Friday, 4 December 2009

3rd December 2009

* Our tickets to see Wicked arrived. Anthony surprised me by getting box seats for our 10th wedding anniversary coming up in January
* Shanice had squads. No one else showed up so she got one on one coaching which was great.
* Connor came along to squads too and swam in the pools cause it was too hot outside.
* I finally finished the 4th twilight book, Breaking Dawn, and i loved it. The books shit all over the movies

2nd December 2009

* went to watch hunter at his swimming lesson
* had coffee with Mandy
* I gave mum & Mandy the advent calendar I made them. They loved it!!!
* took the kids after school to see New Moon with Britney & Joh

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

1st December 2009

So last week I made my December Daily Journal and in order for me to remember what I did each day I'm going to write it on my blog too.

Tuesday 1st December 2009
* I went to Nic's to create another advent calendar for mum & Mandy, but came home early cause i couldn't keep my eyes open any more.
* The kids opened their first advent calendar box which asked them to write a letter to Santa. Connor did and it's too cute - very grown up and professional - definitely a keeper.
* Shanice and Connor got their tool boxes and played out the front with some timber off cuts.
* I am in Survivor heaven with 1 hour of the new Samoa on then 3 hours of the finale of Brazilian Highlands - happy dance
* Spent an hour researching ideas for me, Nic and Aunty Rae to create, create, create next Tuesday.
* I spoke to Mandy on the phone and Hunter wanted to talk to his favourite Aunty and he blew me my first kiss..... it totally made my day