Wednesday, 12 April 2006

touch wood!

It's been just over a week and so far so good, we haven't had a bad day at school yet. Not even an inkling of a troppo moment. I dont know what the psychologist said to Connor, but it worked.

Ant has been off sick all week with his asthma playing up, big time, so after I took him to the doctors then chemist then to work to do the pays, I dragged him to the shops to go to Medicare. Of course I had ulterior motives, LOL. We ended up in Williams buying him new Colorados, then in Target. We had decided that Connor needed a reward for being so fantastic at school this past week. We agreed on a small bit of Lego and ended up with a massive pirates box of it. Thank god Target had 20% off their toys. Shanice didn't do without either, she got the Bratz bubble bath thing that she asked for, and she gets it WHEN SHE CLEANS HER ROOM!!!!!!
Matching winter denim jackets were also on the cards and then Ant piped up that he wanted a new shirt too, so he had all on 60 seconds to pick it while I stood in the checkout.
So a spending spree later and I got NOTHING! But I did see the joy on Connor's face and that is priceless.

It's the last day of Term 1 tomorrow. 2 weeks home with mum. How am I going to cope, lol. I have taken the time off work to spend it with the kids which I am really looking forward too, I just hope that it's a fun time and not a whingy time. One never knows with kids.

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Sheree said...

So proud of little terror.. glad he is doing well.. have a great easter see you on wednesday when i get back.. take care