Friday, 29 August 2008


this week has been full of ups and downs.

it all started when i picked the kids up from school on monday. shanice had an excursion into the city where they went up centerpoint tower and then on the monorail to walk through chinatown. i thought she would come home tired, but........ she came home, went into my room and slept all afternoon.
tuesday morning was a struggle to get her to wake so i thought i let her stay home as she was complaining of a sore neck, headache and was hot to touch. and again she stayed in my bed and slept all day. this was huge!!! shanice NEVER does this, ever.
i rang anthony who went away with work on sunday and wasn't due back till wednesday night and he drove home from victoria that night to make sure shanice was ok.
wednesday was scary! we couldn't lower shanice's temperature not matter what we did. baths, showers, nerophin and panadol weren't helping and her temp was spiking at 39.4 - crap!!! i was so worried and anthony was starting to freak. this went on for several hours and then is finally came down - thank god. later that night it did it again but not as bad.
i had her at the doctors on tuesday morning and again wednesday morning to find out what it was and it turned out to be a respiratory infection. the doc said it would get worse before it got better and he was right.
i hope i dont have to go thru that again.......
she is still at home from school and will go back next week as she is still not right.

i have a few lo's to share. more to come as i haven't had a chance to scan them yet - been busy with children!

tomorrow i'm to a friends baby shower which i made all the invites for (well that what she told everyone anyways - mandy did them i just told her how to make them after i did the first one!).
AND in the morning we have the designer popping over to show up our house plans that he has done for us adding the extra storey - YAY!!!! fingers crossed

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

quote of the week.......

Tell a man there are 300 billion
stars in the universe and he'll believe you.
Tell him a bench has wet paint on it
and he'll have to touch it to be sure.
~Murphy's Law

Monday, 25 August 2008

lost :(

not the plot, cause i did that years ago, lol
BUT i have lost my pink Bind-it-all.
i have pulled the playroom apart - TWICE looking for it and can't find it anywhere. i'm so annoyed!!! i possibly lost at the Scrap Girls retreat back in April. Maybe someone picked it up by mistake. i remember packing it up into the box, but i just dont remember putting it away when i got home.
So if someone has it by mistake..... can you pretty please let me know if you find it :)
i had a great little day today. a group of mums from school and myself went to the movies to see.......................................
it was great. some spots were a little bad karaoke (especially Pierce Brosnan) but it made me want to sing, lol. and lets face it i just love anything with Colin Firth in it - he's just so charming.
we've made a date for the next movie - "Baby Mama", and we are going make a day of it while the kids are at school with lunch and shopping too.
i must say i am extremely lucky to have met such a great bunch of women, who are so giving and fun to be with and we all have the same common goals and moral for our children. and to think that we are all different ages with different aged kids too from different cultural background...... i'm feeling pretty blessed.
i'll be back soon with a layout share - YAY!!!

Saturday, 23 August 2008


i came into the playroom at 6.30pm to clean the corner and put all the old desk stuff away into the new desk. i did that a couple of hours ago and i'm still here!!!!
i got sidetracked on youtube, lol.
can i just make mention too before i post the funny video's i found that this is my 290th post and i have now had my blog for 3 years

i love this one, i've seen it heaps, but had to share

a spoof the classic

yep seen this one a million times too, but still love it

this was me...... before kids. i kid you not. mine and dads world revolved around the next ski season

not funny.... but.....ouch

some OMG accident pics you just have to see for yourself

you have to watch this shark attack

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Friday, 22 August 2008

it's here

OMG!!!!! the excitement i'm trying to contain is about the explode.
It's here, it's finally here and on my front driveway.
it's so bloody hot, i kissed it, which i might add had Antony in hysterics, lol. can't wait to finally take it on a long drive and enjoy my new baby - the black truck!!!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

zac power, goths and my ranger

my day started off fantabulously (if that is such a word). i dropped the kidlets all dressed up for open day at school and i headed up to see my doctor again at berowra.
i have been feeling off and can't put my finger on it for quite some so i went to the docs last week and had some blood tests. well it all came back perfect and margaret said my results are that good i should bottle my blood! that really doesn't give us an answer to why i feel "off" but it's ruled at any nasties like cancers and such like. so i'm changing the diet and going to try (LOL) to go to bed a bit earlier and see if that helps any.

mum and i went to kids school at lunch time for open day. it's such a great day. we get to spend time with each child in their classroom and then go on a treasure hunt around the school for a secret word/phrase. after lunch the parade in their chosen book characters.

this year connor chose to be Zac Power. he adores these books, he has every single one of the them - all 19!
and shanice.............. well we cant pronounce the girls name, lol, but she is this little goth child full of attitude! not only does she loves the stories but i think she thinks she is the character!!!

the teacher do a theme every year and this year was Alice in Wonderland. most of the teachers dresses as the "Cards", there was also tweedle dee & tweedle dum. That is the school principal as the Mad Hatter and the deputy principal as the White Rabbit. Shanice's teacher last year was Alice and the librarian was the Queen. It was great!!!
Connor really shouldn't gone to school today as he is still really ill with his middle ear infection but there was no stopping him for his favourite day of school of the year (does that make sense).
I got a phone call too today from Ant to tell me............................. he picked up MY UTE!!!!!!
omg i dont believe it's finally ready. it still has a minor part missing, but that can be fixed on the first service. it's off to get the alarm installed and windows tinted tonight and tomorrow and hopefully i shall see my baby tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

quote of the week.......

