Monday, 10 November 2008

my backyard

it's looking like a bomb site right about now.
a while back i mentioned we were going to do some massive renovations to the house, well............... after 2 quotes and a real estate agent later, then finding out some horrible news we decided to stick with what we have and just make some minor adjustments. Then in a couple more years we can re-evaluate and move!
so in order for anthony to reclaim his garage back and move in 2-3 minis to restore, i am getting a shed! and not just any shed. this shed is bigger than our bedroom and is taking up a fair chunk of our backyard.
Anthony has done the footing and is now building the frames for the walls. It will be fully insulated when finished with power, so eventually the kids could use it.
After the shed has finished Ant will then move the false wall in the garage o i can still have an office area in the house.
And then.............. we are going to convert the back veranda to a queensland room so the kids can have that area for all there "stuff".
With fingers and toes crossed it should all be completed in January. Until then, we live in a shambles, lol
Here are a few pics of what the shed looks like so far
and because i was outside this morning taking photos, Dutch posed for me but Indi was a little shy

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