Tuesday, 17 June 2008

love you mum........

after school today i took the kids up to mum's because first thing tomorrow she flys out for England for 5 weeks.
She is going to have the best time. Love you mum, miss you already. now i'm going to have to drive mandy crazy with my daily phone chats!
the family photo
the baby bump
(for you Lynsey - after our chat i thought you might like to see it for yourself)
and connor........ what can i say about my special little monkey man! he remembered tonight that he was promised Grandad's motorbike helmet and canyoning helmet, so i had to go searching for them. mum wasn't ready to let go if dad's good full face bike helmet (which is totally understandable - i wouldn't be ready either) so we gave connor this one plus the canyoning one. i had to raid cupboards trying to find the canyoning one as we couldn't remember where it had been stashed after dad's funeral.
connor brought them home and put the bike helmet in the corner of his bed where grandads t-shirts are. he's such a beautiful boy with such a good heart.

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Tracy said...

OMG!!! You lot are not going to cope 5 weeks without your Mum!!! You will miss her too much. Have a FANTASTIC time Heather.
Mandy's baby bump is soooo cute, can't wait to see her when she gets a tad bigger.
Have a lovely day sweet
Trac x