Monday, 16 June 2008

farm, mini's and no photos

that just about wraps up my weekend!

The mini finally got registered on friday so we drove down the farm to pick it up and bring it back to Sydney so anthony could drive it around. Talk about bitterly cold! it was like ice when we got down to the farm at about 6.30pm that night. thank god shell and mark were already there and had lit all the fires for us.
shanice was really ill friday night with a raging temperature. she can in to me around 3am trembling and shivering but to touch her she was on fire. after the panadol kicked in she went back to bed and woke saturday morning feeling much better.
the best thing i love about the farm is sleeping in! yep, i arose at 10.45am, lol. gotta love that. it was awfully quiet as mark, shell and pat went into town, michael was somewhere on the tractor and anthony was tinkering with the mini. where were the kids? sitting happily on the swing in their pj's playing nintendo ds games. i pulled out my massive bag of crap and started to do some crafty little jobs to keep me busy.
around lunch time anthony came in and asked me to go to town with him in the mini to give it a run. in hindsight i wish i had upset him and said "NO". i got in it and couldn't shut the door properly and ended up breaking the lock on the passenger side. on the way into to town the mini lost power 2. then on the way back ........... i was thinking i'd have to walk 12km's back to the farm. something had seriously gone wrong. ant was checking under the hood and asked me to start the car, so i pulled the choke out (yes, a car with a choke - you certainly dont see them anymore) and i must have pulled it too far cause i broke that! it died several times on the way home to the farm. Anthony was not a happy chappy as you can imagine, so i did the wifely thing and kept my mouth completely shut all the way. it finally died about 700m from the farm and ant got and pushed, thank god its on a down hill run. i steered and as i got up some momentum i yelled out "Look honey, i'm driving your mini!" it was cheeky!
i still dont know what was wrong with it, cause after that a few other things needed to be fixed too, but they got it going. i went back to doing the crafty stuff on the verandah with the kids.

sunday morning we packed up early so i could follow anthony home. it took a little longer as the mini could only go about 90km/h going 100 was just pushing it. it's quite funny being passed by semi's and grandpa's on their sunday drives, lol.
we stopped at Tracy's for lunch on the way home as it's half way and gives the mini, kids and the dogs a break. i think i needed the break too! i was getting a bit sleepy.

Of course, like all good scrappers i went away and left my camera on the computer table! i couldn't believe i did it! and there was so many photo opportunity times too. oh well, next time.
so that was my weekend in a nutshell.

today i have had a nasty migraine which is driving me nuts as i just cant shift it at all. so when ant comes home tonight it's bed and a panadine forte for me!

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