Wednesday, 27 June 2007


i'm a little sad right now :(
sheree and i just went to our last class at Scrapabout Australia tonight. they are closing this saturday after only 2 years.
I feel very lost as we (as in sheree and i) have just found a place that we just LURVE going to for classes.
Thanks Alison for all the fun and (non, in my case) productive classes.
Thanks Leanne and Pat for your wonderful store. I wish you both all the best for whatever your journey takes you to next.
And thanks sheree for taking me there!!!!
Sheree email me the pics you took tonight too would you - pretty please!!!!

I had a nasty flu for the past 2 day and couldn't get to work today. but i'm feeling all little better now which is great. Ant is still home with his asthma and i think he's starting to drive himself up the wall. he just cant risk going back to work as his workplace is such and awful, dirty yucky environment which will make him sicker.
so he's home till next week - lucky us!!!!
I did try scrapping tonight, note the word TRY! i think i stuck 2 bits of paper down, lol
but i did finish another layout for the Scraploot "Fancy This" gallery. i've now got a couple more to do using some yummy Fancy Pants products.

i'm hoping that my aussie scrap source order arrives tomorrow so i can put the kids to work packing up kits. that should hopefully keep them busy for 15 minutes, lol, plus they love helping me with all the stock, it's like christmas!

Monday, 25 June 2007

Day #1:

well today was the first day of my kids 3 weeks school holidays. yes you heard me correctly they get 3 weeks, damn private school! you pay all that money and give you more holidays. with sort of $$$ we're forking out they should keep them longer, lol
yesterday i went over to Sue's and Sam i had the challenge of scrapping with stickers. I'm not a sticker fan at all! but i was rather happy with my 2 layouts. it was a crap day too, such good scrapping weather.

SCRAPLOOT was going beserk yesterday too! Sue barely had 2 minutes to sit with us as her and Craig were madly packing orders. You see Scraploot is having a crazy stocktake sale. here's more info......
June Stocktake Sale- June Madness@ Scraploot

Everyone is having stocktake sales! But ours is true madness.
We are clearing all items in our Double Up Categories - buy one, get one FREE - This is not a 20, 30 or 40% sale, this is a 100% SALE!
New Double Up Categories have been added
TRIPLE UP Categories, thats right TRIPLE UP! You get our great 2 for 1 offer as well as another similar product that we will select for you.
We are serious - we don't want to count it so we really are clearing the shelves ready for new stock.
Buy One, Get 1 Free for all items in our Double Up Categories marked as x2
Buy One, get 1 Free plus 1 more similar item in our Triple Up Categories marked as x3
Products will be packed as orders are received. Payment must be received within 5 days of placing the order. Where stocks run out we will replace your selected double up product with a similar product.
No further discounts will apply to internet or shop sales for Double Up and Triple Up Sale product.
Redemption vouchers cannot be applied to Double Up and Triple Up Sale product.

I've been workig on the blog for Scraploot too over the past few days and that is going to be ready to launch i think at the start of the new finacial year - aka 1st july 2007.
today me and kids went up to visit grandad. i made pumpkin soup for lunch with some help from my little helper, shancie.
of course the weather is still crap today and i'm starting to feel a bit fluey, so i snuck off for a quick lie down and i kid you not every time i drifted off to sleep i'd get woken up. not by the kids, by anthony who's home with really nasty asthma, so he's in the "let's annoy the crap out of kylie" mode. and it's going to be like this all week! wish me luck

tomorrow the kids and i are off to visit Acacia Paper Craft to pick up some daisy bucket pp and then to the library. that will take care of about 2 hours, lol.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

been scrapping!!!

that's right, you heard it correctly! I've been scrapping this week.
While i was over at Sue's on Sunday, I picked up the new Junkitz Fanci*ful pp's, ribbons and tagz & flowerz. they are just too cute and so me.
so with all this crappy weather sydney has been having i thought what a perfect opportunity for me to sit, scrap and watch the second season of beverly hills 90210 (that i got for mothers day). Yes i can hear you all laughing at me and that is fine, i'm thick skinned and lurve me beverly hills and melrose!!!!!

SCRAPLOOT is still having their fantastic Stocktake DOUBLE UP sale on at the moment. I would highly recomend you get your butt over there and grab yourself some amazing bargains. Sue is doing a buy one get one free sale and the product are amazing, not the crap you normally get in those type of sales.

Last week i received my first shipment for one of the classes at our SCRAP GIRLS Christmas In July retreat. This is for a gorgeous little Chunky Christmas mini album. The kits huge!!!!

We have redone the other 2 classes and are waiting for the shipment for those ones, so i'll share when they arrive.
If you would like to come along and join us, we still have a few spots left - about 5. So grab a few friends and Scrap Girls will give you a discount of $15 off the full package weekend retreat.
You'll be crazy to miss out on all our fun.
Here's a bit more info.
Scrap Girls
Christmas In July Getaway
20th - 22nd July 2007
Kiah Ridge Conference CentreTahmoor, Southern Highlands
Price - $245

The price includes:
* all meals
* staying in bunk style accommodation
* Famous Special Guest Teacher – Tracy Wyldman
* Scrap Girls Teachers – Sheree Power & Kylie Sheppard-Morris
* ALL Classes
* Scrap Girls Games
* ALL class kits
* ALL class Instructions
* Challenges
* Prizes & Giveaways
* Scrap Girls Goodie Bag
* Creation Station facilities
* Journaling Station access
* loads of laughs with great friends - old & new and heaps more.

