Tuesday, 29 July 2008

quote of the week

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather,
always bring your own sunshine.
~Anthony J. D'Angelo

Monday, 28 July 2008

Acacia Paper Craft - it's time to say goodbye

It is with much sadness that we are closing the doors at Acacia Paper Craft.
After much thought, and dealing with some very difficult personal issues, the time has come to say goodbye.

We are now opening the doors to the general public, both online and at our premises in Blacktown.
We thank all of our customers for making the last 4 years so enjoyable and successful.

To register as a personal shopper with Acacia Paper Craft, click on the registration link on the left hand side of the screen, fill in your details, and we will issue you with a username and password. You are then free to shop until your heart is content!
All pricing is genuine wholesale, with some products being sold below cost!
Jump online and save!

If you would like to visit our premises, we are located at:
5-7/12-14 Campbell Street
Blacktown NSW 2148
(above the Campbell Street Medical Practice)

We will be open from 10am to 2pm Monday to Friday.

We will miss working in the industry, but you can guarantee we will still be scrapbooking!

Nicole & Therese
Acacia Paper Craft
Tel: 02 9621 5695
Fax: 02 9621 5655

Friday, 25 July 2008

a quick......

layout share.
my god! i scrapped 2 layouts in 2 days. there must be something in the water me thinks, lol.
I've had an extremely busy week here this week with school going back and recovering from a fantastic weekend away with Scrap Girls Christmas In July retreat - be back to update about that one!!!! I've heaps of exciting news about up and coming scrap girls retreats too.

but this is the reason i am here for now.

a quick layout of me and favourite scrapping buddies (luv ya girlies) on our girly weekend back in May. This quick layout took only............... 4 hours to complete - i'm such a procrastinater

and my fav photo of my munchins at the moment.

ohhhhhhh!!!!!! i got myself one of these last weekend too at the retreat. LSBS has them super dooper cheaps too, only $29.95. It's great i love it

and before i do go.............. i'm very excited to announce that i am going to be the bestest aunty to a gorgeous little BOY!!!! all three of us went to Mandy's ultrasound on tuesday were we found out if the baby is going to be a blue one or pink one.
Shanice and Connor are over the moon. Connor gets a little boy to play bionicals with and Shanice get to be spoilt rotten as she will now be the only grand daughter on both sides of our family - this girl is too smart and has it all worked out!

now i can go out and buy all these gorgous baby boy fabrics and pattern papers i've seen!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

quote of the week

It is never too late to be who you might have been.
~George Eliot

Thursday, 17 July 2008

last week of the school hols

i can't believe how fast 3 weeks has slipped by! i set out to accomplish so much but didn't - surprize, surprize, lol.
We have had a great time being busy and doing nothing much.

this week has been a bit of a blur.
* Connor went for a sleep over on Sunday night to a friends from school with 2 other class mates which he thought was "awesome fun".
* Shanice went for a sleepover at Tracy's house on sunday and monday nights.
* anthony has been at home sick since last friday with really bad asthma. he's topped to the eye balls with steroids, ventolin, atrovent and god knows what other drugs so he can breathe. and to top it off he has high blood pressure
* we've been to Krispy Kreme's twice in the one week - ummmmm arrrrrrr
* the kids and i sat and watched "Labyrith" and "The Dark Crystal" which they loved
* we went for a picnic at nurragingy with some of the other families fromn school. the kids had a ball and the weather was super warm, you wouldn't have thought it was the middle winter but mid-spring. connor fell off his scooter coming down a massive hill and tumnled head over turkey and is covered in bruised and grazes. But if it was going to be someones kid that fell in the pond and crashed off his scooter is was bound to be mine.
* we have finished packing all the stuff ready for the Scrap Girls retreat happening this weekend
* we have done lots of crafty things
* played far too much playstation together
* played outside on bikes, scooters, roller blades and with the dogs
* i have finally caught up with the washing
* we've enjoyed sleeping in and having pyjama days

well, that's it from me for now. i am off to go and help Cath and Nic pack the shop up to bring down for the retreat tomorrow.
have a great last weekend of the school hols everyone

Saturday, 12 July 2008


6 more sleeps till the Scrap Girls Christmas In July Retreat!
I so cant wait, it's going to be great! I've added all sorts of new little features that i hope will add to the atmosphere of the weekend.

This week has been a busy one.
Wednesday saw me at work and the kids went to visit Grandma for the day.

Thursday was our traditional school holiday visit to dallas's. I love having lunch with her and the girls and it's so nice that so many of us can make it too now. there was was me and my kids, Dallas and her 2 girls, tanya and her big preggy belly, Amber and baby Paige and Melissa with her two girls. It was rather noisy and kaotic, but fun. Melissa or Tanya have to have a boy cause Connor is starting to feel that there is a conspiracy against boys being the only one, lol.

