Friday, 7 November 2008

an OMG!!!!!!

Earlier this week i was madly trying to put the finishing touches on my Scrap Girls newsletter so i could get it out at least before mid November, lol. i sent it out to all the scrap girls customers and quickly did a post on the Scrap Girls Blog.

The OMG moment came when in a matter of 3 hours i doubled our ladies for the March Cropfest and completely SOLD OUT AGAIN!!!! i was so overwhelmed - those girls certainly do love coming along to Castlereagh :)

it is just a gorgeous little place and perfect for a scrap camp. Twin share accommodation in great cabins that are very clean. A new scrapping room with great amenities, a separate dining room for us to use, and the many different options that scrap girls offer to make your weekend just the way you want it. I also think it's the idea of scrapping for 4 whole days non-stop :)

It made me do a little happy dance and then get the wheels in motion to start preparing for another retreat in May 2009. so if you missed out, don't despair cause in 6 very short weeks after the March retreat you'll be able to come to our May retreat. It will exactly the same conditions wise.

So right now, i've taken connor to his swimming lesson, come home to make dinner, washed connor's hair and dressed him (every now and again he likes his mum to baby him and get him dressed after his bath) and now it's off to shanice's swimming lesson, come home, pack the truck and drive up to mum's for Mandy's Baby Shower tomorrow.
I cant WAIT to meet my nephew!

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