Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Aunty Kylie

i have lots to catch up on, but firstly and MOST importantly.......... i am going to be an aunty VERY soon. Mandy is due on the 15th but, it looks as though the Blue Baby (aka Hunter) will come this Friday or Monday at the latest if he doesn't come naturally before then.
I am so wrapped! my bag is ready and packed for the awaiting phone call

onto other notes of importance..........................
  • shanice got her Blue pen licence on friday, which is a great achievement and something all Year 4 kids hang out for all year.
  • Both Shanice and Connor received a Special Award for tokens collected at school this week. they are both 1 point closer to receiving another Principals Award
  • i was supposed to be at Nicole's house scrapping today with Nic and Sharon........ but instead i have shanice at home. she apparently did something to her stomach muscles yesterday and has been in heaps of pain all last night and today
  • i went to check on shanice last night and received a massive scare. i found her on her back in bed with foamy bubbles all around her mouth. my first thought was she may have fitted, but i slept with her and i think now that it was just bubbles - i HOPE!
  • my playroom looks like an atomic bomb went off TWICE! Anthony finished pulling the shelving unit out of the playroom and finished lining the shelves in the shed yesterday. Now we are in the middle of moving it all. i didn't realise there was that much stuff. i think we may need a skip bin to come so we can get rid of all the rubbish
  • Anthony is now away for 2 nights. yay, i'm home alone, lol, i can hog the bed and not get growled at

I think that is it for right this very minute. Shall keep everyone posted on the arrival of my nephew, the Blue Baby Hunter - happy dance, happy dance.

I'm off to go and cook a choc fudge brownie and maybe a little scrapping.....................

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Tracy said...

So exciting!!! Can't wait to meet the Blue baby, Aunty Trac will be needing some huggles :)

Trac x