Thursday, 20 April 2006

.......where do I start?

My god! Has it really been a week since my last post. That's slack. It must be because I'm sooooooo busy during these school holidays (note the sarcasm, lol)
We had a great Easter. The kids got up at 6.50am. They never get out of bed that early, not even on a school day, especially not on a school day, lol. Connor scoffed his first one down by 6.55am, cheeky monkey! I had some cute Easter decorations that I put on our massive vase, and place the kids baskets next to it. My kids know that our Easter bunny is very thoughtful and leaves special eggs for mummy to hide in the garden for after lunch. Gee he's a good Easter bunny!

We went for a drive to Rouse Hill regional park just before lunch. The kids love playing there. It was chokers. I couldn't believe it, so we didn't stay too long and then we went to the Ettamogah Pub for some hot chips and wedges for lunch. So nutritious! Then it was back home for that Easter Egg Hunt that was promised.

Easter Monday we headed up to my mum and dads for a late lunch. The kids just run a muck as per normal at Nan and Grandads. Mandy and Ben also popped around which was a surprise because I thought that they'd be stuck in all that traffic coming home from Coffs. After we all ate we did something that I haven't done since I was about 11. AND IT WAS GREAT. We walked down to the train track and crossed over to stand on the bridge going over the F3 and wave at the cars stuck in the traffic going back into Sydney. The kids loved it and Mandy and I loved it more. We waved and got waved back at and even tooted which was the icing on the cake. At least we made some people smile while sitting in that traffic.
Me and kids stayed the night and mum brought us home Tuesday lunch time after the kids had gone to the shop and harassed Sharon the shop keeper and also after we went and played down at Brooklyn.

Anthony is STILL home sick. He goes back to work next Wednesday. Thank God! He's on steroids and I hate it, he gets so cranky and snappy and I'm going to insane because of it. Well at least I can look forward to peace then, LOL.

Not much happening on the scrapping side of things. I'm madly trying to get things done for our SCRAP GIRLS RETREAT. That's in just over 2 weeks. So much to do, AHHHHHH!!!!!
I did go with Sheree last night to a class at Scrapabout Australia in Parramatta. We love it there! I learned lots of new things, which was just what I needed. I never would have thought to use an iron to scrap, lol. I thought irons we just paper weights. The lovely Alison Shearer taught the class, it was great to see her stuff irl. Which reminds me, next week when we go and do another class I must remember to take a paper trimmer and photos with me! Can you believe it! I got side tracked while packing my stuff, the kids wanted me to bath them and wash their hair and then dres them.

Today mum rang me and said she was getting a new lounge, because I mentioned that I needed another one and the old one we've got ( which was hers and is about 18 years old) we wanted to get rid of. So, Ant made a few phone calls and we now have a new lounge in our lounge room. YAY. I must say, it might not be as comfortable as the old one, but it looks 100% better.

I think I'm now caught up, I know've missed heaps, but it's late and I've still got to wash up.


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