Sunday, 30 January 2011


Where did January go????
It seems that it was Christmas yesterday! This month has been full on, we have not sat still the whole time, but yet really accomplished nothing, lol.
So here's a quick recap of some of the things we did over January
And the scariest part of January going so quickly is that tomorrow my baby girl starts high school. I'm so nervous for her.....

Connor got a paint ball gun for Christmas and spent a lot of time firing paintballs at the garage door.

I held the first Scrap Girls Mother & Daughter retreat.
Both Shanice and mum came along too with 32 other girls and we had a fabulous time. Cant wait to do it all again next year.

It was mine and Anthony's 11th wedding anniversary on the 22nd.
Anthony had to go down the farm, which was fine and I got to finally have a few days to myself after having not 5 seconds without the kids for the entire holidays.
I spent some of the looking back at our wedding photos

Whats an Australia Day without Pavlova and lamingtons?
So I made them myself:)

And because of the crazy 42 degree heat we had a spontaneous water fight at Nic's place

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

quote of the week.....

The only way of finding the limits of the possible
is by going beyond them into the impossible.
~ Arthur C. Clarke

Monday, 3 January 2011

the quick version

In photos:)

11th December 2010
Anthony and I took Connor to his first concert to see Linkin Park.
They were awesome. I am so pleased that we got to go and see them this time round. Their new music is great but it doesn't beat the old skool stuff

12th Decemeber 2010
Was Hunter's 2nd birthday party. Mandy held it at Bicentennial Park at Homebush which was just lovely. We bought Hunter a very cute 6v Buzz and Woody quad bike, cause the aunty buys the best presents!

Hunter and Sarah

My gorgeous baby niece, Mackenzie

My spunky monkey, Connor

My gorgeous girl, Shanice
Blowing out the candles with a little help from mum and dad

13th December 2010
U2 at ANZ stadium with Karen and Sabrina. Was a great night and one to be remembered for a long, long time.

18-19th December 2010
We took mum and Hunter down the farm for the weekend. Shanice finally got to test out her dirt bike and Hunter got to have his first go on a real quad bike..... and loved every minute of it!
I do believe there will be more trips down the farm with Hunter

22nd December 2010
Our annual pre-Christmas lunch at Dals.
It was great to see all the girls again cause I had missed the past 2 dinners.
My kids, Dals and Ambers girls. Missing were Mandy's kids and Mel's girls cause they had already gone home and Tanya's 2 girls cause they had another lunch to go to.

23rd December 2010
Mandy had an appointment to go to so she needed 4 able babysitters for an hour. That required me, mum, shanice and connor to be on duty!
After several pictures of them all smiling nicely, Hunter had had enough and swack, lol

24th December 2010
Was the start of a busy day. Shanice and I had the job of decorating the gingerbread house - I iced, Shanice stuck all the lollies on and what a TOPS job she did.
Later that night me and the kids went with Joh and her girls to see the Christmas Lights at Girraween. We lost the boys on the motorbikes somewhere on the freeway, but met back with them at home.

Britney was the cheif photographer of all Xmas lights:)

25th December 2010
Christmas Day is finally here. Shanice and Connor woke at 6am to rip into their presents, which they loved. Connor got helmet, body armor and gloves for the quad bike and Shanice got the Sony boom box ipod doo dah she wanted. Of course then a stack of other little bits n' pieces.
Anthony's parents and sister came over for lunch which I totally stared at cooking if i do say so myself! Everything tasted YUM and cooked to perfection and all come out of the oven all at the same time. I'm not jinxing myself so I'm not going to do it again, lol.
Christmas night me and kids headed up to mums so we could have our Christmas the following morning. Mandy had already arrived, so it was just perfect with us all together that night.
26th December 2010
More present opening......... and more excited faces.
It was a little bit rainy and overcast but that doesn't put a dampen on our Christmas water fun and Nannies house.