Monday, 9 June 2008

flower power

happy queens birthday everyone!
well we all knew it's not really the actual queens birthday today (i can't remember off the top of my head when it actually is) but it's a great excuse for a long weekend and the start of the ski season. i wonder when the next in line to throne takes over if we'll still have the same holiday? probably have no choice than to be a republic by then anyway - don't get me started on that soap box, i'm such a monarchist!
anyways, i totally got side tracked then.
i had to pick connor up today, so to save some $$$ on petrol we decided to meet half way at flower power, glenhaven. while we had a coffee and scones (YUM) the kids played in the playground which they loved. we must have been there almost an hour and a half. we went for a walk around the nursery, which is just perfect for photo's, they have a massive pond with koi which are enormous. here are a few pics i took.

look at the size of the mouth on that koi fish!

mandy loved her pregancy album! she was going home to write in it with her first prenatal visit already. i think mum wants a special "nan" one too!
i started scrapping a layout this morning too while i watched a scary movie that i didn't want to watch when it got dark. it's the preview to the new stephen king movie "the mist", it's really good, not too scary yet though, but i think that was cause i was watching it during the day time, lol.

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