Sunday, 30 November 2008

bit of this & that

* Still NO Blue Baby!

* Yesterday saw me sick as a dog with some flu virus. Anthony started demolishing the garage. i had bouts of guilt and dragged my arse off the lounge and carried the rest of the boxes from the playroom to the craft room (aka the shed)
Here is what the shed looks like now...........
just needs a few finishing touches - painting the strip above the window, gutters connected, rainwater tank connected, front step put in and the garden extended to the front.
At least we have privacy from the back neighbours now!
* After we finished working yesterday, Ant and I were out the front and the sky was really weird i had to run inside to grab the camera. The photo unfortunately doesn't do it any justice.
* Shanice came home early from mum's today, so we went down the have coffee..... just the 3 of us girls. Shanice was very grown up and asked for her own hot chocolate :)
We then went into BigW after cause Shanice needed new shoes and a new top and i wanted some herbs. It turned into a disaster picking tops and shoes and we didn't end up with any. But i got my herbs PLUS 2 hanging baskets - 1 with cherry tomatoes and 1 with strawberries - YUM!
We did end up getting 2 pairs of shoes from the shoe shop, but no top.
After some much needed housework at home we waited until it cooler this afternoon to pot the herbs up. They are in pots on the fence next to the shed, and look pretty good. Hopefully they will stay that way.
dill (looking a bit sad) and thyme
* while i was taking the pics of shanice and my gardening jobs, the boys decided to sneak into my bedroom and watch Spongebob season 4 dvd (we got the other night cause i had to have it) - CHEEKY KIDS!!!
* the 3 of them are now playing the Wii, but are going to be very upset when i tell them its 8pm and time for bed.

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