Full weekend, 1 night, long day and part day packages are available, just email scrap girls to find out more.
If this sounds to tempting and you'd love to join us, please contact us to register and book your place as deposits are now being taken.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

a cool sale, working, woolies, cute stamps & fimo

all those things are written in the title so i dont forget, lol.
firstly........ SCRAPLOOT is having a really cool stocktake sale at the moment. here's more:


Everyone is having stocktake sales!
We are clearing all items in our Double Up Categories
- buy one, get one FREE –
This is not a 20, 30 or 40% sale, this is a 100% SALE!
Conditions apply – see home page for details.

Sue has updated the website today with the stock that has already sold and ones that you may recieve similar item not idential.
This sale is far too good to miss out on. so head over to scraploot
yesterday i had to work! civic video have a sale in june/july every year and my bosses like me to work them as i get there early to set up and pretty much know what needs to be done without being asked. i really quite enjoy doing these as a once off weekend shift. i didn't think i was actually going to get there yesterday as at 7am the rain was really heavy and the roads were a nightmare, even trying to see where the road was was difficult.
after work i went up and visited mum and dad for half an hour as a suprize. i picked up these cool socks in the chemist for better circualtion. at this point i think mum will try just about anything for dad. mum asked me to pop up to lincraft and get some more wool to make cute lil bunny blankets. going to lincraft is so not a problem.

so i drove back home and picked up the kids cause i thought they'd be driving Ant up the wall by then. went to lincraft with 2 very hypo, stir crazy children and very quickly spent $70. Shanice was picking out the woolies for her jumper nanny is going to knit her (whick turned out to be the expensive wool, lol) and i picked up these very cute little stamps.

because it's been so wet and i figured it would be wet again today i let the kids pick a block of fimo each so we could make something with it today.
I surfed the net last night trying to find easy little projects for the kids to make with their fimo when i came across a noughts and crosses game - perfect! they can make it together and then play it together. and still have some left over for the school holidays which start this coming fridat for 3 weeks!!!! i'm going crazy just thinking about it.

i also finished a lil mini album last night. shanice just lurves it and i'm really happy with how it turned out. it is for a sample for our Scrap Girls CHRISTMAS IN JULY retreat.
connor like it too and has asked where his is, so looks like i'm making a boy one now too!

Friday, 15 June 2007

whats friday going to bring?

what a fun day i'm going to have today. The good part is my bestest, bestest scrapping friends are coming up to visit, but not for a good reason : (
we have to totally re do our classes for the Christmas in July retreat!!!!
unfortunately some of the ladies coming along didn't realise it was a Christmas In July and aren't impressed with the classes already chosen (which are all off the page items and soooooo cute it's not funny). so back to the drawing board.

Ant spent the whole weekend too cutting out 50 odd Christmas Tree wall hangings ready to alter. so don't want to tell him we can use them now.

So now to decide on 2 layout classes for the weekend.
Unfortunatley I'd already received my order for one of the classes, a Christmas Day mini album, so that class will have to stay.

I'm sure whatever Trac and Sheree come up with at this late notice will be nothing short of amazing anyways!!!!!

wish us luck......................

Thursday, 14 June 2007


I was tagged the other week by the lovely Alison J. Alison i didn't forget i've just had bad internet thanks to DH sucking it all up.
So now i'm playing catch up, lol.

4 Favourites

My 4 Favourite Jobs
1. Babysitter (when i was younger! what a bludge of a job)
2. Video shop (started back on 1991 and yes i'm stull there!)
3. Running my our Scrapbooking Retreats business - SCRAP GIRLS (plug, plug)
4. and i suppose the most obvious favourite is being a mum

My 4 Favourite Local Places
1. Our newest favourite local place is the new swimming centre across the road. It's indoors, heated and has a waterslide!
2. Narraginjy nature reserve - 3 minutes down the road and kids can run a muck
3. not really local, local but about 10 minutes drive - Rouse Hill Regional Park
4. Scraploot - Sue lives so close it's great

My 4 Favourite Foods
1. Does COKE count? does now
2. sticky toffee pudding
3. Chicken Range Salad (froms Hogs Breath)
4. Chocolate

My 4 Favourite International Places
1. Wanaka (sp) - South Island New Zealand (hellllloooo skiing, lol)
2. Disneyland - went when i was 3 and would lurve to take my kids one day
3. Bali - need i say more (suck more piss was the slogan for that week back beofre kids)
4. And one place i'd love to visit and so would Ant - Alaska

The 4 People I'm tagging!!
1. Sheree
2. Tracy
3. Alison S
4. ummmmm and anyone else that want to have a go!

now i'm sure there is a tonne of stuff that i need to catch up on so i'll be back!

Saturday, 9 June 2007


No I'm not missing, I'm still here. I promise i'm not avoiding my blog, i have a perfectly reasonable excuse for not coming by!

My gorgeous, porgeous hubby decided to leave the new Playstation 3 on last Sunday afternoon downloading games from the internet and it sucked up all my data allowance for the month - CRAP!!!! Fingers crossed it ticks over tomorrow, so i'll be back to normal.
Tell you what, a week without internet is very traumatic. I've gone thru withdrawals, shakes and all. Had to sneak off to my parents to get a hit on Tuesday, lol!