Monday, 26 December 2005

An Unreal Chrissy

Boy! where do I start? We had the most amazing chrissy this year. So much happened in such a small space of time.
Yes, I did get all that wrapping finished in time. Then I got my second wind and couldn't sleep, or maybe it was the excitement of Santa coming, lol.
Anthony and I got woken at 6.20am to the sweetest little voice whispering "Daddy, he's been, Santa's been." Our beautiful Shanice was so excited, that she then raced down to wake her brother, who arose quickly to open his pressies, still half asleep mind you. I think they were all unwrapped by 6.35am, which was a record in our house, lol. We then spent the next 2 hours putting all the toys together, which is half the fun.
At 8.30am I snuck back into bed for a quick 90min nap - bonus. It was much needed since we were yet to discover but over bloody neighbours carried of till 4.50am the following morning and neither Ant or I got any sleep. But that's a whole other story.
Pat & Michael came over around 10.30am on their way up to Tricia's for the kids to open their pressies and by the end of it I could not see the lounge room floor. I think this Christmas is going to take a good week and a half to clean up and find spots for all the new stuff.
The in-laws left and I then decided to do a load of washing and wash up - as you do on Christmas Day. But I was just filling in time before we headed up to Tricia's too. Ant was busy playing his new PS2 game (far too loud I might add) and the kids were off discovering all their new toys.
Lunch was yum-o. Trish did a great job on the Turkey - ummmm I should say chicken cause that's what we told all the kids it was so they would eat it, lol. Sometime during the meal, Shanice lost her first tooth. How exciting and how special. My baby lost her very first tooth on Christmas day.

What a huge day for everyone. We headed home about 6ish cause our two were asking to go home and were getting very irritable, which is totally understandable.
They were so over tired and excited that I don't think they ended up getting to sleep till after 10. And of course me and Ant didn't sleep cause of the #@*! Next door. It's ok to have a party and stuff, but when the houses are sooooo close together and the base from their stereo thumps every wall in our house, and the carry on and base is so load that Connor couldn't even hear his tv in his bedroom, it's really inconsiderate. Next time it happens we are calling the cops and we are going to tell the real estate too.
Today - Boxing Day - we went up to my mum & dad's. I had a great day, probably the best Christmas ever. We had seafood while the kids played in the spa and then Ben pushed Mandy in , clothes and all. Mum and Mandy did the full on Christmas Turkey, then we went and watched the kids in the spa again, lol. This time the splashing got just a tad out of hand and every single one of us got drenched to the bone. It was great, THE best fun. I was totally expecting someone to get the shits, but no one did.
W came home and I hoped the kids would sleep, I think they are now finally. I've been ebay surfing and they've been watching tele.
I did get a phone call from Dal tonight, to tell me that they are having another baby. How exciting. I am so happy for them. So Shanice had to speak to Aunty Dal and ask 20 questions, lol.
That being all said, I can't wait till next Christmas.

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