Saturday, 8 April 2006

filled with PRIDE

I think I must be the worlds PROUDEST mum!!!!
I was stopped by the principal yesterday when I arrived to pick up the kids from school. He wanted to let me know that Connor was asked to go and see Mr Cockrem in his office. BUT it was because he was so well behaved and had done some wonderful work in class.
Well, I cried - no I balled while I was driving home. I was so proud of my little man for being so good and remembering what to do when Mr Angry arrises.

Today is house cleaning day and boy do I hate it. No sooner do I finish in one room and move to the next, the buggers are in that room messing it all up again. So at about 2.30pm I packed it in and decided to scrap. Then I had to little helpers scrapping too! Anthony came in to see what they were doing and asked me how I coped while they just cut stuff up and stuck it where ever, I just told him I refused to look, lol.
I did acomplish a layout that has been sitting on my table now since the new chatterbox bunkhouse papers arrived in Australia, lol. I just adore this photo of my sister and Connor. She just loves both of my kidlets to death and vice versa.
I do have pictures of the mess the kids created while scrapping, but, typical the batteries died in the camera and are now on charge ready to take down to Tracy's tomorrow for Alastair & Felicity's birthday party.


Jacky McLeod said...

Hi Kylie,

Just alittle note to tell you that I love the layout you have done lately.

And I'm happy to hear that thing are improving wilh your son. Being a Mum is a tough job at time, but days like that make it all well worth it.

Jacky McLeod

Kylie said...

Thanks Jacky.
Sometimes I do with though that kids came with manuals, lol.