as Joh had gotten tickets through work. My last experience at the show was not a pleasant one, so i was really hesitant to go again, but with the tickets given to us being one expense out of the way, how could i say no.

We had a great day. The kids saw the animals, we watched the V6 utes, motor bikes and Robosaurus, bought showbags, went on rides and looked around at all the different pavilions.
It was a tops day!!!
I could rabbit on for ages, but I'd rather let the photos speak for themselves.

Zoey enjoying the utes and motorbikes

The Toyota V6 ute stunt team

3 of the 4 motor cross rider in the air - the middle Steve Mini the kids will be seeing again when rides with Nitro Circus in May

Brit & Shanice - beyond their years!!!

and about to eat a car!
Shanice giggling her head off

Shanice & Britney on the swing chairs
That's Shanice looking back at me
shanice spinning around to talk to Britney
The shadow of Shanice

Connor and Zoey - 2 very cheeky monkeys

Connor took Zoey on the balloon ride
The following is my attempt to take a photo of the four kids before we went home - as you can seeing they are very willing participants - NOT!!!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

just stuff.....

What a waste of a day....... me and kids have done absolutely nothing. I just went to lock the front door for the night and found it was still locked up from last night, needless to say we haven't left the house at all today. But sometimes you just need "nothing" days.
I have been a little bit productive, I've almost finished the new website for Scrap Girls, just need to do the home page. And I've gotten through a tonne of paper work too.

I did find this on my travels today:

I love it!!! I'm going to put it up on my office wall as well as the canvas I'm painting from Lady Gaga the other night.

We are off to the Easter Show tomorrow. Joh got tickets through work and while the boys are off quad biking this weekend we thought we'd treat the kids.
Wish me luck!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Lady GAGA.......

I was so excited to be going to see Lady Gaga, i think more excited than Shanice.
This was Shanice's first concert. We had discussed the issue of going cause Gaga is a bit controversial and there might be things in her show that might be a full on for an 11 year old. But our eyes were wide open and we knew what we were getting into.

Lady Gaga was amazing, awesome, fantastic....... etc, etc, etc. We had the best night ever.
We took along with us shanice's bff, Britney and her mum Joh. What great company.
It was fun getting up in our seats dancing cause Joh and I dance still like we did back in the day before kids, lol.
The show didn't end up starting till about 9pm and went right through till 11.30pm. We certainly got our moneys worth.

Shanice & Britney

me & Joh

Shanice & Brit dancing away

The finale - Bad Romance

Singing "Speechless" while playing a burning piano

One of the many costumes..... I should try and remember how many there actually were

Opening number

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

a little GOOD FRIDAY fun......

It all started when i had this great idea to make dessert for our family get together on good Friday. I really need to start reading the instructions on how to make the cake before i leave it to the last minute. I didn't start making the cake till 8.30pm in Thursday night, I had to melt the chocolate and butter then let it cool before adding the flour and all that, then it needed 2 hours to make. so needless to say i was baking till around midnight.
You'd think I'd learnt my lesson, but no! I slept in and thought I'd be right to make the white chocolate frosting...... NO!!!! it needed cooling time too, so i got it all prepared so i could finish it off at Mandy's.
All the effort was well worth it. The lemon & lime white chocolate mud cake was amazing...... i don't even like cake!

It was so nice to spend the day together and watch Hunter and Shanice play, unfortunately Connor went down the farm early with Anthony.

the yummy lemon & lime white chocolate mud cake

playing in the leaves - they were covered in debris and dirt

four happy campers

Hunter doing "the face"

Having Aunty love

Gorgeous boy

and my gorgeous girl

Monday, 5 April 2010

first retreat for 2010.... 6 more to go.... woo hoo

I love retreats.....
do i really need to say anymore?
So last weekend was the first Scrap Girls retreat of 2010. Needless to say we all had an awesome time. Although i only managed to scrap one layout the entire 4 days i was away, i came home exhausted, creatively inspired and ecstatically happy, which is just perfect in my eyes.
I cant wait to do it all again in May.

Hopefully this year i can get away to 2 retreats myself so i can just relax and scrap away and not be running around like a mad woman, although i do enjoy it and will probably be sitting in my chair itching to get up and organize something, lol.

Also in the plans are a very special retreat too...... cant wait to let the cat out of the bag on that one soon.

We were at full capacity at this retreat with every single bed being occupied! Makes for a fun weekend

scrapping up a storm

Getting ready to be like 5 year olds and play musical chairs! Yes, it is a contact sport.
Wait till May, we have an even better game planned

I just had to share!!!! Sami......... we love you babe

And here is my one and only layout achieved for the weekend
I'm "trying" to catch up on my Scrap Girls retreats album....... it's taking forever and i don't think I'll ever catch up, but I've done two more pages.