Friday, yesterday saw us visiting Tracy. We soooooo got nothing accomplished as we planned to, which is quite typical. we were far too busy just chatting than organising, lol
Alastair came home with us for a sleepover for 2 nights which is exciting. It's his first sleepover at our house and he hasn't even asked about mum yet (sorry trac, but he hasn't).
Shanice was going to stay with Fliss while Alastair is at our house, but she forgot teddy so decided to come home instead. maybe next time.

I awoke this morning to be boys playing playstation - Singstar of all things, and Shanice in her room carrying on like a teenager. It was so funny i couldn't help but laugh. Shanice apparently had nothing to wear and had nothing that went with brown! It went on for about an hour and was just a classic. I thought if Shanice could throw a tantrum and get clothes out of Anthony so would I. so i jumped out of bed stamped my foot and yelled i had no clothes that fit and they are all daggy and i want some new clothes, shoes and a handbag! He laughed so hard i set off his asthma and all he could do was say yes too!

so we packed all the kids in the car and headed to the shops so Shanice, our deprived daughter, could picked out an outfit. i really didn't need anything plus i'm super fussy and didn't like anything either. So my daughter now has 1 Veronica's hoody, 1 veronica's long sleeve top and 1 grey knitted cardi. She picked them herself and now she can't complain of having NO CLOTHES!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

quote of the week

Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with.
~Drew Sirtors

Monday, 7 July 2008

baby ryder

this morning we went over to visit Jo and new baby Ryder.
He's only 6 days old and cute i could eat him with a spoon.
In typical Kylie fashion i walk straight in the door and pick him up, lol. I had a good cuddle for about an hour. i just wish he would wake up so i could see his eyes. maybe next time

Taleesha has come over for a sleep over, which shanice is loving. And Broden has come over to play for the afternoon. I just hope that Jo can get some rest before her mother-in-law arrives tomorrow.

The kids are quite happy playing at the moment. The boys are in the playroom playing playstation and the girls have who knows what toys out with the music plauing in the back room. They are all so happy they dont really need me!
Here are a few pics i took this morning. I'm sure Jo wont mind as she told me this morning her pics she took of me are going on facebook, lol

Friday, 4 July 2008

toys galore

i had to get a birthday pressent yesterday for a friends daughter who is having a party on saturday. i thought to myself "great, i'll go to kmart cause they are having a toy sale", i so wish i hadn't have had that thought, lol.
we got the birthday present for Letitia pretty quickly with matching card and wrapping paper, but anthony got side tracked with connor in the lego department. a $5 piece turned into a $30 police plane lego set. and that's not fair to shanice so she had the same amount of $$$ to spend. i take my hat off to shanice she's a smart cookie, she got 3 $10 items instead on just one thing, and they weren't small things either.
then we found some great bargains and i thought they'd be great to pop away for chrissy pressies for friends. we got 5 christmas pressies, which are huge ones and we even got 2 fisher price toys for mandy's baby. now the baby will be lucky to 2 weeks old at christmas, but i couldn't walk pass the most cutest fisher price roll along noahs ark and it was less than half price!
so a quick trip turned out to be a trolley loaded trip

Thursday, 3 July 2008

lions and tigers and bears - oh my!

yesterday, being wednesday, i took the kids to taronga zoo.
it has almost been 2 years since we last went for connor's 6th birthday.
the kids and i invited Pat, (Grandma - anthony's mum) to come with us and we met Dallas and her girls there for the day. We left home super early as i didn't know what the traffic was going to be like and you wouldn't believe it but we got there from Blacktown to Mosman in 1 hour during peak hour! coming home only took us 45 minutes.
Dallas has a down pat plan when she hits the zoo with the girls, so we tried to obide by that to some degree but shanice and connor do like to do their own thing too, lol.
as soon as we arrived we hit the souvenir shop as it was that windy, shanice was freezing so we had to get her a jumper to wear as hers that she had on was too thin. so the buying started early, and i was going there with a plan to only buy a few drinks as i packed lunch!
we saw the new Southern Ocean exhibit where are the seals and penguins have moved to. It was lovely and had a great feel to it.
I chose to take the kids this week as i "thought" that it would be quieter with next week being school holidays - well, i thought wrong. there would have been about 6 schools there, you couldn't get away from them all!
here are a few of my fav pics from the day. It's hard to choose when you take 164 of animals, lol

something new.......

have spent a few hours today and tuesday creating a new blog for SCRAP GIRLS

i decided i needed somewhere to put picture posts, rather than send them thru emails which can then become really big and long to download. this way people can see the kits and stuff.
it was created in the new blogger which took me a while to get the hang of cause my blog is using the older version still. i love the funky colours for the new blog!!!
so go and check out the new Scrap Girls Blog and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

quote of the week

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.
~Washington Irving