Sunday, 16 November 2008


i can cross off "THE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING" off my to do list.
it's all done............. well approximately 98% is done. still have to get mum's, anthony's (ordered him 2 contracted paintings - just need to arrange the pick up time) and a few more pieces for the kids stocking fillers.
wooo hooooo.
that's one load off my mind so i can concentrate on the safe arrival of the "Blue Baby", aka Hunter. i can't wait to meet my nephew. the anticipation is killing me. i'm so going to love him to bits and give him big, big squeezes and loads of kisses.

I'm in the middle of scrapping a project at the moment which is bit of a surprise that i can share soon. and i'm loving it!

the shed in the back yard is almost done. Ant just has to:
  1. run the power
  2. put up the gutters
  3. attach to gutters to the rain water tank
  4. insulate the walls
  5. line the walls
  6. paint the walls
  7. build the shelving units
  8. do something with the floor in the shed
  9. fix the garden at the front
  10. move everything in

oh dear!!!!! i didn't think there was that much still to do. good thing the lady of leisure is at home most days to take some of the pressure off :)

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