The length of a film should be directly
related to the endurance of the human bladder.
~Alfred Hitchcock

Monday, 18 August 2008

it's time to get serious SALE!!!!

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Sunday, 17 August 2008

busy, busy, busy weekend

it has been like a mad house here this weekend, but i must say i have had a FABO time.
so, where do i begin...................
on friday i had the builder/designer come over. he was here for nearly 3 hours going over exactly what i want on the second storey. we got down to all the nitty gritty - bricks, rendering, how many power points per room, where the stairs will go, cupboards, types of doors and so,soooooooo much more i could be here typing for hours.
it was very exciting. john measured the entire house inside and out and we should have our design in 2 weeks. i cant wait to see what it will come back like.

friday afternoon anthony left to take the mini back down the farm to work on her there as our NEW truck has finally arrived in Australia and will hopefully be ready for us to pick up this thursday with all my extras.
so while Ant was away i took the kids to Emerton Leisure Centre for a swim for a few hours and then they got maccas for dinner and a movie night in the lounge room while i played along here:
i competed 2 of the challenges, which is a huge accomplishment for me, lol
it was Mandy's birthday on thursday so we decided to go to Fagan Park to celebrate. It was my job to organize the lunch and as a surprise i did lolly bags, lol. everyone loves lolly bags :)
we arrived at about 11am and we were having so much fun just enjoying the gorgeous day that we didnt end up leaving till almost 4pm. it was a shame to go home.
when we did get home, it was just me, anthony and connor because shanice had persuaded Nay (aka mandy) to letting her have a sleep over. i think she was just trying to get away from her brother. anyways, the 3 of us all laid on the lounge and watched The Librarian together. Anthony and i love the movie and thought connor would enjoy it too. and he loved it! it was great to have cuddles from my little man for nearly 2 hours
this morning we awoke around 9am and got dressed in a flash because we were headed to the movies to see...............
connor loved it!!!! what more can i say
we did a tad spot of shopping and i scored a new jacket and summer top - with bling! and ant got a pair of jeans, jumper and t-shirt! spoilt!
i left the boys at Blacktown Library while i ducked over to visit Nicole and Therese at Acacia Paper Craft. i had a bit of a chat and grabbed a few bargains.
we headed home and i cleaned up the house and did normal mum stuff like washing, ironing and washing up while the boys played out the front.
shanice finally came home at about 5.30 just in time for a roast dinner - which i must say was YUMMMM........
now all 3 kidlets are all tucked up in bed and i'm about to do the same
i hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine :)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

i won!!!!!!!!

oh YAY!!!! i never win anything
i got a lovely email this moring from Tracey & Jodi from Scrapping Word Pictures to let me know that i was one of the winners of the July competition _ YAY!!!! i'm so excited.
I won a fabo shpooing voucher from Anna's Craft Cupboard which i cant wait to spend and add more goodies to my every growing, compulsive stash.
Thanks you guys

while at the LSBS retreat on the weekend i completed 2 layouts and Lisa Pate's mini album class. I was determinded to completely finish the mini album before moving on to another project and i was so happy with the end result.
on the first night Trac gave me a goal to scrap one whole layout with NO scallops while having my stupid fingernails on!!! what was i thinking getting false nails on the day of a retreat? i think i drove Trac and Anne mad by the end of the weekend, lol. and yes i still managed to have all of the attached too.

layout using challenge kit number one!

a just because i could layout
Trac and i had the best weekend. Sue and Lorrainne, 2 of my loyal Scrap Girls customers came along too and we all sat together along with Anne. it was a great escape, i don't think i have laighed so hard. i can't wait till next years retreat.
i think the best thing is that i can switch off and know that i dont have to worry abou the running of the weekend, lol.
Thanks CATH & NIC - you girlies totally rock!

spreading the word......

