Friday, 30 June 2006

i survived.....

YAY!!!! I survived the first week of my kids school holidays. Just two more weeks to go.
Don;t get me wrong, I am loving them at home, as I now get to enjoy my sleep ins. I think 10am rises are quite reasonable, and it coincided as well with ABC kids finishing on tele. LOL. I'm NOT that bad, I am awake and are listening to every little thing they say. I swear I've got Inspector Gadget ears that can even detect which cupboard they are in and what object they have gotten out.

I had my post all typed out earlier this morning and then Anthony came in telling me he doesn't like me posting pics of our kids on the net, and then for some strange reason my computer crashed and I lost the whole post. Now I have to remember what I wrote.

I have sprung Connor about 5 times this week in the kitchen making his own vegemite sandwich. He thinks he is so grown up to do this. And who am I to argue with that as he walks all over the kitchen bench, smearing butter and vegemite into the bench and then digging wholes in the margarine. It's far too cute! So I took photos as evidence.

TUESDAY was a massive day for us. It started with me having a Guide meeting at home with 4 other leaders and also having an extra 2 girls to look after for a friend. When my meeting finished at about 11am, I thought the 4 kids would drive me up the wall, so off we went to the park for an hour. They played on the play equipment, ran around like wild children, fed the ducks and raced each other up to the top of the hill. Phew! I was exhausted, and was in need of a well deserved Maccas ice cream cone. I suppose I should get the kids on each too!
That night we had a Guide fundraising night at ROLLER SKATING at Penrith. My kids had never been roller skating, and couldn't wait. It was hilarious. Shanice had been ice skating before and was loving every minute and Connor, well, he was born with 2 left feet and was a sight to watch. He had all the spectators in stitches. But the best part was they had so much fun!

OK!!!!! blogger is not letting me upload any more photos, so they will come later.....

Wednesday we went to Penrith markets for a little looksee. Well, I needed some small zip lock bags and the lady that sells them wasn't there, so we had a saunter thru.Then off the scrapbook shop and as a bride Krispy Kreme followed.
That night I was off to do a class and Anthony was climbing, so the kids went with him. They weren't going to climb but Ant caved and they all had another great night. So much so that they were so exhausted they crashed and didn't wake until 8.30am Thursday morning. YAY for me!!!

Today, Friday, we were supposed to be going to see "Over the Hedge", but Connor had a really bad episode last night and I had to go thru with my threat. All over not eating his dinner. Maybe next week we'll go.

Well that's me up to speed. Its a crap day, so I think I may go and watch cartoons with the kids.
Oh! i did scrap today too, lol.

Saturday, 24 June 2006

Saturday night & I'm HOME ALONE!!!!!

Ahhhh..... YES!!!! I am home all alone on a Saturday night ....... & lovin it!
The kids had their last day of school yesterday and are now on 3 weeks school holiday (PRIVATE SCHOOL - you pay all that money and kids are home longer). So Anthony thought he'd take them down the farm for the weekend to give me a break as I work up to having them with me for the next 21 days. I can guarantee the fighting will start as soon as they get out of the tipper truck tomorrow afternoon.
So, Sheree came over and we scrapped.
I have finished 2 layouts and the third is just drying.

I am loving the one with me and kids, if I do say so myself, lol. But I'm not very happy with the one of Connor. There is just something about it that just doesn't look right.
I'm now going to plonk my butt on the longue and watch a movie, without being interupted.
OH Crap! I've just realised I washed my sheets today and I still haven't made my bed. I'll do that now before it gets too late.
What else is new.......
I booked myself in for Kim Archers new online classes. I really looking forward to these as I have never done one before.
Sheree and I did Alison Shearer's class on wednesday night at Scrapabout Australia. I love it. It was called Boho Chic using all the new yummy Making Memories products.
We finiahed in just over an hour so we spent the rest of the class time......chatting, what else is new, lol. Here is what I did.

