Wednesday, 25 June 2008

sickness and lots of wine

the lurgies are visiting our little home at the moment.
It started on Thursday last week, shanice had been coughing for about a week and we went swimming like usual on the thursday afternoon for connors lesson. we'd been swimming about 45 minutes when shanice just stopped and sat on the edge which is highly unusual for her, then i noticed this rash all over her face and neck. i thought it was a reaction to the clorine maybe. so we went home, and at about 10pm the rash was bigger, all over her back and down her legs. So off to the emergency room we go. three and half hours we sat there until we saw a doctor. he said it was an allergic reation to "something"!
ok, so friday we take off school - both of them. connor was coughing like a trooper and shanice was exhausted, coughing and full of a rash.
I was headed off that night to the Hunter Valley with my gal pals from school, but i'll get to that in a minute. Mandy came and took the kids on saturday for the night, and shancie's rash kept coming back so i asked if she could take her to the doctors on sunday morning. turns out my little chereb has a middle ear infection in both ears and is suffering an allergic reaction to the virus! never heard of that before. unfortunately they cant giver her anything cause of the allergic reaction either, so we've just had to ride it out.
She finally wen't back to school today, wednesday, cause she was driving me bonkers! plus they finish school on friday and will be home for 3 weeks, gotta love private school with extra weeks school holidays :)
onto my weekend at the hunter. I had the most amazing time. i love these girlies to bits and have known them since i was knee high to a grasshopper which in this day and age is highly unusual.
we stayed at this lovely place called Tuscany Estate - gorgeous! Dallas scored us the best package ever. we had co-joining rooms which slept 3 in each. it was so funny sharing a bed with Dal again, i felt like when we were back in high school and i used to sleep over at her house and we'd sleep in the double bed and gossip all night. and we did again now till 1.30am! kept melissa awake in the other room too.
on saturday we ventured out to a few wineries, tasted heaps of yummy wine. i still dont know what i like though. i did enjoy tasting the cheese too, and the chocolate, and dips, and the olives, and the ice cream, and the boiled lollies. we didn't need lunch on saturday.
later that afternoon when we'd been all wined out we went back to the hotel to eat out cheese and biccies, then i piped up that i want/need/have to go across the road and get a Blue Tongue Beer sample paddle. Skye and Dal were joining me in this and Tanya came for moral support, Melissa and Emma stayed behind for nanna naps.
Let me just say the beer was good! and when you return your paddle you get a free midi of your favourite, of course i choose the one with the highest alcohol rating!
Dinner was yummo. tanya and i shared our pizza's which was devine. we sat around talking again for most of the night, which brought back so many memories and made many new ones too.
sunday it was time to come home :( back to reality. so we had a really long breakie with more chatting. called in at 2 more wineries and then headed home.
perfect! i cant wait to do it all again next year.
here are some piccies.
oakvale wines - YUM me in the lolly shop!
front of the lolly shop skye and tanya
just a tree! Skye beer tasting
skye, dallas, me, emma, melissa and tanya
and for mum, i hope you read this while your away.
here are the kids school photos.
connors is way better than last year and
what is going on with shanice hair!
can't i have a year when both kids photos are nice?

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