Monday, 17 November 2008


what a weekend of dramas with the neighbours.
there is a massively long story to go with it which may get slightly confusing, so lets not go there. anyways we have suspicions that the young kids next door are dealing drugs. dont know what drugs and personally i dont really care. what i do care about is the safety of my 2 little kids.
on Saturday night there was a HUGE blew out the front with a massive Samoan father yelling at the boys for selling drugs to his daughter that was screaming her head off.
I go to panic stations and start dead bolting the door and have 000 pre-dialled into the phone while i sit under the front bedroom window to listen.
it doesn't help that we are the first house on the common driveway and they are the middle house, so all the cars sit out front of my bedroom window.
this goes on all day till 2am in the morning with the bloody "P" platers with their doof doof music, lowered bucket's of shit cars with holes in their exhaust pipes rattling while i'm trying to get to sleep.
what do i do?
do i call the cops or the council? they are going to know it's us
do i say nothing and risk my kids being exposed to that
do i approach the kids and their parents next door?

i just dont know what to do. all i do know is that i dont want it anymore going on right next door to my children and in my driveway.

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