Sunday, 2 April 2006

now I'm the bad blogger, lol

Yes, that would be me that hasn't got the heart to update my blog!
Things have gone from bad to worse with Connor. The school rang twice last week for me to come and collect him and he was even suspended for 1 day. HE IS ONLY IN KINDERGARTEN!!! What the next 12 years plus in school going to be like?
Thank god we're off to the pyschologists tomorrow, and we may find some answers or at least start to. I'm so drained today that I just want to cry.
We sent Shanice up to my mum and dads for the weekend because she is missing out so much because we are concentrating on Connor all of the time. I needed her to have special time. And she did have a great time with them.
Enough on that, because I cant dwell, I need to think positively and look forward.
I finished a lo tonight that has really been finished since Wednesday, my printer ran out of ink so I had to wait.
It looked great before I stuck to photo on it and attacked it with doodling, LOL.

Sheree and I went to Scrapabout's first birthday sale yesterday. I love the papers they get in they are all so YUM!!! We booked into 3 classes as well with Alison Shearer, I am so looking forward to them.
Wish us luck for tomorrow and YES I promise this time not to hide but to let you know how we get on.

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