Friday, 28 November 2008

not today

No Blue Baby today :(
I have been waiting here at home on tender hooks and it got to 10.45am and i just could wait any longer so i rang Mandy at the hospital for her only to tell me "not today", BUT hopefully Monday.
It probably is a good thing that baby Hunter isn't arriving today as I've got a nasty, nasty head cold and feel like utter crap. so I'm now going to dope myself up on sinus tablets and cold & flu tablets to knock it on the head, so by Monday I'll be healthy to meet little Hunter and give him big squeezes.

Connor is performing today at Mt Druitt Westfield. It's a 4 hour event and they get a sausage sizzle for lunch and heaps of other food and drinks. They are doing a Christmas pageant with heaps of songs and skits. Connor has gone dressed as a shepherd, and looks super cute if i must say so myself, lol

Both the kids are going in separate directions this weekend so Anthony and i can get stuck into the playroom and shed and tidy everything. Connor is headed down the farm with Pat and Michael and Shanice is going up to mums to help put up her Christmas tree.
Once we tackle the shed i should consider putting ours up one night next week. Maybe Hunter could help.

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