Monday, 30 June 2008

happy mail

bright and breezy, first thing this morning at about 7am, my lovely parcel post delivery man delivered a box of "scrappy goodness" to my front door.
and to my complete surprise it was the box that never ended! shanice proclaimed it was like a Mary Poppins bag! I love it when the treasures keep going and going and going and going and going - you get the picture, lol
i dont even know where to start listing all the goodies that were enclosed in the box of goodness, there is just so much stuff. at least i'll be scrapping now for months and probably not even scratch the surface of what was inside.
oh - i ordered 2 surprise kits valued at $100 each US for only $29 each, BARGAIN.
at a quick glance it has to be worth at least $400 aust.

these pics dont do it justice, cause you just cant see everything and it just looks like a sea of STUFF
the kids are enjoying there first day at home of school holidays. they have demolished the lounge room twice already this morning. the first time with all the little people and now with this......

as you can see it is pyjama day at our house. i'm dressed but the kids aren't and it doesn't matter cause i have no plans today at all
i'm off to go and take another look at the new additions to the stash, and i might just wollow in them for a while, lol

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