Wednesday, 19 November 2008

happy, happy birthday monkey man

it's Connor's birthday today!!!!!
he's now 8 years old. and he pronounce that to us at 4am this morning - as he was born at 4am. we managed to get him back to sleep for another hour and a half before waking at 5.30am to open presents. unfortunately there are no photos from this because i could barley focus my eyes let alone operate a camera.

he was very spoilt as per usual............... we bought him :
  • Rip Stick skate board - which he really, really wanted
  • Series of Pirate novels
  • Lego city semi trailer
  • UB funkies console starter pack - some game thing for the computer
  • and 4 extra ub funkies

He headed off to school all excited with a tray chokers with mini cupcakes with blue icing and 100's & 1000's.

mum and Mandy came over to help completely go thru Connor's room - my little Connor's birthday present to ME! i told him he wouldn't have a party if his room isn't clean. well....... 3 massive black garbage bags of crap later and we were done. he now has a floor and a few spare shelves to put some lego creations on.

we headed to Spur's for dinner, which is our families fav restaurant - very kid friendly. the staff even sang their special happy birthday song to Connor which he loved.

the kidlets are now in bed, completely exhausted and coming down from a sugar high!

i just love the excited look on his face as he opens all his super cool pressies

he brought the smallest exo force lego piece to dinner cause he couldn't wait to start building it. there wasn't enough room at our table so he took himself off to the table opposite us and sat all by himself on his birthday :( but he was sooooo happy doing it!

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