Sunday, 24 February 2008


i thought i had forgotten how to scrap, but last night i remembered, lol
Anthony took both the kids and the dog down the farm for the weekend so i could have some quiet time! Which has been wonderful. I asked sheree to come over and scrap with me last night. i honestly didn't think i'd do much more than watch her scrap and talk, but sheree made me, lol.
i pulled out some old Elsie papers and a photo of shanice and one of my new journaling spots that i created and made - YAY!!!! and i did this

i've left all my scrapping stuff out incase inspiration strikes again!
it did make me realise that all my papers are so old and i haven't bought any new ones for ages, so it looks like a trip to Scraploot is in order early this week.
well i'm off to watch a movie while i finish the ironing

Thursday, 14 February 2008

a show

The Creative Living Expo is on this weekend at Rosehill Racecourse. From Friday thru to Sunday (10-5 daily to be exact, lol).
I'm helping out for a few hours everyday on the SCRAPLOOT (if link doesn't work, look in my top bar) stand, be sure to pop by and say hello. Sue has some great products going out there and i reckon there will be a few bargains to have as well.
I'm really looking forward to a few days doing some "me" stuff. I'm needing it about now.

This week has been a mad one!!! I dont think i've sat still all week.
Monday - over maevan's cause she's helping me with my new website.
Monday Night - Parent info night with Connor's teacher
Tuesday - Shanice's swimming carnival (we wont go there, lol). then the crazy after school activites.
Wedneday - working, shanice lesson straight after school, race home to do dinner, girl guide meeting, and parent info night with shanic'e teacher
Thursday (today) - i'm about to go to the doctors YAY!!! so i might be able to sleep. trying to finish a million projects for Scrap Girls and finish a mini album to take to the show tomorrow (fingers crossed i finish it or Sue will have my head).

I tired thinking of all that stuff.

Monday, 11 February 2008

on the sponsorship trail

yep, that's me.
For the past week i've been trying to find sponsors for our Scrap Girls 2008 retreats. Instead of emailing online store and wholesalers each time we have a retreat (which is 5 times this year) i decided to send them one package at the start of the year.
It's taken a while to get the package just right, cause me and words sometimes dont mix, lol.
Anyways, i was visiting Maeven ( )this morning cause she is showing me how to create a new website. Oh yes, the infamous new website, lol, hopefully now it will be finished soon!!!!
Maevan has donated to our retreats this massive big box of goodies to spread out throughout the year of retreats. Thanks Maevan, you are so super generous.
And thanks for the cookies they are yummy!

Monday, 4 February 2008

scrap girls

just a little plug........
If anyone out there is interested there is still a few spots left for our Scrap Girls april 2008 cropfest.
Click on to for more details or you can email me on for more info.
We have the best fun, so you wouldn't want to miss out

Sunday, 3 February 2008

a wedding

Anthony and i went to a wedding yesterday.
My friend skye is the last to get married out of all of our friends from school.
I woke up in the morning and the first thing i did was look at the weather report because the cermony was at the lookout in Berowra Heights. Rain!!!! oh no! well, i'd like to know where it rain cause i didn't see a drop. i know it did rain in berowra several hours beforehand though, and it has absolutly bucketed down today.
But the weather held out and it was absolutly gorgeous wedding. Very simple but elegant and Skye just looked beautiful. Mark looked great and Mark's 3 boys looked for grown up and proud of dad.
I stood at the front next to Dal during the ceremony and in typical Dallas fashion she starts crying so i quickly put the camera up to my eye and started snapping cause i knew i'd start too, lol. Thanks Dal!
What more can i say. It was just a perfect lovely day and i had a great time.

Friday, 1 February 2008


first of all..... nothing is ever NORMAL in the sheppard-morris household.
Shanice and Connor went back to school yesterday, so there is some sense of normality back. The procrastination in the morning for getting dressed and then brushing their teeth. I truely do believe they just love to get me all worked up in the morning, lol.
Shanice is now in Year 4 and has a new teacher to school - she looks very nice. And Connor is in Year 2 and has Mrs Capel his junior choir teacher who he just loves, so i couldn't be happier.
About 30 minutes before the end of the day bell we get to go and visit there classrooms and see what they have done on the first day. Connor was very accomodating with this and let me help him colour, but Shanice was back to being "Little miss attitude cause i'm back at School" shanice!!!! So i didn't get any photos of her :(

It was such a hot and sticky day, we came home from school and the kids went swimming in the pool. Shanice came racing out of the pool and Indi tripped her up and went for a massive stack right on the garden edging and pavers leaving her with and massive graze (about 15cm long and 6 cm wide) on her hip and cuts up one wrist. Poor bugger!!! it looks nasty and sore, but were it is, i can't put anything over it only savlon cream.
soooooo.... here are a few piccies from yesterday.
I met up with Sheree today and Maevan for coffee and cake (yum chocolate crosants!!!) at Starbucks. Maevan had some really sad news to share with us too.
It was a great morning though and we spent about 2 hours there, it must be those really comfy chairs and great conversation!!! swe'll have to do it again REALLY SOON!