Wednesday, 11 June 2008


I'm not real keen on "hump" day. it's my longest day of the week. probably because it's my work day and then race around like a mad chook with after school activities, cooking dinner, cleaning, bathing kids and putting them to bed. just writing all that makes me tired all over again.

anthony and i have been busy making cd's for my car. cause the new car has a mp3 cd player i can now compile about 13 cd's onto one, which is great. i was sad to see my old stereo go though when we sold the excel the other week. it was my first stereo we bought 8 years again for my first car..... a sony xplode 10 stacker. now i know these days it's really daggy but i loved it! connor loved using the remove for the stereo too.
now i'm just trying to decide on what music goes with what - i hate being a virgo sometimes, lol.

i've been creating too this week!
i've managed to do a couple of lo's, more buttons and i've been cutting 3mm chipboard (dont' ask and it's taking forever and it kills my hand) and i've been french knitting. i know another daggy thing! the lengths of french knitting i'm sewing up to make ....... what for it....... CUPCAKES!!!

This lo i did for White with 1's june challenge
Connor wants to study sharks when he grows up, he has been completely obsessed with sharks for about 3 years now and can name the particular shark by sight and tell you what it eats etc. He didn't know the name of the occupation so he wants to call himself a "sharkographer"

this lo i did for the june challenge on Aussie Roadmaps
i've decided to use up the stash and stop buying as many new papers and then putting them away, so i used some old sei pp's. it's bright for me.

atm i'm in the mood for doing some challenges just to give me some inspiration to draw on i think. i'm loving it.

better go bring the dogs in, i can hear the pair of the jumping at the back door. shall be back tomorrow to show piccies of the buttons!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kylie, can I ask a question? how do you photograph your LO?

Angie from ACN gift Packaging.

Tracy said...

hey Luvie :)
Gorgeous layouts Miss Kylie... nice to see you are scrapping again!!!
I love Connor's naming of his future profession, LOL... so cute.
See ya Sunday :)
Trac x