Friday, 28 July 2006

july EDM's - DONE!!!!!

I have completed my first month of the Everyday Moments Comp that For Keeps is running. Yep, that's all 3 layouts for the month of July in the theme of family. I honestly never though I'd finish them, I thought I'd get al least 2 done and that would be it.

I've seen what's in store for August and I've got no idea yet what I'm going to do. I might just have to ponder it for a while.

Wednesday, 26 July 2006

PBA's - done!!!!!

Phew! I've just finished my 2nd PBA (paper bag album) that I've been hogging. That means tomorrow I can post it off to Elaine that lives in New Zealand.



those pics

Hopefully blogger will allow me to upload my photos now - grrrr!!!!

I've had Shanice now home for 2 days. She's starting to drive me a little nuts. It all started with a terrible barking cough and is now a sore throat and cough. I knew her teacher would send her home straight away after she did one little bark, so I decided to keep her home. She is under strict instructions today "not to come out of her room" expect for food and toilet, lol. Lucky girl has a tv, dvd amd playstation in there so why would she want to come out.

I've been spending most of my nights working on the new website. Which I just don't like and I keep changing my mind as to what I want it to look like. So I think I may have to do a make do job for now and go to tafe next year and learn to do it properly.

Because Shanice has been sick I haven't had a chance to work on the 2nd PBA I have here, but the photos are now printed and I've got a plan. With some luck I hope to make a start on it today.

Off to Scrapabout tonight for a class. Can't wait to get out of this crazy house and talk to adults for a while.

Monday, 24 July 2006

quick before I crash

just a really super dooper quick post before I drag my butt off to bed, which I should have done over an hour ago.
I've spent the last 4 hours working on my new Scrap Girls website, and I don't like it. It's TOO pink! and I know how funny that sounds coming from me - the Pink Queen! It's missing something and I just don't know anything about Frontpage and I'm winging it at the moment. So if anyone has any Front Page pointers I'f love to hear them.......
I've been scrappin lately. I know, this whole being a satm thing is really getting my scrappin going. I don't particularly like either of these two layouts, I'm just being fussy lately.

OK! Blogger is having some serious issues and won't let me upload my photos -grrrr!!!! So I'll do that tomorrow.

I've also done an entry in a Paper Bag Album swap I'm in, but I'll post a piccie of that tomorrow when I finish the other one I've got too!

Thursday, 20 July 2006

on a scrappin roll

Yep! I did another one today. I think this is a first for me. It must be like 3 this week I've completed.
Well, here is my 2nd layout for my Everyday Moments album.
The first was on "Aunties" this one's one "Sibling's" and the third is on "Grandparents". Yes I know there is no 3rd yet, but th photo and papers are picked ready to go, just need to find some inspiration, lol.

As I have mentioned several times before on my blog, just so I don't forget, my goal for this year is to do 50 layouts........... WELL I've done 44. I'm cheerin'. Happy dance, happy dance!!!!!

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

2 posts in 1 day

ha! I'm back. I thought I'd pop my layout I did in Kims online "Hour of Power #2" class on here before I forget. I absolutley love this picture of Connor, he is soooooo cheeky!

Mum and Dad came over for dinner tonight, but ?Mandy got stuck at work - dramas! It was really lovely except for the "evil" children came out to play. why do my kids turn into terrors when the family come over for dinner. They can come any other time, but for dinner they become horrid - grrrrr!!!!

I've decided to join the Shop & Crop EDM comp. Sheree is doing it and sounds like so much fun and motivating I might actually get it finished. Who knows!
Well the house is finally quiet again, so I might just go and watch a bit of tele before Anthony get home from climbing.

it's quiet......

Today is the 3rd day my bebe's are back at school and I'm noticing the difference in volume around the house. It's soooooooo quiet. So quiet I even had a nap on the lounge yesterday, but let's not go there.
After I did all my housework yesterday I decided I should scrap at least 1 layout for the new For Keeps comp. We all know I'll never, ever finish it, but I made a start. It took me all afternoon to gradually bring out my goodies and by about 5pm I sat down to start. Yep, right at the time I should be doing dinner and bathing children and all sorts. So it was a chicken nugget, chips and vegie night. easy peasy.

Here is my little creation. I just love this picture of Connor and my sister Mandy, who the kids call Nay! Now that's a story.
All Mandy wanted when Shanice was learning to talk was for her to say "Mandy", it was agonizing watching Mandy sit there for hours saying to Shanice"What's my name", well Shanice thought that Mandy's name was "Name" and so it stuck. And she loves it.

Well, I better go and put the dinner in the slow cooker, I've got mum, dad and Mandy all coming for dinner tonight, which is a first. Sheree is on her way over to scrap and I've got an online class on with Kim Archer at 1pm. Phew! a busy day ahead.

Sunday, 16 July 2006

last day of school hols

Well, back to normal tomorrow. Only hope that I can pour myself out of bed that early to get the kids to school on time. I am going to miss my sleep in's.

The kids have spent the whole weekend at my mum and dads. They had the best time and Nan & Grandad thoroughly enjoyed having them to spoil. They went up Friday morning an came back today at lunchtime.
It gave Anthony and I 2 whole day to get stuck into Shanice's bedroom. I managed to throw out 2 massive garbage bags full of CRAP!!! I couldn't believe how much crap a 7 year old can accumulate. Anthony built this massive box unit down one of her bedroom wall. It's taller than her. But it holds everything. She came home and there was even 2 boxes empty, which are now full of more crap that she brought home from Nan's, LOL.
I must get picture tomorrow, the unit is amazing. Anthony certainly did a fantastic job on it.