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quote of the week

If we opened our minds to enjoyment, we might find tranquil pleasures spread about us on every side. We might live with the angels that visit us on every sunbeam, and sit with the fairies who wait on every flower.
~Samuel Smiles

Friday, 8 August 2008

8th of the 8th 08



how lucky is he to have his birthday today. born in the year of the dragon and this year is the year of the dragon and with all those eights - he is one lucky man!!!!

this mornibng i had my whole day planned out. i was goin to get some coke, get a large coffee and go and get my nails done before coming home to pack for the LSBS retreat this afternoon. but that went pair shaped when i was getting my coffee the school rang me at 9.20am to come and get shanice.
you see, when shanice fed the dogs this morning she moved thier bowls just after they finished eating. Indi is a bit skittish atm cause of the storm yesterday and snapped at shanice and bit her hand. so shanice told her teacher who sent her straight up the office to come home - GREAT!!!!
so i took her to the doctors and she is fine! so i then made shanice sit there while i got my nails down. and god damn they look good, lol!!!!
shaniced was happy to read her spongebob magazine that she bought. and now we are home and i really need to start to pack
have a great weekend everyone

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

quote of the week

The amount of sleep required by the average person
is five minutes more.
~Wilson Mizener

Monday, 4 August 2008

we have a date

YAYYY!!!!!! finally
Ford rang anthony and have FINALLY given us a date in which our truck will be in the country and at the dealer. we have only been waiting 3 months for it to be built, shipped from america and ready for us to drive.
we should have around the 17th august and then it goes to Ant's mate Jason to get a very dark window tint and then onto another mate to get the alarm fitted. then i should be able to drive my very pretty, beefy black ute with all my cool banana extra to make it look just plain mean!

oh, i am typing this post from my brand spanking new puter. and i am soooooooooooo lurving it! it's very pretty, very black and the screen is absolutely massive, lol. yep, we certainly needed a bigger desk to put it on on.
now i just have to transfer everything over from the old puter's hard drive to this one. and i can finally reply to some emails - cause outlook crapped itself bout a month ago and i haven't been able to access my contacts.
on friday before we headed down the farm, the kids spotted white fluff all on the back veranda. Duchess had pulled the double cushion off my outdoor lounge and pulled all the stuffing out! it was rather funny looking back at it now. i made the kids clean it up cause they spotted it, lol, i think they had more fun chasing the dogs than cleaning up.
not looking very happy bout cleaning up duch's mess
the very cute culprit
that's it, i'm off to plan on my new puter

Sunday, 3 August 2008

big plans

it's taken quite a number of years for us to get where we are today and bloody hard work i might add too. starting off trying to raise a family of 4 on next to nothing, we have come a long way.

i would like to add now, before i forget and make it all about me, lol. that i am so proud of my hubby! not only do i love him and hate to death at the same time, but he's worked his butt of to make our future look fantastic! love ya honey (yes, i know you read this and yes i know you hate it!)

(picture courtesy of PLC Photography)

anthony was working away last week when he rang me to tell me he'd been thinking - i hate it when he does that and vice versa. in about 6-12 months time we'll be earning enough $$$ to move. the only drama is we do not want to take the kids out of there school. the area might be shite but RJAS is bloody fantastic and has been wonderful for both of our kids, so moving isn't an option. then Ant spoke with his dad and it looks like we'll be building up instead!

I am so excited! so are the kids and so is anthony!

more than likely we'll put another 3 bedrooms upstairs and a kids room for tv, toys and study as well as a walk in robe for me! we'll knock out the wall to connor's room and extend out back living area and our bedroom downstairs will become MY office! Shanice's room downstairs will become a guest room but i reckon it will be come a special blue baby room for when Mandy's bub come over for sleep overs!!!
my brain is going 10 to the dozen with idea of how i want things to look etc. i'm very excited!

first step this week is to ring the council, ring aussie home loans and ring some builders (now you think anthony would be able to do that bit, but he's too busy!)

we headed down the farm on friday for the weekend. and as we drove the wind was getting stronger and by the time we hit campbeltown the rain started. thank god i packed really warm clothes and lego for the kids. anthony's asthma is still playing up, so on saturday the weather hadn't cleared so we came home early.

and because i was so excited about building up i thought i'd start doing a clean out. the playroom didn't know what hit it. i thought maybe i'd chuck out 2 rubbish bags - a mounded car trailer load i did, with some help from anthony who was watching spongebob holding the bag open while i chucked! we rearranged some furniture, cause my new computer arrives on monday and i need a bigger desk to hold the 22 inch monitor.

today's mission was to buy a new computer table for the kids and a new corner computer workstation for me.
the kids was easy. mine was a nightmare. we ended up in harvey norman buying a gorgeously massive desk with hutch, rolling drawer set, and return. it was a little bigger than i first anticipated! it wasn't in stock but should be here by the end of the week - YAY!!!!

oh! i scrapped this week too, lol

more to blog bout soon - still need to post about the july retreat! it was SOOOOO good!
this weeks mission
  • see Batman - dark knight (oh yay!!!)
  • put away some of scrap girls stuff i brought back from tracy's yesterday (thank trac)
  • scrap another layout, lol
  • pack ready for the LSBS retreat this weekend
  • make cupcakes - very important
  • see shanice's maths teacher about her improvement
  • get someone to come and install my second air conditioner that's been sitting in the playroom for 6 months
  • get Indi and Duchess bathed and nails clipped by a dog groomer - cause i'm doing their nails again, they growl at me, lol
  • cut out fabric to sew some more bags - with new patterns
  • i might clean

and i think that should be all on this weeks agenda, lol.