Sunday, 31 May 2009

Bag Ladies

I had the most fabulous day yesterday.
Tracy and i had been talking for ages about having a sewing day instead of a scrappy day, so we finally decided yesterday was the day.
I dragged out my sewing machine (which had a heart attack, so i used Tracy's anyway), a stack of fabric and an array of different patterns i had collected.
I wanted to try my hand at sewing some bags, so we (more like me!) decided on one we liked and started cutting. The pattern made no sense but between the two of us we worked it out.
Here is what our bags turned out like
we are so excited by the end result.
there were a few learning curves and now we worked out what they are we will certainly be making some more.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

quote of the week.........

Give up what appears to be doubtful for what is certain. Truth brings peace of mind, and deception doubt.
Muhammad Ali

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

life just gets crazy some days

ain't that the truth!
Tell me where has the past week gone? i feel like i just blinked and i woke up in today and a moment ago it was last Monday! anyways...................
we've been busy, busy, busy here.

Last Wednesday i started my cake decorating class with one of the mums from school. we had so much fun and are totally loving it. i cant wait to go back tomorrow and finish my roses. i promise to take photos of them too.
After our class we had a great time walking around Rouse Hill shops and had a scrummy lunch. We only just raced in the door in time to get the kids from school in time.

Friday i had to take Connor out of school for him to see Dr Lydia. He just loves her and whatever she says to him makes sense cause he is a different kid when he comes home. As his appointment was mid morning we headed up to mums for lunch and so we could see Hunter.
The weather was so bad driving up i aquaplaned on the road and could bearly see out the windscreen. It was rather scary.
Saturday was super, super busy.
I met Jo and Rosey from 3 Angels Scrapping at the Collaroy Centre for a site visit. I was a little late cause the person who thought i was ringing was actually the wrong number - whoops!
What a gorgeous centre.
The views are just divine looking out over Long Reef and Collaroy. I cant wait to go.
there is still plenty of spots available if you would like to join us at The Arty Farty Angel Party retreat, 26-28 June 2009.
Click HERE for more details.
Once i headed back from the beach and got home, the kids got changed and we headed out to dinner up to Katoomba. How many kilometers had i traveled????
We went with some friends to this cute pizza place where the kids could make their own pizza dough creations. they get baked and then get to bring them home. Well that kept them amused for a while:)
The food was great and the company was better, so a good night was had by all.
Here are some piccies of the kids and their dough:
Sunday morning Joh and i took the four kids to the movies to see Night at the Museum 2 which was really funny.
Joh and i are in the midst of some grand plans so stay tuned for that one.
well it's Tuesday........... and I'm off to Nic's house to play.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

quote of the week...........

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.
~Milton Berle

Monday, 18 May 2009

we had a great weekend!
saturday i was pretty sick and was in bed until about 3pm when i just bit the bullet, got dressed and drove the kids up to mums so we could see Hunter. why, because he's just too cute and we all miss him so much.
i was in the mood for Harry Potter so i started at number 1. Shanice was into it too and sat and watched them with me and then we conned mum into it, so there we sat, 3 generations watching Harry Potter and knitting! i am such a Nanna.
sunday came around in the blink of an eye. uncle peter came up to mums to cook us all breakfast which is exactly what everyone needs to start the day on a sunday. it was YUM.
i told the kids we needed to leave at lunch time cause we had to get home so they could do their homework, but it was such a glorious day, i rang anthony and told him to jump in the truck, grab some kfc for lunch and meet us at crosslands.
we had a great time. running around and laughing. doing things and enjoying being a family. one of the best things was mandy and hunter came with us! mum stayed home cause mum needed mum time which i can totally relate too.
i told the kids that they could go for a walk on the boardwalk. i specifically told them not to talk to strangers and to stay together. i trust my kids and knew they would be good and sensible. what i forgot to tell them was to only go the viewing platform. they had been gone for about 15 minutes and anthony had arrived with lunch and i thought i'll just go and grab them, figuring they'd be on the platform or swinging off a vine next to it - WRONG!!!!! i go to the platform and thats when i saw them way up track heading back. it looked like they were headed for the 7 kilometer walk to berowra waters, lol.
they were so good! next i specify * strangers * stay together * AND only to the platform!

here are a few pics from our great day

hunter having a ball in his jolly jumper

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

quote of the week................

Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.
~Oprah Winfrey

Monday, 11 May 2009

mums day 09

we had the most wonderful mothers day picnic planned for yesterday but it all went pear shaped with the rain!!! Oh well.......... we changed our plans and headed to T2 in Hornsby for a Mothers Day high tea. It was so lovely. The kids got to experience it for the first time and sip their hot chocolates and sample some of the yummy treats that were in front of them.
It was a most civilised luncheon :)
Hunter made everyones day by being the gift giver and handing out all the presents after he made sure the wrapping tasted good. And between me and my two kids we all fought over who was going to hold him next and give him big kisses and cuddles.

My two special kidlets bought me a new pandora charm each - a treasure chest and a sun & moon charm. They are very stunning. Shanice decided this year that the mothers day stall at school is just crap and she didn't want to waste money there but Connor did and got me a lovely kitchen towel set with a picture frame and soap. I can just picture his thought process as to why he chose that present - God love him!
Hunter was very clever and bought his favourite aunty a chocolate brown throw blanket. Which is exactly what i was asking for. More like dropping hundred of hints as to how much i love Mandy's.
Mum was spoilt too. hunter gave his nan a very cute note pad and 2 gorgeous candle holders. And we gave mum a basket full of card making goodness as well as a cute pillow and mum plaque.

High tea wouldn't be complete without a trip into the shop to purchase some new tea. I got some yummy creme brule tea and turkish apple tea. YUM!!!!
And while in hornsby we must got to Smiggle and ooohhh and arrghhh over all the goodies in there as well as spend a small fortune.

And here is a little quote specially for my mum.......
"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother." Abraham Lincoln.

High Tea

Mum with her beautiful 3 grandchildren

Shanice and Hunter

On Saturday we had Joh & Nev and their kids and Nic and her 2 kids over for a BBQ. We had a great afternoon chatting and laughing away.
The boys played out the front with the nitro cars and us girls sat around and scrapped. What a great way to spend a great afternoon.
Here are the two layouts that i did

Thursday, 7 May 2009

weekend scrapping......

so i managed to squeeze in a few layout over the weekend while away at the Scrap Girls retreat.
i decided to work on my retreat album and did 4 layouts. simple but that's all I'm into right now.
these were some photos taken from the March 2009 retreat.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

quote of the week...............

The smallest act of kindness
is worth more than the grandest intention.
~Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

SCRAP GIRLS May retreat

May i just say that i had the most AWESOME time away over the weekend.
Yet again another successful Scrap Girls retreat.
4 days and 3 nights of scrapping away with some great company and amazing talent. The retreats keep getting better and better with each passing one and i am so proud to be a part of it.

Here are a few piccies from the weekend

Group Photo

"Crazy" group piccie

Me and my bestie, Miss Trac

Those crazy Bundeena MOLES - Lyn, Me and Max

Our own spethal basket case - Miss Nic

And the winner of Musical Chairs is............. Belle

The Girls - Belle, Trac, Me, Cath and Nic

Us - Me, Belle, Trac, Cath and Nic