I met mum on Friday to drop off the kids. We were going to meet at Fagan Park but it was raining so we met at Flower Power Glenhaven as it has this gorgeous cafe with an indoor play area for the kids. The kids wanted to walk around the pond and then around the plants. I managed to whip out a few pictures. Of course my kids wont sit together for a photo so that photo is of Connor, upset because Shanice wont sit with him :(

Trac and the kids came for a visit last Thursday. Which is always fun. We always chat more than scrap. Oh and eat Krispy Kreme's. I did manage to do a layout that I started at her house the week before.

Anyways, I'm rambling, so I'd best go and get some sleep so I can my terrors to school on time in the morning.

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

day 2 day DRAMAS!!!!!!

Well I was almost here at about 1am Saturday morning while I was waiting for a phone call from Anthony. Why? I hear you ask, he'd taken Connor to the hospital!!!!!
In a matter of about 30minutes the glands at the back of his neck swelled up to the size of golf balls. Now if it was the front, I wouldn't have panicked, but the back I thought was rather strange. So off he went at 11pm. I waited here cause I didn't want to wake Shanice and drag her out too. They got home at 5.30am! I was horrorfied. They were waiting for a pediatrician who never showed up.
So my poor little man has not been himself for the past 4 days. Connor is one of those kids you dont realize are sick until they are better. For him to ask to go to bed in the middle of the day was a shock to the system, LOL. But his antibiotics are kicking in and he's on the mend.

Now onto Shanice. My little drama queen didn't like that Connor was getting so much attention so she decided that she was really ill too so she wont go to bed. Fair enough! So a little ignoring went a long way and she went to bed on time tonight with big smiles, it must have been that special reading I spent with her today while Connor was busy.

My mum and dad are having the kids for 2 whole night and 3 whole days this weekend, so I can get back to some normality before school goes back Monday. So what have Anthony and I got planned - Nothing! I wish. No we're going to build this monstrosity of a storage unit for Shanice's room in the vain attempt that she might keep it clean.
So much for a sleep in on Saturday. I might make up for it tomorrow, LOL. Speaking of which it is tomorrow, well the wee hours of Wednesday morning. So I think I might go and put Connor back in his bed and have a little sleep.

Shall post more on Scrap girls updates soon .......... remind me!

Wednesday, 5 July 2006

1st online class

How exciting!!! I've just finished my first online class with Kim Archer.
I was great, and I love the layout I've done. I was searching for about 2 hours for a photo last night and still hadn't picked one and about 10 minutes before the class started I was still without a photo, papers or journaling, LOL, typical me! But with less than 1 minute to spare I had found it all just in time.
I'm not the chatty type when on forums and stuff, which is so the opposite to me irl!
Maybe next time when I get used to the set up of an online class senerio I'll be more chatty.

The photo is back in 1993, I was 18 and went on the Fairstar for schoolies with about 9 girlfriends. I don;t remember being sober for any of the trip, but I had the most awesome time. This is me (in the green & purple striped top) and my good friend Leisha. You know what is funny, all the girls that went on the cruise with me are still my good friends today which is so great.

Well, this is now my 39th layout for this year. To say I my goal was to complete 50 this year, I'm well on track and looks like I'll be more that the 50 - YAY!!!!

Tuesday, 4 July 2006


School holidays certainly keep me busy. Here I was thinking that we'd be spending the whole 3 weeks at home, boy was I wrong!
Because Connor had his hissy fit last week and we didn't go and see "Over the Hedge" on friday, I thought that Shanice should not be punished for Connors bad behaviour and I took her out on Sunday morning for breakfast. We met mum and Mandy at the gorgeous cafe at Flower Power Glenhaven. YUM! I was totally stuffed until about 7.30pm. I was freezing cold, but that didn't stop us, we just made sure our table was under on of those outdoor heater thingos.
We went to Rouse Hill Regional park for a BBQ lunch with some friends. Thank god by then it had warmed up some. It turned out to be a busy little day.

On monday we were supposed to be going swimming (indoor, but yes my kids are crazy and will go swimming at the beach these holidays too), but Connor's little friend that we were meeting was sick, so instead we met Shanice's little friend at Rooty Hill RSL for the free kids movie. Well, I've never been to one of these before, they sure do get packed and they line up before opening!!
So this turned into a cheap day for mum. Only having to buy 2 kids lunches that my sparrows could have served, but at least I didn't have worry about buying lunch for myself, lol.

Tuesday took us down to visit my beautiful friend Trac. Was a shame it was raining but the kids really didn't seem to care. I did pack my scrapping stuff, but all I managed to do was pick a photo and draw a sketch. Well the thought was there!! All Trac did was pick a photo and push some paper around. Nether the less I enjoyed the chatting more.

Wednesday will take me to my first online class with Kim Archer, the kids to rock climbing with Ant in the evening and me back to Scrapabout Parramatta for another class. It sure sounds like a busy day.

Maybe I should get some sleep as it's now in the wee hours of Wednesday morning - thank god for school holidays and sleep ins, lol.