Saturday, 15 December 2007

happenings of the past week.....

this week has certainly been a busy one for us. let start at the begining.........

and so begins the week of the kids last half week of school for 2007. yes you heard me, my kids kids have finished school already. that's private school for ya! you pay all that money and they are at home longer with you, lol.
this was an exciting day as the kids both came home with their yearky school report - and some exciting news! I was so happy with both of them. Both Shanice and connor had done extrememly well. Shanice has improoved so much this year, we are so proud of her. And then came my proud mummy moment!
Shanice was receiving the "Most Improoved" award at presentation night !!!!!! If any kid deserved this award it certainly is her. she has tried so hard this whole year and her grades have improoved so much. Yep, i'm waffling, lol

both shanice and connor where going to practice all day at St Pauls Grammer ready for presentation night, so they weren't really at school. Shanice was reaceiving her award as well as singing in the senior primary choir and connor was singing in the junior primary choir.
the night started at about 6.15pm, and was the best one we've been to. they are normally so long and boring but this one ran a bit quicker and smoother.
I had my proud moment when shanice got her trophey, and i had a little cry.
then as a treat, they both got maccas chippies on the way home.

the last day of school, and a half day at that!
it was a mufti day, so i had to go and raid the washing basket for shanice's leggings as i haven't been able to wash all week cause of working and the terrible weather.
they were only at school long enough for me to come home and wash up, go over to Sue's to pick up a few things for some Christmas layouts, drive to Blacktown to meet Anthony for an early lunch and pick up a layby from Target (which turned out to have 2 things in there that Connor got for his birthday, lol, so back to square one), and then go and pick them up.
I managed to get a photo this year of both Shanice and Connor with their teachers.

It was also the day that we get the sealed envelope telling all us anxious mums which teacher and class they will be in for next year. Shanice has a new teacher, Mrs Gordon, and she is in the same class as Ethan again which i'm really pleased about (ethan and shancie have been in the same class since kindy!). And Connor i'm stoked about, he has got Mrs Capel, which is his choir teacher and he just loves her.
After we finally left school, i promised to take the kids to Emerton Leisure Centre for a swim before shanice had to go to her last lesson with Lisa. They had a great time swimming and some of their friends from school came with us too which was great.

Saw us waiting for an hour at the doctors! I wanted to get Connor's anxiety back under control before we start Year 2 and i needed a refereal to see another child pschologist as our one with Dr Lydia had exprired. But we have it now and need to wait till monday to make the appointment.
We then went to visit Aunty Dal and the girls for Christmas. The kids love visiting the girls Makayla (almost 3) and Abi (11 months). Dal and got to chat a little in between playing with the kids. I got some great photos of the kids under the Christmas tree.
When Abi went down for her sleep, they made Reindeer food which was very exciting

we stayed home, packing ready for out little holiday.
the kids misbehaved in the afternoon and i told them to go and put all their packed clothes and toys away cause they weren't coming. well i think i broke their hearts, but whatever i did worked because they certainly are behaving now!
i did manage to get a few photo for Christmas of them too

and my cousin, Darrel and Lynsey sent me this cool link. Get the kids to check it out! thanks guys, the kids loved it.

well, that brings us to today. in about 45minutes we are leaving to go up to mums.
We, being me mum mandy and the kids are spending the week up at Smiths Lake in a house right on the lake. Which will be very nice as we all need to get away and are so looking forward to it.
before i go i need to get out of my pj's for a start, wash my hair, pack my scrapping stuff, right a detailed grocery list for Anthony (which will take forever), and then right the list of all the presents that i have bought for the kids incase i need to get a few extra while i'm away. i hate it when it's not even cause the kids - well you know what kids are like.

so until next week.........
eta - i've gone to add photos but blogger seems to being having one of those days, so i'll upload when i get back next week

Thursday, 6 December 2007


............... i do know how to scrap!
I know that my scrapping has been MIA for quite some time now. But i have gotten around to doing a few projects for Scraploot as of late.
Nothing else has been done, but these 2 mini albums have.
The first is a Christmas mini star album. i did it with pictures of the toys that are on Shanice and Connors 2007 wish list from Santa. I'm quite happy with this little one and the kids love it too!

the second one is using the "I can see clearly now... the cover is clear" albums that are exclusive to Scraploot - designed and made by Scraploot.

i chose to do my clear album on Connor. For a few years now he has spoke about wanting to be rock star when he grows up - he's only 7 god love him! so for my album i asked him what his favourite songs were and on the left hand side of each page i printed out the lyrics to that song. and on the right i put a picture of him and the name of the band.The bands are in his prefernce as to who he loves the most and i can so tell he gets his taste from his mother, lol.