Sunday, 9 November 2008

baby shower

Yesterday we had Mandy's Baby Shower.
the weather held off and we had the most perfect day. Mandy and the blue baby (aka Hunter) got completely spoiled and showered with so many lovely gifts.
We played some very novel baby shower games and i went a little berserk with taking photos. between me and trac we took about 250, lol.
I made some scrummy frufru cupcakes from scratch and then spent about 2.5 hours icing them on saturday morning. apparently they were delicious but i was a bit apprehensive and thought everyone was being nice. so for morning tea today i had to see if they were all lying and just being nice and OMG they were great, and i dont like cake!
i made a little tag book and got everyone to write a wish on it for mandy and hunter. i thought it would be a lovely little reminder of the afternoon we all enjoyed.
Mandy is now 35 weeks and it's not long now.
payback - mandy always used to grab my tummy and razz my kids up when i was pregnant.
mum, mandy and me
some of the very cute pressies
a duck with a blue bow - dont ask!
my fru fru cupcakes - yummmmmmm
Trac brought the kids up for the baby shower and she spent the night too. it was a full house at mums last night, lol. the kids had an absolute ball. and this morning, more like lunch time, just as we were going to leave mum took the 4 kids next door to visit the animals and feed the chooks and the kids decided they all wanted a swim. i said "no", mum said " to go in their undies" so shanice took her shoes off and jumped in with ALL her clothes on. it was too funny
we drove home this afternoon all exhausted from all things baby. Anthony was out the back building the shed. He's laid the timber paneling for the floor and is now making the frames for the walls. Connor decided he wanted to help so he donned his carpenter gear and went to help dad.
I have had a fabulous weekend and i'm now going back to reality with doing the washing up and the ironing - yuk! but with fingers crossed i am going to scrap too :)
hope you all had a great weekend too

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