Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Hump Day - 1st week of School Hols

Well I've managed to make it to hump day of the first week of the school holidays. And yes they are driving me insane already.
I packed them up early this moring to go and visit Dallas and baby Makayla who live at Belrose and it's over an hours drive to get there. They both decided it would be fun to sit in the back seat. They did not stop jabbering the entire way there. lol.
It was so lovely to catch up with Dal again. And squeeze that bebe. Tanya was also there and it was nice to see her and not be at school. The kids didn't know what to call her, so we made the decision to call her Mrs Rintoul at school and Tanya in the holidays. I thought that was fair and hopefully is shouldn't be too confusing for them.
We had a lovely lunch and there was far to much food as always. Then Dal informed us they were left overs from her chrissy lunch on Sunday, lol. At least we made a whole in it for her so she wouldn't have to chuck too much out.
The kids had heaps of fun in the pool. Trying to get them out to have a sandwich was nearly impossible, lol.
I asked Dal if we pop down to Dee Why to the Scrapbook Shop Forever Always as they are closing down and have 40% off most of their stock. Well, didn't I get a bargain? I got the daisy whale ounch that I've been after for yonk as well asthe book I bought one of my teacher for the retreat that I wanted too, but in my madness only bought one. So I saved myself today over $45. BARGAIN!!!!!!
Oooooohhhh....... here's a pic of those yummy goodies, that will no doubt just sit in my stash because I'm too tight to use them, lol.

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