Well I'm off to make my bed then watch a movie. Oh, what to pick.

Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Pics from Hawkes Nest

Fingers crossed Blogger decides to work this time and upload my photos!
The photos are a strange yellowy colour because the day they were taken was the day after massive rain and the sky was weird colours. So it's not my camera or the way I take photos, lol.

I've been busy the past few days working on Scrap Girls, which is certainly keeping out of mischief. I'm in the process of trying to find a suitable venue for our Hunter Valley getaway. I think I have found one, but of course I forgot to bookmark the webpage and now I have to search for it again.
As well as doing that, I've been putting together a Book Of Quotes. Talk a time consuming. I'm only up to page 11 and I've only done 3 topics - Scrapbooking, Christmas and friends. And I have about 30 more topics I want to cover.
My aim for these books is to sell them at a small fee with the proceeds to go towards purchasing better Creation Station Tools. I'd kill to get one of the new Provo Craft Cricut, so I'll have pull my finger out I think.

I'm off to a class at Scrapabout Australia tonight. Alison Shearer is doing a gorgeous Boho chic class. I must remember to take photo/s, trimmer and goodies tonight. I have been know to turn up for a class and forget those type of KEY things, lol

So I'm off to pack my scrap bag.

Monday, 19 June 2006

ummmm, aghhhhhh!!!!!!

I've been a VERY slack blogger as of late! I think it's almost been 3 weeks, and when I went to log in I forgot my log in name, lol.
I'll just go to the naughty corner right now!!!!
I've been a very busy beaver in this time. Where do i start........
I am really enjoying spending my days at home. The house still looks like a disater, but it's getting there slowly. I did spend the weekend working on my scrapping room, as the stash seemed to have populated all ove the dining room table. And every now and then we do like to eat off it, lol. I managed to put away ALL of the Scrap Girls stuff and into correct boxes and now I have a designated work area separate for Scrap Girls and scrapbooking. I'd like to see how long it lasts, lol.
Connor's class (KM) held there first school assembly friday week ago. It was so gorgeous. It was all about being kind to one another. For homework the week before he had to practise a sentance about something he had done that was kind to someone else. Every night before bed we'd practise. My kids aren't the type to participate in events like assemblies and usually will just sit/stand there are do nothing, and with Connor's "behaviour" issues this year I was sure he wouldn't do it. BUT, I was the proudest mum in the hall. He said his sentence beautifully and even his teacher stood there with a pround grin on her face. It was a real moment for his progress :)

I took the kids away for the long weekend up to Hawkes Nest. My parents had rented a 2 bedroom house for the weekend and asked if we'd like to go up for a few days. I took the kids out of school on the Tuesday so I could drive home with no traffic issues, we all know I have traffic issues, lol.
It rained all day Saturday and Sunday and in such a small space the kids were starting to climb the walls and send me to live with the crazies. Thank god monday was a glorious winters day. We took the kids fishing and to the park and they played outside in the back yard for yonks.
I managed to take some really nice photos too, if I do say so myself. (blogger is now having issues and is not letting me upload any, so will post some later)

Shancie had her first excursion for this year, and I got to go along too!!!! We went to Parramatta to Old Government House. I was an eye opener not just for the kids but for me too. They had an old classroom there and the kids were shown how children were taught back then, a few kids got quite scared and the lady who was posing as the teacher had to come out at lunch to show the kids that she was pretending and she was not real. Other than that the kids got to see how it was like to live in 1815 and they had a great time.
When we got back to school we had enough time for Year 2 to get there reports.
I am so proud of both of my children. Connor is a very smart little cookie and Shanice tries so very hard. What more can a mother and father ask for.

On the scrapping front - HA HA!!!!! not much happening there, lol. I've finished an entry in a circle journal and finished off two UFO's.

So that's about it for now. Shall post later on SCRAP GIRLS UPDATES!!!!!!
Now that certainly is keeping me out of mischief.